I like Jia. Years ago Jia and I used to spar on the Black Voices boards where she was a very popular poster. If you're not familiar with Jia, she's an ex-porn star - well, I don't know about the ex part, lol - and she lives in Atlanta.

In this video from her Jia TV channel on YouTube, Jia speaks the truth on the sordid Raz B affair. Thank God there are a few people out there who can see through the bulls*t.

Caution: strong language.

  • LovelyLady

    Go to Bossip, they had an interview with his brother. Very interesting. And I'm going to leave it at that. I didn't even have to listen to this PORN STAR.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Ain't nobody making a big deal of this except Sandra, Omarion, Marques Houston, and Chris...

  • PrettyGirl901

    Okay soooo Who cares what she had to say!!! She act as if she's getting paid to speak!!! This shit is funny to me!!!

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    LMAO @ comment #2.

    There is something wrong with this situation and it ain't over...!!!

  • PaigeyWaigey

    U all expect intelligent people to listen to the opinion of a cum bucket? U might as well get Superhead's opinion too...Like I said before...fall back on some community college journalism classes. LMAO

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    Damn, ain't you gotta be a little cute to be a porn star?

    Sandra this woman doesn't even agree with you so I'm not sure why you are singng her praises.

    Here is my take on the situation and I may be totally off base. Ricky Romance leaked the initial tapes on YouTube without Raz B's knowledge. Maybe Raz B was going to come out with the information himself, maybe not. Raz B is left to clean up the mess so he issues a fake ass retraction and the avoids his brother who he may or may not be angry with. The brother continues to do interviews making Raz B look like a fool. Bossip continues to report that Raz B is missing. Raz B has now put out 3 MySpace bulletins saying that he is not missing and in the last one he is clearly angry to have to keep going behind his crazy ass brother to clean up the mess.

    I believe he was molested and I think his brother put him on front street without his consent.

    I could be totally wrong here, but who is doing all the damn talking. Ricky Romance and we can all plainly see that he is not very bright.

  • spraggaswifey

    you post this "youtube" video of this woman like she is really believable yet you blast RazB for posting on "youtube"...i have never in my life seen someone so dead set on proving that the victims are lying and the accuser is innocent...where there is smoke there's fiyah and this whole situation is turning into a forest fiyah and stokes is about to get burned for his actions..

  • kpakpando

    who is Jia? was she ever in their presence to be weighing in as some sort of expert on this issue? Nope. Hoe SIT DOWN! She better focus on a real career because her face or saggy titties won't get her the fame she's looking for.

  • HouseOfMilan

    I was molested by my cousin from the age of 5 until 13 and I have yet to let ANYONE know wabout what has happened to me. I can understand why Raz-B has not told anyone and why he hasn't went to the authorities. He was embarressed, he felt that he would be catagorized as being gay, he was ashamed and confused. You are the prime example that one will not tell another about what has happened. You are sitting her writing negative comments about this young man when you could just simply tell him to have strength and to face the criminal who did this to him. People like you make victims feel like they have nowhere to go and no one to turn to. It took courage to make that video even if he did not want to publiched. Now that it has been publiched he is still trying to protect the criminal who did this too him. I want you to take a long look at Chris Stokes and you tell me that this man did not do these things to this little boy. Yes he has a wife and kids, but does thta mean he could not do this to a little boy. Look at the statistics. You will find out that the ones who molest young men are the ones that you will never think will. You need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture

  • NaturalFromHead2Toe

    Well said kpakpando...

  • J Gats Juice

    This is all some crazy mess... Obviously ricky romance is lookin to get his 15 mins of fame & its getting to be plain ridiculous. IF raz was molested (and thats a big "IF"), i feel sorry for the young man. His brother should not be capitalizing on his misfortune. This family has so many bizarre issues & they need therapy - QUICK!!!!

    PS I googled Jia (because i cant get youtube at work) and I cant find anything on her.... can somebody help a sister out?! LOL :)

  • NoWay

    I watched about ¼ of the video. So I may be wrong but I don’t care what this fully made up middle aged porn ho with a sagging bosom has to say. Who would make a video saying somebody raped them in the but as a child if it was not true?

    I don’t know any of these people but by the looks of Omarion these days I think it is possible that Chris is a child rapist. All those R&B dudes look straight girl.

