By Sandra Rose  | 

The official trailer for the new season of MTV's Making the Band is on You Tube. If I'm not mistaken, this season features has-been bands from former seasons, Kanity Dane, some solo singer and the-group-with-no-name. This season Sean Combs shacks these groups up together in a house and lets them battle it out for camera time.

Should be fun if you're tired of watching paint dry.

  • Bird

    I am so dissappointed that MTV or Diddy or whoever decided to steal the limelight from the fellas by throwing in those Danity chicks for drama purposes only. Hell I didn't even like the idea that Donnie would be allowed to remain on the show even though he wasn't chosen for the group. I really don't even want to watch it now and I LOVE those fellas.

  • Bird

    And one more thing. Three of the guys in the band are in committed relationships. I wonder how their wife/girlfriends feel about them living with women.

  • Seattle Slim

    LOL @ Kanity Dane. I take it you don't LIKE the group Sandra? I'll be watching. I do have a thing for these reality shows. Somebody give me treatment.....


    You can say it's worse than paint drying but since i'm an avid "reality" tv watched, i'll b tuned in. I LOVE making the band, all seasons, and have had a chance to meet D.Woods, she's a cool chick so i'd like to show this ATLalien some luv. It is gonna b DRAMA which of course i like to watch BUT what i'm trippin' on is the fact that Diddy does not house long lasting successful talent and then to make matter worse he pimps them all over MTV for entertainment purposes...airing all their dirty laundry on shows such as these. I doubt these kids even have a real choice, but then again they may like that MTV show fame. Who knows...but i don't see that Diddy cares too much about anyone else besides his kids, his money...oh and himself.

  • Bird

    I was just checking out Mike Bivens' MySpace page and he has removed all reference's to Making the Band 4 from his page. I guess he got the ax. He was talking about trying to manage the boys so they could have longevity, but he should have known Diddy don't play that.

  • milly

    Sadly I'm a reality T.V I'll be tuning in

  • J Gats Juice

    Good point, Bird. I seen him at a Miami Heat game & poor thing looked just as lost. :( Even though I am not really feeling Danity Kane or Donnie, I'm sure MTV will put it in a time slot when nothin else is on & my bedroom paint has aleady dried so I'm left with nothin else

  • 2thick4u

    I will definately be tuning into this season. I love Brian B. from Houston and I hope that he don't hook up with anyone from Danity.

  • cta


    Same ole tired Puffy B.S. Telling the group about his money, telling the group that they have to deliver, causing unnecessary drama, and then planning to sit back and take all the credit and none of the blame!

  • J Gats Juice

    whatever happened to babs & ness? or chopper? hell, 112? why do these ppl set themselves up for the okey doke?


    puffy only have making the band groups on his roster and cheri dennis. all of them are WACK AS HELL. even though i love mikes voice, i wont be purchasing their cd. puffy is a fucking joke ion itself. and ppl sign record deals because they want to get on so bad they dnt care. inno way id ever sign to badboy. puffy has a horrible track record and he cheat ppl out of their money, kelly price had to sue puffy for money owed to her for that biggie song. puffy have been pimping artist since the beginnning, so y change?

  • The Black Katie Couric

    Say what you want but I will be tuned in, JUST TO SEE the classic "Diddy look into the camera...mouth wide open"!!!!!

  • Bsoul

    @ J Gats Juice

    "whatever happened to babs & ness? or chopper? hell, 112? "

    That's cold. LOL!

  • Tmekio

    1st- I got into the Industry because of Puff.

    2nd- Just like a BATTERED women, he makes me wanna STAB myself and I still can't leave him alone! (LOL)

    3- I let him have ALL the 'Baby Mama's he wants and he STILL don't do right......Speechless...

    4- With all that being said, I'LL BE WATCHING.... My NOSEY azz...

  • Bird

    I gotta clean it up. I looked at the trailer and it looks hella fun. I'm gonna have to let the Danity chicks slide this time.

  • ms.peaches

    Now is it ok to say Diddy has lost his mind, I mean honestly who the hell wants to sit thru another season of watching the same folks fighting & arguing over what?? Cause we all know Diddy has no intention of doing anything with any of these acts just ask the last Making The Band where the hell are they I may see a couple of them every now & then but they aren't doing anything career wise!! The really sad part is I will probably watch it just to see who got beef I like reality TV period I mean if I can sit thru a season of New York I may be able to half way stomach this (lol)!!!!

  • ELove

    Sandra YOUR in Prime-Form I see and I LOVE IT !!!
    Tell us HOW you Really Feel Baby ;-)

  • brinabelle

    i will definitely be watchin..Danity Kane's first album was fire..Diddy is ripping them all off..can't wait 'til he gets his