Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Last week it was reported that Atlanta radio station 105.3 The Beat dropped “The Breakfast Club” from its programming lineup.

Radio stations around the country are dropping The Breakfast Club from their programming schedules due to co-host DJ Envy’s legal trouble.

According to reports, the NYC radio program is scheduled to be dropped by 105.3 FM in Atlanta.

On Monday, co-host Charlamagne called 105.3 The Beat’s executives “Donkey of the Day” for not taking his phone calls after the news was announced last week.

Charlamagne showed some anxiety as he explained that they tried to call executives at 105.3 The Beat to beg them to reconsider.

“We at The Breakfast Club are blessed to be syndicated in over a hundred markets,” Charlamagne said on Monday. But that number could be lower as more radio stations drop them.

The news comes as Instagram comedienne Jess Hilarious settles into her new gig as co-host of The Breakfast Club alongside Charlamagne and DJ Envy.

Some radio listeners blame Jess Hilarious for the drop in ratings. But the program’s ratings have been on the decline for years.

One listener wrote: “The issue is the station wasted too many months floating guests and [Charlamagne] and Envy were very boring alone together. Time is of the essence. I think the era of trolling guests and being nasty is over.”