Janelle Monáe's career seemed to be taking off when she was featured on Purple Ribbon All-Star's Compilation "Got Purp? Volume 2" in 2005. The singer whose music fuses rock 'n roll with R&B and funk, later went on to record tracks for Outkast's film Idlewild while developing an avid cult following.

Rumor has it that Sean Combs signed Janelle to Bad Boy Records which means the earth angel's promising career might as well be over. There is only one artist on Bad Boy Records who gets any kind of promotion - and it's been that way for some time now.

10 years ago, a contract with Bad Boy practically guaranteed fame and riches. Today, not so much.

Today a contract with Bad Boy means your career is mothballed indefinitely. That's a shame because Janelle is very talented and unique. The music industry needs artists like Janelle to take music in a different direction. She could have been a contender.

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  • http://www.weneedtostop.com 2Unruly

    In this era of YouTube and self marketing/publishing it seems should would have a better chance by building an online buzz? She appears to be creative. I just don't know who belongs to her core fan base? What age group listens to her? Do they buy and download a lot of music? Seems like there is no money in records label unless you are lucky with fate working in your favor. Maybe she should try voice overs or get work in animated films. Try to branch out some. Her voice is unique.

  • Naima

    Why in the hell would anyone sign to Bad Boy? Its not only talent, but you do have to have a business mind to suceed. Puffy couldn't sell his own damn album.
    I like your site and your sideways sense of humor but this site has been on overkill w/ Rihanna & Ciara. Are there any new people out? We haven't seen Alicia Keys that much and she managed to sell 3 million already

  • tbrown

    Why God why did she sign with BadBoy? I've got her on my myspace and stream some of her music through there. I need to buy her album.

  • BubbasPrincess

    Janelle Monae's career will NOT be over for a VERY long time....she's too talented for that! TRUST...

  • Anti-believer

    Tell it how it is Sandra

    Puffy ain't shit. Bad Boy isn't either.

  • shhhh

    Here career was going to be over anyway. You can't go anywhere in life when you're not being yourself. This whole weird and outkast kind of person that she portrays is NOT who she really is. This persona didn't come about until she hooked up with Big Boi.

    She's the kind of person that tries to fit in, but only to a certain group of people. No she's not going to conform to the "average" joe blow type of person. She portrays this role as though she's so positive and empowering to black people, but the truth is she really looks down on people. Always has been like that. What's really sad is that she has people really thinking that she's naturally a "unique" and weird like that when she's not.

    People should stop believing everything they hear and assume that people are certain type of person. You have to realize that some people are really desperate to be apart of the industry and will sell their souls to the devil to get there.

  • MZN

    To Shhhh,

    How do you know she's like that? Have you met her?
    Just curious.


  • Abhor_

    I love Ms. Monae and i dont know what she is thinking with signing to Bad Boy. Everyone knows that signing with them is career suicide and you'll be sitting on the shelf for 12 years like Cherri Dennis. Also, Sandra you're definitely full of shit at times...just thought i'd make that know!

  • dblaq

    the music industry is at its all time low. Artists are trying jump from one sinking ship to another. The Urban Arena is even worse. Artist get in the game for the fame not because they love this trade. Until the passion comes back. The industry will not get back on its feet. You have talented artists with no business sense, you have many untalented artists with good business sense. You need both.

    I worked with many indie artists, they got deals and big budgets I told them that they need to make sure they control their projects by investing some of their advance money to ensure the get the right promotions but they were too busy in making it rain and buying cars. Well needless to say they are now shelved at Unviversal, WEA and Capitol basement. Trying to get a break

  • shhhh


    Ha! Have I met her? I know her obviously. I'm really being nice with my comment if you want to be just be real. If any of you are "real" fans, think back from when she first came to Atlanta, back when she was in the Black Hair mag, when she use to dress with color and style. The minute she hooked up with Big Boi all of a sudden this Elvis, black/white uniform, not having to show any skin motto came about. She went from being a singer to a rocker. She knew Outkast is known for being weird and different, so she felt she had to be like that too.

