Music producer Stevie J., real name Stevie Jordan, is engaged to Whoopi Goldberg's daughter Alexandria Martin. Both have made trips down the aisle with previous partners.

The couple, who has dated on and off for the last six years, got engaged in December 2007 after he presented her with a diamond engagement ring and matching bracelet. "I'm to the place right now in my life where I am fully happy with the man I have become. I know none of this would be possible without God first and a beautiful partner like Alex. I am looking forward to planning out a great life for us," said the groom-to-be, before adding: "And she can cook a mean f----g steak!" (Source)

  • 2bme

    Isn't that the guy who used to date Eve who had all those babymama issues? Or am I thinking of someone else?..

  • kat

    eve's ex name is stevie j.....but if that's him, he sure does look different!

  • milly

    @ 2bme I was thinking the same thing too

  • J Gats Juice

    2bme..... I think that is him!!! I'm gonna research it now. (I have nothing else to do until an 11 o clock meeting). I'm happy for them

  • J Gats Juice

    yup thats him!!! Here is what i found when I googled him:

    "Outside of his association with Bad Boy he has also produced for artists including Mariah Carey, Deborah Cox, Tamia, Tevin Campbell & Eve, whom with he was once romantically involved and made a sex tape in 1999 which leaked to the internet in 2005. Eve took legal action against websites which had it and had it removed but is still on some websites."

  • doingme

    yeah, that's him

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Yep thats Eve's Stevie J...I used to have such a crush on this dude when I was like in Jr. High School lol. Good for wishes.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    now thats what i call an ODD couple, but all the same I'm happy for them

  • claire



    Good for them.

  • Poetry777

    I don't really know what makes them an odd couple but yet and still...I agree with Claire...Nice to hear about black love....... Very refreshing story... :-)

  • hellava10

    AMEN!! Weddings!! YEAH!!! Every woman needs to know how to cook a mean f-----g steak.

  • hellava10

    I've got it! Brilliant idea and Public Service Announcement--when a man who is not your husband wants some but won't wrap it up, fix him a mean f----g steak. Eve shoulda fixed him a steak instead of making a video. The old saying is true- you go through his stomach, not his wee wee

  • NY2MIA

    NEWS FLASH*****I know Stevie J. & his girlfriend (who lives down south) personally and I know that fool isn't no good at all----how in the hell are you going to be engaged to Whoopi daughter Alex when he has been involved in a serious relationship with his "live-in" girlfriend whom is this beautiful woman for a year and half. And of course he will be denying this headline or rumor to her. If this is true, that n***a is a DOG for that shit. BUT hey that n***a is in it for the money!!!! In my opinion he ain't a good man at all....n***a ain't got it all. I'm not hating just stating the facts!!!

    Plus Eve has stated in the past that the n***a is immature and trust me he hasn't changed. He will always f**k over women!!! Now that is a NO GOOD MAN for your a**!

  • hellava10

    NY2MIA says: how in the hell are you going to be engaged to Whoopi daughter Alex when he has been involved in a serious relationship with his “live-in” girlfriend whom is this beautiful woman for a year and half.


    The "live-in" probably can't cook a steak? I'm just saying~~

  • ms.peaches

    Yeah I also heard he was a dog I even think Eve made a dis song about him!! I tought those 2 would have lasted they had matching tats & all that but whatever happened between them she went on his ass!! Alex's dad must be white?? I have never known Whoopi to be with anything other than that anyway!! I wouldn't say they are a strange couple cause a man will lay up with anybody, not saying anything against her but if they are together she just needs to be careful!!

  • ms.peaches

    Helluva 10 u are crazy as hell!!

  • NY2MIA

    Reply to hellava10.....his live in girlfriend CAN cook & bake her a** off....I know that for a fact...that fool never had to worry about a thing with her. She held s*** down for him in all areas. But I know for sure he is insecure and is very much intimidated by a woman whom knows how to take care business and her man as well. He's always been a damn DOG to me, but I respected his girl too much. I am quite surprise she doesn't know about this posting on sandra rose. But by the end of this day she will be aware of it.

    She deserve better anyways...he's a DOG and I will say it again he is a DOG! He is disrespectful, insecure, crazy as hell, immature, uses people till he get what he wants, is a womanizer, and ABUSIVE like a motherf***r and thats the truth!

  • NY2MIA

    Eve knows he is a no good motherf***** and I know she has the dirt on him as too all the other woman whom had encounters with him.

    AND he has three baby momma's and is a terrible father to his four kids.

  • REDRich

    Bad thing about the picture is that his sweater looks 10x better than her. Oh yeah that is not black love. Her father was white.

  • Nix

    Actually Alex isn't bi-racial. Her father was Whoopi's first husband that she married when she was 18 to get out of her mother's house; before she got into show business. He was very light skinned though.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    lets just hope Alex can get Stevie to sign a pre-nup because it sounds like Stevie's about to take her for on one of those Britney/K-fed Star Jones/Al Reynolds Whitney/Bobby Terri Mcmillan/johnathan Plummer rides.

    -you know what its funny how people go into so much defense about BLACK LOVE, and LET THEM BE HAPPY, AND HE MAY REALLY LOVE HER battle mode and ignore the obvious. Then when situations like the above list occurs, after the fair warnings of course, they insult the man for being no good. What about the woman for being DESPERATE/GULLABLE no doubt in a vulnerable state but why are they being excused. Sometime you just have to except what is.

  • hellava10