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    Who is Jia??? and her opinion is important because???
    Let me go get some coffee yall...I might be having caffein withdrawls

  • editorialgirl

    I agree with Bird's comment. It's obvious to me now that Ricky Romance leaked the video tape. This has probably placed Raz B and Ricky at odds because while it DID happen to Raz --he never intended to go public.

    What's up with the myspace bulletins? It's not that hard to log on and post on someone's behalf. Raz B has internet access but no phone? OK...

    Anyways, who is Jia and who cares? Why is Sandra so intent on proving Raz B was not molested? Is she related to Chris Stokes? Help me out here.

    Since we're all unknown, let me tell my story... I was molested or make that touched --because there was no pentration-- by an older cousin at around 7 or 8. I never considered molestation because the cousin was about 16, I guess. No clue. He was a teenager. I never told ANYONE until the age of 25, and the only person I told is a sibling. When I told him I had difficulty with sexual relationships because I was so screwed up from a cousin masturbating on me, at the time I thought he was peeing on me because I didn't know the difference, my sibling turned to me and said, "he did the same to me. actually worst. I'm surprised that's all he did to you".

    Now this Raz B story was leaked, and I sat and showed it to my mother and brother. My mother, who was molested as young child by a step-uncle, then inquired if we were ever touched improperly. No response. Why? It's our dirt little secret. Who wants to be the person that says, OH, my cousin fucked my when I was 8? (Although that would be my siblings story, not mine.) No one. That feeling of being dirty and used. In addition to that, the guilt that my mother would feel knowing this has happened to us. Particularly knowing how she's still dealing with her own issues.

    When I want to discuss this, I talk to my therapist. My point is, Sandra doesn't know what happened. And it really sickens me that someone thinks because a victim has a difficult time addressing, coping and dealing with the things that happened to them, then it didn't happen.

    This shit happens every day. As the world turns... You can best believe my cousins siblings are effect by this, and now it all makes sense as to why his sister was pregnant at 14 (although not his child). The black community needs to begin exploring child molestation in households --when was the last time you heard about someone black being jailed for these allegations? This shit is swept under the rug unless murder is involved. It's so common that I'm sure everyone on this thread knows a minimum of three people that this has happened to and/or are going through the same thing RIGHT now.

  • brainsandbeautyII

    Her porn name is Kina Kara (google that) I remember her from Blackvoices there was this big scandal of a poster exposing her on onionbooty.com(southern crunk booty) and she was blasted for being a porn star. She was a frequent poster that was actually known for blasting people. She was cool I posted to her a couple of times but after my curiosity bit me to look at the site I was disgusted by her actions and lost respect for her as a women for her degrading actions. Hey it's cool though to each their own I just can't see her words being worth anything because she is trying to climb the wall of fame through her body. I remember her talking about the money saying she was in L.A. for a shoot and was paid $1000 talking about good money LOL.......foolish woman.

  • honeybee

    Sandra you are the one who needs help. It's funny how all your bloggers have more since than you. Like I said, before in Los Angeles trust and believe we know the truth. You post whatever the hell you want to post. Your talking about we would loose if we where prosecutors. Well, by the looks of things "Do you think a porn star is a creditable witness? I'm trying to figure that one out. Makes you say (mph!)Please come with a better witness than that. Ugh! Hello they can pay anybody to say anything. Girl, bring it on because I love debates. Jia my ass..lol Oh! what he hurt her what she's got revenge now. Now that's some BS right there. A Porn Star...get the fuck out of here.

  • 4evajulie

    I didn't even bother to listen. so called wanna be porn stars have nothing that could be anyway important to me. All I can say is that the truth will come to light and Sandra will have egg on her ugly ass face.

  • editorialgirl

    Things got so real, now my posts have to be approved by Sandra? Go figure.

  • ms.peaches

    First of all if things did happen to him why even be around Chris as long as he was, why wait until ur a nobody to come out & say something & who the hell is his brother cause I don't remember him being the 5th member of B2K if non of this crap is true the Chris should sue there ass for slander & defamation!! Like I said before accusing someone of acts like that is very serious & nothing to play with, Raz-b claims to be in the church & speaking in tounges & all that then he should have said something way before now!! Lastly how can what his brother say have any credibility when in one video he bout to roll up!!