    The chick is just fraud plain and simple. I can't take away from the fact that she can sing. Anyone would be lying if they said anything differnt. That "I'm an alien from out of space" sh*t. That's not her... the girl can really, really, really sing. But she f*cked up. When she had the opportunity to show the world who she really was, she chose to pretend to be something she's not. Now she has to hold on to this fake persona that will probably NEVER get her anywhere, because it's not genuine. She looks like a damn fool when she's performing and shaking all over the place. She looks even more foolish to those that really know her.

    Look at all the artist that have longevity, the ones that people really love and respect as artist like Keisha Cole, Fantasia, Mary J, Eryka Badu. Janelle Monae could be put in the league with those artis. But as long as she carries on with this charade... all I can say is she will be 27 this year and not getting any younger.

  • omina-homina

    of all the people in the world she signed with Sean Combs. He doesn't believe in what Monae is about. He will sit on her, steal from her. Monae surpasses Bad Boy and anything they do. And no one major would pick her up, not even Clive? I thought she started her own label? And what about the Label Chaka Khan and Angie Stone are on? I'm mad for her. What I've heard from her thuse far, since the fall of last year, is off the hook! I still haven't seen that first video, though, and I still want to see this energizer bunny in concert.

  • luxe.li.

    i think Janelle will be fine, she is super popular here in ATLANTA, but she has to take control of everything, she has to do her own promotion, look for her own gigs, do her own videos, because Diddy won't do it for her, or maybe he will this time? I can't predict the future, but I still think she should continue the Wondaland Art Society thing with her Metropolis Suite and just used BB as a label and probably advance money and then do her own thing, like D.Woods is doing, D.Woods has a group in Atlanta (not saying they blowing up) but you get what you put into this world, if you sit back and let Diddy do nothing, you get nothing, but if you go out there yourself and hustle you'll either succeed on BB or Diddy will drop you because you are rebelious and you'll still succeed.

  • Abhor_

    I'm a real fan of Janelle Monae and i to remember when she was singing songs like "Peachtree Blues" and "Let it go"..i remember she had a blog on myspace saying that things needed to change and the next song after the blog was "Violet Stars Happy Hunting" (which i LOVE)....She has a changed but i must admit that i love the change!

  • LAChick

    Never heard of her. However Bad Boy is the death knoll for anyone with any amount of talent. She should quick fast and in a real hurry get outta that contract.
    The pic of her above looks ridiculous...if that is the persona she is putting out there...its been done. If she can truly sing as some say here..let that be her calling card.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    The only thing I can think of is it must be money..Puff obviously had more to give than Big Boi was willing to part with..no one in their right mind will sign with Puff unless being naive or overly desperate

  • sanaa312


    She was different before Outkast (so I heard as well). I love the music she had on the Idlewild soundtrack however Im not feeling "Im an alien from outerspace"...she got a little TOO wierd on me. Diddy is known for sitting on artists. I'm still waiting to see Babs and Ness have their album from MTB 2!!!!! We'll see if he does anything w/ this new boy group he has...but I doubt it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    I've never heard of her

  • Angel_Minded

    I just cannot relate to her music. I appreciate that she's something different, and I understand that muscians are trying to 'bring back real music,' but she's a bit strange. And not in a good way. I can honestly say that I don't think she'll have a huge hit. Bad Boy is all about albums going at least platinum, and I seriously doubt that will happen for her.
    I'll bet that she gets dropped in 2 years tops.
    Sorry don't mean to 'sound like a hater,' but I gotta call it how I see it.
    Oh and btw, all the hate on Bad Boy is not necessary! P.Diddy is an incredible business man and he's knows how to promote artist. Everyone thought Danity Kane was dropped, but oh, they're dropping yet another album. Everyone thought Cassie was over, but oh, she's dropping yet another album. Da'band's ex-band mate dropped an album as well. All the Bad Boy haters need to fall waaayyy back!

