Lil’ Kim’s Baby Daddy Reveals Himself on IG

Mr Papers

Lil Kim’s alleged baby daddy, Mr. Papers, revealed himself on his page today by posting a message that read: “I heard everybody looking for me????” Papers is an independent record label owner who rolls with established rappers such as Rocko Da Don and Lil Scrappy. His “wife” Lil’ Kim revealed her baby bump at a NY Fashion Week event last night. Kim, who looks to be 6 months pregnant, stated she was “a few months along,” which means she’s either lying or she really doesn’t know how far along she is.

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Fashion Sense: Wine Bags

Fashion-conscious wine drinkers can keep their favourite tipple close by at all times with this stylish handbag.

Fashionable alcoholics like Bajan singer Rihanna can now keep their favorite alcoholic beverage close at hand with these high end wine bags. The bags come in several colors and styled to look like the familiar Louis Vuitton Damier monogram. The wine bags will make it easier for on-the-go boozers (like Rihanna) who are too busy to stop at the nearest bar for a drink.

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Photo of the Day: Ciara is Positively Glowing

Ciara pregnant

A Ciara fan posted this photo of the pregnant singer’s baby bump in Atlanta over the weekend. The photo was circulated via social media as solid proof that Ciara is indeed at least 6 months pregnant. Your auntie spotted Ciara shopping for Christmas gifts at the upscale Phipps Plaza on Friday in Buckhead, a suburb of Atlanta.

CiCi was dressed in casual urban maternity wear: an oversized tee and jogging pants. The “Goodies” singer was so engrossed in her conversation with the sales rep that she didn’t notice me checking out her preggo swag.

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Celebrity Style: Kanye West Wearing Louis Stewart


By now you’ve heard about rap producer Kanye West‘s failed boycott of Louis Vuitton. Well Kanye put his money where his mouth is by supporting the only Black owned High End accessory line in the world: Louis Stewart!

Thanks to Louis Stewart celebrity spokesman Alex Thomas for sending these exclusive pics of Kanye backstage receiving his rocking his new custom black on black spiked out Rock Star Backpack from The Louis Stewart Collection!

Order your custom YEEZUS Rock Star backpack at!

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    Kanye West Called For a Boycott of Louis Vuitton And Failed Miserably

    Kanye West Looks Glum As He Leaves His Apartment

    Rap producer Kanye West’s war with high end luggage make Louis Vuitton took a strange turn when the narcissistic rapper told his fans to boycott the designer label until after the holidays.

    West, 36, made the pompous request during a radio interview. He obviously thought his words held power to bring the French fashion house to its knees. The only problem is Louis Vuitton’s upper crust clientele don’t even know who Kanye is.

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    Marc Jacobs’ Boyfriend Dumps Him Via Instagram

    Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis split

    Gay men are notoriously promiscuous. By Nature men are twice as horny as women. So being a gay man with options is like trying to choose between a variety of mouth watering cupcakes: it’s hard to stay faithful for very long.

    So it’s no surprise to hear that Louis Vuitton head designer Marc Jacobs and his model boyfriend, Harry Luis, have parted ways.

    Jacobs, 50, is a typical addictive personality who was engaged to marry at least two of his previous lovers.

    Fed up with Marc’s philandering ways, Harry gave Marc the boot in the most spectacular way — via Instagram.

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    Celebs Out & About: T.I., Tiny, and Tocarra in Beverly Hills

    Tocarra and Tiny in Beverly Hills

    Rap mogul Tip “T.I.” Harris, 32, his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 37, and Tiny’s friend Tocarra Jones, 31, were seen leaving a restaurant after dining together in Beverly Hills Tuesday (Feb. 5). It’s hard to remember the days when Tocarra was overweight.
    Photos: JD Pht Bx & MCGM / Splash News

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