  • devonaire

    It's definitely a shock to hear of the allegations. Everyone has their opinion about what went on and no one was there. On the YouTube video someone on speakerphone who we are lead to believe is C Stokes says, "I used to do that but I dont anymore". That still can be a fluke. On the other hand to jump out of no where with something like this and it be bogus would be embarrassing on everyone's part, not just C Stokes. Shoot! If you ask me between Omarion wearing his hair like a girl along with the tight jeans he wears and Chris Stokes just looks weird. It is possible. But I dont know no better than everyone else running to Stokes rescue like he is a freedom rider or something. The new generation is all lost in the music as it is, and it aint even good anymore. Just another form of mental slavery.

  • Negrito

    I could be wrong but...Do people really care what Jia has to say about this whole mess?

    J Gats Juice!

    Jia's porn name is "Kina Kara" if you're interested in checking out her movies. (Don't ask me how I know this)

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    Negrito Says:

    Jia’s porn name is “Kina Kara” if you’re interested in checking out her movies. (Don’t ask me how I know this)

    Please confirm that she was hotter in her younger days. I'm frightened by the thought of her saggy boobies flopping around in a porno.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Jia? Man that's Kina Kara. And she stil had that face but her booty was serious. She left the game though.

    Got her vids.. for a price. Holler lol.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    She also has some nice breast implants.

    No homo on all this by the way lol.

  • Bsoul

    I tried to muster up enough curiousity to watch but I can't get past the face-pic of the YouTube clip.

    ::trying to click "play"::

    I'll try again later.

  • Negrito

    Bird Says:!

    Nah, she looks the same. She is still a young woman even though she looks older.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    Bird I gotta go with you on this one..

  • Bsoul

    Houe of Milan and all the others who came out and admitted to being molested (I know it's late) but my prayers are with you guys. I know it's the Internet and that affords you a certain measure of anonymity, but it still must be difficult to do admit such a horrible thing happened to you.

    Know that some of us here believe you! Molestation is seldom a thing which people choose to lie about. Keep your head up, all of you!

    It's up to you as individuals to decide how/when and what forum you choose to share your tragedy. Heal at your own pace. If YOU decide that your situation is grave enough to seek counseling, that's fine. If you're certain that you've handled it fine on your own, that's fine too.

  • MsAmour22

    I've been absorbing this whole situation since the Raz B video was first posted. I saw a Chris Stokes interview a long time ago, I think it was when B2K first came out, can't remember what show. All I know is that when I saw that interview, his aura came through the screen, I lie to you not, I instantly got this creepy feeling and my first thought was pervert & I knew nothing about this man. I knew back then that my intuition was on point. As I started to see interviews & videos of B2K more & more I felt the same perverted aura but I was like wait a minute why am I feeling this same aura from a group of little boys. I never felt this when I would watch videos or interviews of New Edition back in '84 or Another Bad Creation in '91 or even J5. We all know that children are impressionable and a product of their environment. The reason why I felt Chris Stokes' perverted aura coming through my tv by way of B2K is because of his strong influence & control he had over them at that time. I strongly feel that Chris Stokes molested members of B2K maybe Omarion was sparred but I seriously doubt it. Being molested especially a little boy who is molested by a grown man is one of the worst things if not the worst that could happen to that child. There's no way that a child's mental would not be messed up for the rest of their life. Some children suppress it as they become adults but from time to time you best believe that the mental torture is tremendous when it roars it's ugly head. I doubt if Raz or his brother has had serious counseling & even if they have they just don't know how to deal with the situation. Him retracting the allegations is proof of his mental torture/stability & lack of support from those close to him. He's not strong enough or at least he doesn't think he's strong enough to really stand up against Chris Stokes by himself. He doesn't have any money & his career & his manhood will never be the same again. He has to find the mental strength & faith to bring himself up from the ashes & prevail despite the circumstances. All of which are easier said than done.