  • J Gats Juice

    I've never heard of her either.... I wish her well. But like everyone else said, when u sign with Puff, ur career is pretty much a joke. Remember Yung Joc, Cheri Dennis, Cassie & 112 (they had minor success when it could've been much greater).... Lets face it, Puff only promotes himself & Biggie properly, everyone else must fend for themselves

  • niastar

    She has basically killed her career before it even started. I know she could have gotten a better deal than Bad Boy...Home of the One Hit Wonders. Damn shame what that girl has done to herself. I know Cheri Dennis ass feels like sh*t. Diddy signing new acts left and right and her damn album ain't even came out yet...officially.

  • licia

    never heard of her , but i wish her luck with her career . she's gonna need some extra luck being on bad boy. puffy has brought out some great talent ( faith evans, 112, the lox to name a few), but unfortunately he got too full of himself and allowed them to slip away .

  • Poetry777

    Naima....I agree with you...I love Rhianna and Beyonce totally....But I would like to see some other female artists on this site from time to time... Also in regards to thi particulare female artist...I'm not familiar with her work...Now I know she sand on songs for Idlewild from reading the previous entries...But in life and any situation you can be down....But never count anyone out... Look at John Travolta...His career was on ice for like 10 years before Pulp Fiction...After that it was on & poppin...So u never know.........

  • Poetry777

    Sorry for all the typos...tryin to do too much...lol

  • MZN


    OMG, she will be 27? I am 25 and I thought she was younger than me! I remember back in 2005-2006, she mentioned that she was 19, or I heard... I guess we'll see what happens when/if she blows up.

  • tbrown

    @ shhh's comments....... Thanks for sharing that. I'm like, just wow here.

  • sabrina


    I went to high school with Janelle for all four years and from all of the people back home in Kansas City, you should stop telling lies on her. I am 22 years old right now, and Janelle was my age while we were in school. In addition, she has always had her own style. Even in high school she used to dress "differently" or as you call it, weird. The main thing though, is that she's a really sweet person in person and she ain't nobody's fake nothin. She is as genuine as it gets and if she wants to wear what she wants to wear that's all that matters. She also got a scholarship to Howard. And got one of the highest scores on her ACT in the whole school. F.L. Schlagle High School. Now, if you really know her, you would know all of these things.

    But it's obvious you don't.

    At least you do admit that her ass can sing. She used to win ever talent show in Kansas City.

    We are PROUD OF YOU Janelle!!!

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    Janelle is HOT! She is a fun performer and unique as you say Sandra. And i'm totally in agreeance with you (for this post anyway...lol :))about BAD Bad Boy...dang they suck! Puffy totally is rude, greedy, and not good with promoting his artists. He talks lots of ISH then drops folks. He is only good a making bands shine through reality tv. Other than that...BOOOOOOOOO Bad Boy...BOOOOOOOOO!!! My friends and i always say if we were asked to be signed with BB as an only option we would just cry. :(

  • ms.peaches

    I think I can sit here & think of at least 10 maybe more people that were on badbay now you don't know if they living or breathing & it's sad that Diddy act like it's nothing wrong with that, no the new acts act like they aren't worried about there career(poor things)remember Carl Thomas, Black Rob, the girl group that did that comercial & havent been seen from again Dream I think was there name, THe first 2 making the band members where the hell are they?? Faith Evans I think she may have lost her mind a lil!!Loon with his fine ass just fell off I havent even seen him in any pics, parties or nothing, we all know Mase story he still confused, Mario Winans he may make an apperance on the show every now & then Yall get my drift VH1 need to do a where are they now BadBoy special alot of people will be amazed I know I would!!

  • shhhh


    I guess this is when I'm suppose to start saying everything I know? Girl please go sit down. It's really sad when some would haul off and call someone a liar only to be lying. You know D*MN F*CKING well she is not 22 years old. Why would you sit and say that? Then you think by saying all that other stuff makes you to be telling the truth.

    Her age is public record, look it up for anyone that likes facts. All that other stuff about her being smart and such. I never said once that she was stupid. But while we're on the subject, she couldn't possibly be to smart from what they say signing with Bad Boy has ruined her career. And if she still signed with Purple Ribbon in anyway, she surely couldn't be too smart.

