Craig Wright arraigned in court

An undercover, off duty NYC detective was arrested for his involvement in a motorcycle-SUV confrontation that made headline news around the world.

Off duty officer Wojciech Braszczok (not pictured) was arrested on riot and criminal mischief charges. Braszczok was one of the mob of motorcyclists involved in the pursuit and assault of Alexian Lien, who required stitches to close his wounds.

The motorcycle stunt club chased Lien's SUV after he ran over another motorcyclist, paralyzing him.

One of the motorcyclists involved in the melee, Craig Wright, (pictured right) was arraigned in a NY courtroom on Tuesday. Wright punched Lien through the broken SUV window and joined in stomping him on the street. He was ordered held on $100,000 bond.

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Motorcycles SUV in NY

New details have emerged in the tragic case of a SUV driver who ran over a biker while fleeing a mob of motorcycle riders.

The wife of the injured biker, Edwin Mieses Jr, claims he was only trying to help his fellow biker who was run over by 33-year-old Alexian Lien.

Mieses, 26, is in critical condition in a New York hospital with head and back injuries.

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