  • eastpointvet

    i personally thought she had nice breast in the pornos i seen her in and if im not mistaken she was a victim of some type of sexual abuse i cant remember i think i saw it in one of her blogs awhile back

  • MsAmour22

    Just to add to my long book of a comment above, I saw the show Inside Edition last night & Nick Carters mom released a statement & a former boy band member spoke out about the perverted conduct of Lou Pearlman who created the Backstreet Boys & NSync. I get the same perverted aura from him that I get from Chris Stokes. Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lou_Pearlman & read the Allegations section. The members of his boy bands were scared to press charges as well.

  • misslovely

    Sandra, since you have a gossip site and all, let me hip you to the real deal about Jia. I too, know her from the Black Voices boards but I also know her offline. We used to be real life friends so what I'm about to say is not gossip. It's the truth.

    First of all yes she did porn for a short time. Less than a year to be exact. Before she started the producers/pimps were blowing up her head telling her she was going to be the black Jenna Jameson. It didn't happen. She quickly faked a medical condition and flew back to the ATL with her tail between her legs. Afterwards she called on the few friends she had left and began asking for loans for everything from diet pills, gas money and bill money. Those who did give in and loaned her money never received it back. She even ripped of a good friend of hers that is overseas in Iraq.

    Stuck with no friends and no where to go, she started manipulating everyone she met just to keep a roof over her head. She eventually landed a job at a call center and a part time stint at a local strip club. Because she's alienated herself from every real friend and cyber friend she has, she began to post her videos on You Tube to garner some much needed attention. Pathetic, indeed.

    Oh and for that poster who asked about her breasts, yes they are fake. She paid for them with her tuition money. She told her parents she was in school but she actually filed for a refund, took the cash and purchased implants. So yes she lies to her parents too. And speaking of personal relationships she briefly dated washed-up rapper MC Brains who she met from MySpace. She even claimed they were going to get married and appear on a BET reality show about his career but that never happened.

    Well now you know the truth. Continue to post Jia's videos if you must but she's a very shady character indeed.

  • Bsoul

    Oh Snap, Misslovely done tole it all!

  • NaturalFromHead2Toe

    That's right misslovely, expose it all. Take That, Take That, Take That...lol.

  • Lexi_xoxo

    seriously this is the person that you bring forward to back yourself up wow *dead* at that. I am so mad that I wasted all this time watching this BS video. wow sandra your credibility is slipping away by the second.

  • REDRich

    Yeah I really don't know about the ex-porn part cause I have been seeing a few new deals with her. Anyone remember her from Sears at Cumberland Mall?

  • REDRich

    She was supposed to be getting married to some no name music guy but he broke that off!

  • Lou_Brock

    A porn star???? A porn star!

    You're working PR for The Ultimate Group, I can see that without binoculars!

    LMAO that you are working so feverishly to discredit these young men! You actually drug out a porn star's YouTube take. Sandra, you've got to be kidding me! You're starting to look desperate!

  • Shanny07

    19ms.peaches Says:

    First of all if things did happen to him why even be around Chris as long as he was, why wait until ur a nobody to come out & say something & who the hell is his brother cause I don’t remember him being the 5th member of B2K if non of this crap is true the Chris should sue there ass for slander & defamation!! Like I said before accusing someone of acts like that is very serious & nothing to play with, Raz-b claims to be in the church & speaking in tounges & all that then he should have said something way before now!! Lastly how can what his brother say have any credibility when in one video he bout to roll up!!


    You become more STUPID to me each time you post a message. Who are you to decipher what the appropiate response is to being molested. Have you even been molested? Do you know what that is like and what it does you psychologically. You just sound f*cking foolish!! You cant sue someone for defamation when they are speaking the TRUTH. If they werent speaking the truth court papers wouldve alread been filed. Shit moves fast in HOLLYWOOD.. Believe that!!

    Next time you post be OBJECTIVE. Dont get in the same boat with Sandra who must obvioulsy be related to the PEDOPHILE since she keeps attacking RAZ B and Ricky Romances credibility!!

    And for SANDRA:

    You like GIA?!?! So you take the word of a PORN STAR not to say she doesnt have any integrity because of what she does but who the hell cares what she thinks how are you going to speak on something that happend years ago was she with them when it went down?!?!? Shorty needs to stick to what she knows and mind her business.. Im sick of chicks tryna get fame when they have no ****ing talent!! You jumped on Gucci Mane about his attire but do you jump on TI!!