  • H.B.I.C.

    I'm from Atlanta and I've heard of her, but her music is too weird for me to get into. Yeah, she can sing, but I'm not feeling all of this "out of space" shit. And she always looks like a damn fool, her outfits, hair, all of it looks ridiculous.

  • Abhor_

    Janelle's style is BEAUTIFUL.Thats the problem nowadays, everyone wants to look the same and cant accept anything different. My question for #30, what is ridiculous about her hair? Does it have anything to do with the fact that she is natural?

  • Agginplease

    Wow, Shhhh. If you do know her, what did she ever do to make you so negative towards her? Look, The girl is about to blow up. I hope you have your hate under control because if you already have so many negative things to say about her, you're going to have a stroke or heart attack when she's at the Grammys and selling out arenas. She shut down a room full of stuck-up industry big wigs and celebrities (2 standing ovations!? C'mon!)

    You're the same type of person that hated when Andre 3000 took his art up a notch. I guess you're not a fan of growth and development? The girl found her swag. And it was influenced more by James Brown, Judy Garland, Lauren Hill, Outkast, Michael Jackson and the Hives than by Fantasia or Keyshia Cole. You sound like someone who was an acquaintance of hers that got left behind. Oh yeah, and Janelle Monáe IS DEFINITELY NOT 27 years old. And you accused the other girl of lying? Wow.

    And she was ALWAYS an independent artist.

  • sabrina


    I'm really not tryin to argue with you, because i don't want to be a bad representation on Janelle and where she's from because i don't think she would appreciate it. She is a kind hearted individual and I am going to take a page out of her book and treat you with kindness. I think you are really saying these things because you are concerned about her career and you want good music like the rest of us do. That is something we share in common. Overall, once again, I did go to school with her. And I DO know my own age. and I DO know that we were in class together. But i'm not trying to argue with you, i'm just tryin to shed some light on the subject.

    I think that her signing to Bad Boy could be a great thing and hopefully, she'll get some albums out. We need more people like her voices to be heard.

    And To H.B.I.C. Janelle's style is beautiful and she's natural too. Don't hate on your own, if you wish the best for people, then you can share in their success when things go well for them. Otherwise, you will just be standing on the sidelines while a movement happens.

  • yeppers

    I'm with Shhhh, and yes I know her personally as well. Oh and to Sabrina...it ain't where you're from it's where you're at. Janelle is a beautiful girl on the outside, but her personality is definitely a disappointment. Of course I can only speak from my own experiences. I am certain there are plenty of people who know her more personally and may not deal with Janelle in the same capacity. However, there is nothing more disheartening than believing in someone and praying for them only to reciprocate condescending hellos and half-ass, Hollywood hugs. I will continue to pray for her success, despite the ridiculous decision to side with Sean Combs. I will also pray for a gentle humbling as I'm sure that between her conceit and the curse of Bad Boy Recordings, she will encounter one soon enough.

  • shhhh

    If you went to school with her and all that you saying, then you should know her age. You said that the she's 22, because you are 22. I'm giving you the opportunity to say that you were mistaken, because I know I'm not. You can get the information for free on the internet.

    As far as her being sweet and kind, that's a matter of opinion. I can't tell you what your opinion is or should be. But I stand by EVERYTHING I've said.

  • MZN

    Well it did say on Vibe.com that she was 19 and that was just a few years ago. Unless she lied about her age? I don't know. That's what they do in show business. I guess we'll find out sooner or later.

  • BubbasPrincess

    to shhh,
    i will say i agree with you about her style of music changing. I still have the first album that came into circulation of the AUC in 2003 or 2004 and its completely different (more neo-soul, earthy) from her music now and unfortunately, I'm not as much a fan of her now as I used to be. Although, I still hope all the success for her career!

  • VisionVision

    You know what, I love her! Her swag and her movement is hot!

  • http://myspace.com/docjam1 Doc Jam