MTV and Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx have teamed up to create another foolish urban reality TV show. From G’s to Gents casts Jamie as a sort of Andre Leon Talley of comedy who fine tunes roughnecks into smooth gentlemen. Presumably Jamie will teach young thugs how to act civilized and not show their asses – literally.

– Are you a hustler?
– Do you have the passion and skills, but can’t catch a break?
– Is your self-worth measured by the number of fights you’ve won,
girls you’ve slept with, or weight of bling around your neck?”From G’s to Gents” will take 15 young “G’s” and polish them up. Taking lessons in everything from Style and Grace, Etiquette, Chivalry, and Business Skills, the men will LEARN that with the right tools every G has the ability to be a true Gentleman – and a real shot at finding success.

The Stakes: The G that makes it to the end of the competition will win a large cash prize and the opportunity to make their dream job and lifestyle a reality.