    Sandra your best bet would be to post and keep the personal opinions to a min umun

  • Certified one

    Okay, now why should i believe anything that comes from the mouth of a Trollop(Yeah I said it). How is she on camera in a bra expecting people to take her seriously? L-a-w-d Help! I mean she's probably just mad b/c she thinks she was the real Superhead that didn't get the fame.

    First of all how can she say that Raz-B is a liar & then attack his manhood & character b/c he said, "The accusations are not true with Chris Stokes & Marques Houston." Now clearly what we really care about is him being malested, so why didn't he say those accusations were untrue. He said the accuations concerning Chris & Marques not with Himself & Chris. Makes since to me because if I out myself it's unfair to call someone else out because that isn't my place. I may want the world to know my story but to put someone else's business out there is wrong. Anyway this chick went on to say that he's a liar(Which everyone has told a lie before at some point) & she was calling Chris Stokes all these names, but hey that's her jumping to conclusions & taking it as far as to slander Chris' name. She said Raz-B slandered his name but she admitted earlier she did too by calling him sick & a molestor. Futhermore, on camera the same way Raz-B did. The difference I believe is that she wanted hers to be heard & Raz-B didn't.

    I think you really have to think in terms of someone who has been abused. That has to be a hard thing to admit especially being a young man this day in age. I'm sure abused people go back forth with themselves lots of time on the idea of making the abuse known. So to me this isn't unusual. Not to mention the accused has money which means power. Look at R. Kelly, but I won't even start on that (and I did see the tape) & he's married with kids too. Celebrities get away with a lot but some things just take the cake. Reguardless to what anyone has to say I believe him & I always had a funny feeling about Chris from back in the day. Another thing is Raz-B is his cousin so once you out a "family secret" you are being ostracized twice by society as well as the people you love most. That has to be hard so hard that you may even go back on your word after the fact.If only to protect your own family obscurity.

    After all I think this whole thing was a blessing in disguise, because even now after reading all of the previous posts I never realized how many people have been abused. Which really saddens me to think about. Now with this being out there we are all talking about molestation & I believe this will in fact save other people from the same abuse. This provides awareness & it's an opportune time to discuss these things with your kids or families.

  • Certified one

    Oops, third paragraph,last sentence I meant to put...If only to protect your own family from obscurity.

  • Strongmindedlady

    Okay, so maybe I am the only logical person on here with a BRAIN including Sandra Rose. I mean first of all Sandra, the issue at hand was Raz B. It was NOT about Jia, it was NOT about her porn career, and it was NOT about her past. The fact of the matter that these people are taking the time out of their day to come and say ALLLLLLLL this stuff about her is LAME in itself. Its like this... And by the way this will come up and I am going to clear it up now.... I am NOT Jia, and I DONT know her personally, however I subscribe to her blog and I find her videos very interesting. Oh and for you ones that want to say whatever, your opinions of my opinion don't matter to me, and feedback will NOT be provided. And once I post this, Sandra will most likely delete my profile which is cool with me too.

    Okay, so look at the post in itself. Sandra, you were VERY tactless and ignorant for even saying all of that. If you were to listen any of Jia's vids, the girls intelligent. What she has done in her past, or her present, doesn't have ANYTHING to do with this video. The girl is VERY intelligent. Her vocabulary is EXTENSIVE and her demeanor is well. And the funny thing about all of this is, she doesn't pretend to be something she is not. Sandra set all of you idiots up to do her dirty work. Half of you are living glass houses, we don't know if you are smoking crack, sliding down poles or prostituting for a living, its none of our business. Who cares? I mean seriously, the point at hand is RAZ B. Let her live her life...

    I really have a hard time believing that if Jia had all this stuff in her past that she would put herself in the public eye like that. And seriously, we dont even know if our president used to sell his penis back in the day to pay his way through college, so its like, please people have more sense. I respect the fact that Jia doesn't hide her past, and you small minded people are doing nothing more than boosting her notoriety. I can't blame you weak minded individuals I blame the original poster because she set you all up. Sandra I hope you get slapped with a defammation of character suit. You may feel like you are protected because you didn't directly say these things about her, however the fact of the matter that you approve your comments will hold up in court.

    Carry on with the ignorance, I hope Raz B's situation gets handled.

