Producer The Dream, who rose to prominence when he penned the super hit “Umbrella” for Rihanna is divorcing his R&B singer wife Nivea. Many skeptics in the industry believe this is a publicity stunt to boost the image of the mostly unknown producer. According to Nivea, who released a statement confirming the divorce, The Dream is the greatest man she’s ever met and she doubts he can be replaced:

I come from a sad and scary past that I am still in the process of overcoming and growing past, thanks to the man I love and always will. This is truly the only person I’ve ever known or heard of that is incredibly loving, passionate, wise, psychic, creative, genius, and many more things that I could never put into words. I don’t feel it is fair for neither of us, especially him, to continue this never-ending battle of the minds that he and i have continued for long enough.

The Dream possesses all those attributes and she’s still divorcing him? Nowadays, a good man like that is hard to find, especially one who is wise, psychic, creative, and a genius. Hell, I’ll take him!

Spotted on CM&V