  • ms.peaches

    @Shanny07 First of all ***** I am far from stupid & to answer your question someone in my family very close to me was molested & said something off the break but because she was a child no one wanted to listen or take the time to find out what was really going on so u can go to hell!!! the next time you want to correct someone on their statements make sure you read word for word!!! had you done that you would have saw that I said if he's not guilty he can sue & if he is then he will be punished if not by the courts by GOD & if it's true why the hell would Raz-b come out to apologize to Chris about what was said & also FYI I'm a college graduate & far from stupid if you don't like the comments I leave skip them & keep it moving!!

  • one love

    Sandra you and this porn star have E Balls....hahahahahahaha

    (I got this phrase from B Scott and I am loving it.)

  • leesalisa

    lmao, I've just got done watching that video, Hilarious

  • leesalisa

    sorry my last comment was a respone to one love,btw. There's a lot of E Ballers on this site.

  • Mypoetryisdeep

    A porn star making sense (And not dollars)? The World is totally upside down...

  • Common Sense

    Once again here we go. There is nothing wrong with working in the porn industry (if you are an adult). I personally have learned from some and I know my husband REALLY appreciate it. (ha ha) Ladies, do not throw stones, because I am sure none of us is living a perfect life. Hating is so unattractive. My bad, I didn't mean to get on my high horse. If they were lying about being abused shame on them. They will get what's coming to them.

  • KittyHummerKitty

    Is Jia in her 40s?

  • http://TheBeatniks.blogspot.com Seattle Slim

    I don't care about her past and I don't believe in necessarily discrediting her opinion because of it. I don't think it's fear. We all have done things that we may not be proud of, we wouldn't anyone to use them against us. Granted if I were her I wouldn't pimp myself on YouTube either.

    In any case, to Raz B, this whole damned situation is trifling and I'm over it. Somebody somewhere better get some conclusive damned evidence or I'm over it. And as for Ricky Romance I am seriously irritated at his lack of tact in the manner. If they were molested be strong, put that damned armor on and fight it. But to be running around doing interviews like a damned idiot makes me wonder about him and Raz B.

  • Facepainter

    No Sandra I was not familiar with this ex-porn star.But after reading that line in your post, I had to raise my brow.
    Her thoughts are useless. I couldn't take looking at her for more that 6 min.
    Many victims have recanted their stories out of fear.
    I believe them.
    Their next steps will have to be legal proceedings so that this whole disgusting ordeal can be exposed and dealt with. This situation is far from over.

  • shra19

    @ Bird....You know out of all the "theories" Ive heard on this situation yours actually makes sense. I believe Raz was planning a to do a shakedown on Chris' ass using that video. Ricky probably messed up his plans by releasing it on youtube before he could get WHATEVER he was trying to acheive by making this video. If they really were interested in justice they would have taken this the police not youtube, gossip blogs, and radio stations. Tacky folks indeed! I hope they getting a lot of money from Chris cause not only was Raz sexually abused but now him and his brother look like damn fools before the world.

  • brinabelle

    Sandra Rose says:
    I am done with this story. Raz B and his brother are two sad characters who will do anything for attention and money. You can keep wasting your time listening to them if you want to.

    so what is Jia doing?..
    p.s. i didnt even watch the video, the title was enough

  • mrswatson

    I worked for TUG for 2 years and I have to go with Sandra on this one. People, please fall back until the truth comes out because there is more to this than you know. I sincerely hope Demario and Ricky get the psychological and financial help they need.

  • Bsoul

    If Raz was molested (and I beleive he was) it wouldn't have taken place in front of most TUG employees. Most parents don't know when their kids are molested until they TELL them what happened.

  • Staley

    You people are pathetic. She's is just putting her perspective on thie bs and she make sense. I think y'all are the most disgraceful people to use her porn past to discredit and pass judgment on her. As a fan of hers, I've realized she is a person trying to live life just like the rest of us.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    There is no YOU PEOPLE..do not generalize, direct your statement to those you have an issue with, not all of us cared enough to respond about what she said, myself included...So...just like you don't want someone discrediting your precious Jia, don't do it to the people on here

  • shhhh

    My O My I must stop neglecting the comment section, lol. Some of you guys are sooooo funny. What sticks out the most from all the comments was someone said "we're suppose to take an old lady in a bra serious" haha! My sentiments exactly.

  • Staley

    2bme, take it like this, if you didn't say anything about her, I'm obviously not directing it toward you or everyone else who commented. I wasn't generalizing but I'm not gonna make a list about who said what about her because there were plenty who had something judgmental to say about her!!!!

  • buttercup24

    I took the time to listen to Jia's thoughts and realized they don't matter. She has nothing to do with the situation so I'm wondering why anything she is saying would hold weight.

  • atlstruthspeaker

    I know MS BRANDY MCCLAIN aka JIA......
    I had to sign up once i saw this PIECE OF SHIT girl JIA (aka BRANDY MCCLAIN) on your blog.. ( Jia is NOT HER REAL NAME)
    You have always been a respectable blogger... why would you post some shit from this D-lister.. And you talk about Byaki!!! lol
    and for the record Brandy is a country bumpkin who is not educated.. dropping out your first year in college doesnt make you intelligent cause you know a FEW BIG WORDS>>
    I know Brandy... Unfornately.. she has lived with me....
    before she moved here to ATL she resided in North Carolina..where her crazy father abused her physically and verbally....so for her to post and repost about raz b situation is crazy..
    bottom line, I have known her for about 4 to 5 years... I REALLY REaLLY KNOW HER>>>
    she is a user, an abuser, and MOST IMPORTANTLY A LIAR!!! and everything that the previous poster put on here is true.. she did do porn.. for less then a year.. wasnt getting paid.. so her lame arse came back to ATL.. where she gave me this BS storey about her having heart problems.. which is a damn lie.. lol
    she would use that storey to live with people and use them.. she would borrow money, ask for money, live with you.. and when its time to pay bills the D LISTER SPLITS..
    This Dumb arse girl trying to get famous by making Youtube videos in PEOPLE's bathrooms.. because i can assure you, her low life arse is living with someone..
    she talks big shit, as we all can see from this video and her many others... she drives a raggedy 99 Neon... that she stole from a car dealer two years ago.. hell this D Lister still has the dealer tags on this raggedy shit..
    Not to mention she is an internet fend..she would rather haev cyber friends then real ones.. and the previous poster was right.. she has ran away every true REAl friend she had.. all cause of LIES...
    Thats why so many of your know her from other sites,, this Dlister lives on the internet.. she meets men and women off the net.. feeds them lies and befriends them, and uses them..
    this Lame takes baths every day.. no showers.. just baths,, now baths are cool.. IF you clean out the TUB everyday that you get your nasty arse in the tub.. BUT NOOO NOT BRANDY... she leave nasty dirt rings aorund the tub.. and catches clean water in the same nasty tub she took a bath in the day before..
    trust me i know.. she has lived with me twice..
    she had gained hella weight that is why she was a hostess at a East Point Strip Club.. She is huge... her titties show it all..
    and yes she was supposedly going with MC brains.. but that nigga had a girl .. lol i talked to her on myspace.. while Brandy and I were still friends..
    She has even said she had a threesome with TI while in LA... ewwwwwww. (isnt Tiny your girl????)
    this cum bucket.. is trying so hard to find her way in this world.. but truth of the matter is no one will respect her.. and for you to air her video on your site is just ludacris.. if you REALLY knew her you wouldnt have posted her video..
    this low life works call center jobs(bellsouth, Nextel, ect)
    and can barely put a roof over her head.. she is shady and even though she sounds good.. trust us, that knows this chick.. she is nothing nice..
    i understand that is your girl... but take it from your fans.. she is nothing nice to post..
    it would have been different if it was someone else.. but it was MS KINA KARA.. lol .lol and ex wanna be porn star.. lol who belittled herself for a trip to Cali,a lap top, a Sprint PDA phone and some clothes.. lol .lol

    BRANDY MCCLAIN: your full of shit.. always have been always will be..

  • atlstruthspeaker

    brandy is 27

  • http://www.myspace.com/comingouthardandboutit Mzpeach

    Thanks for posting this Sandra. Kina is a very nice girl, and I loved everything she had to say!

  • omina-homina


    if you know she had a troubled background, why put her blast like this? how were you trying to help her as a friend? or were you more concerned that someone live with you to cover half your expenses? Were you a real friend? Didn't you know her before she moved in with you?