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According to loyal reader Mz Scorpo, the dyme piece Lil' Wayne escorted into The Velvet Room last night was his ex-wife and baby mama Toya. She's getting broken off lovely every month and Lil' Wayne is going through a rough period in his life. So it's good that she shows support to the little homie. Maybe they're back together which would be good for the baby.

  • ms.peaches

    Well when did they get married? when they were 15? cause he is still young, anyway it would be a good look since they have a child together then maybe he can stop bed hopping!!! I could of sworn they had him with Lauren London just last month & the month before that Supahead was professing her love for him & just recently he was talking about Nivea!!! I think he is confused, cause being seen with all these woman don't make you a player it makes you look like a fool who can't commit & when you really decide to settle down no one will take you serious not even your baby mother!! His rap game is tight though, but it's time to get your priorities in order Dwayne!!!

  • Bird

    I don't take comments I read on blogs as gospel, but someone said she lives in Atlanta so she was just coming out while he was in town. I recall that she did an interview where she said that Wayne doesn't spend any time with his child to the point where the child doesn't really know him so maybe she was just enjoying the opportunity to lay eyes on him. Maybe hook up for old times sake.

  • ms.peaches

    Bird... I don't think thats true cause she has been to award shows with him & all that, I know that really doesn't mean much but for her to say the daughter doesn't know him is false, didn't he name her after his father, I don't know cause I refuse to take up for him if he isn't a good father but I just know that he does claim her!!

  • HeyNow

    Yes he does claim his daughter,he always talks about his daughter and I have seen her several times with him(on t.v) I am glad he is with a regular chic and she looks cute.waaayyy better than Trina.

  • AreUForReal

    @ ms.peaches

    The did get married when they were like 16. I actually talked to her on MySpace once before when it first came out that he had already been married once. She seems like a very nice person from the brief convo we had.

  • Bird

    In the article she didn't say that Wayne wasn't supporting his child. She just said that he rarely sees the child and htat the child doesn't know him. Who knows? Maybe she was angry when she did the interview.

  • ms.peaches

    She is a very pretty girl she almost reminds me of Ciara in that pic!! I doubt that she would be showing him love at a show if he was a bad father!! aside rom rapping I think thats another thing he does well (being a dad), he has too much money not to want to help out or take care of her, isn't she like 9 or 10??

  • ms.peaches

    Another question aside from Toya how many other times has he been married? I see a pattern & it's not good for him to be so young!!

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  • AllICanSay

    I would like to hope that he is taking care of his daughter and not just using her for publicity. But on another hand; who would want to wake up next to that on a regular basis?

  • mimi08

    Please do some checkin people, lil wayne is much older than yaw think he is. When he got arrested, they said his actually age was 27, and that was last year, so this year, he'll be 28. He is lying, saying he is younger than he is. When you get arrested as a celebrity, all your real information is revealed such as your real name, real age, and so forth. We all were laughing cause the judge didn't even know he was a celebrity during his pretial stages. He issued that warrant with the quickness when he didn't show up.

  • 2thick4u

    Well they made a cute couple.

    Beauty and the Beast!!!

  • milly

    They look cute together.

  • Hotstuff

    That's what most men need a reality check and she's prolly the one to give it to him b/c there's no fronting with her she knows him already

  • 2bme

    ok..well if that's Toya a couple of rap blogs state about a week or so Nivea was in the house at one of his shows..yall know he was with Nivea for a minute and I believe engaged..rumor has it Wayne may be the reason she and Dream really broke up..of course this is all on the hush hush

  • Bsoul

    @ Hotstuff

    Isn't it always like that? Guy gets girl...guy forsakes girl for "good time Jane(s)"...guy gets in trouble...guy runs back to familiar/loyal setting.

    *sigh* If she likes it, I love it.

  • buttercup24

    She may have been mad at him in that article. I read an article she gave in response to somethings he said about her regarding their child. He said his mother asked him to have a baby so she could raise it or something. Toya said they were in love and all that jazz. I could've swore she said he was a good father and his daughter doesn't want for anything. I don't know but she did say they were still friends and she was there for him.

    He definitely needs that because his addiction has him on a downward spiral.

  • pinkvirgo

    I love Wayne but all that drank and those drugs are starting to catch up with him.He's starting to look beat up.I don't think he's a bad father everytime I look up his daughter is with him but maybe he just picks her up for I doubt it though.Also he's far from a player b/c he seems to fall for all these women and wanna marry them.

  • ms.peaches

    Mimi... even if he is 27 or 28 that is still young, this boy has money, cars, fame & can get any female he wants so that may be why he doesn't want to commit! I mean look at the age when he got married & had a child, he's still young minded I can tell & all that smoking & drinking doesn't do much for your appperance either!!

  • bloggergirlz

    yall killing me talking about they make a "cute" couple (smile)...this is a classic case of bee and jay (part 2)...those guys (wayne/jay) are ugly a$$ hell!

    toya was pissed when wayne spoke about "his mama wanting a child because she was lonely"...she did mention he didn't spend anough time w/ their daugther...she was really pissed when she did the artice though...he needs to get off drugs b4 he spends QT w/ his daughter

    they had a kid young and got married young as well...classic ghetto story

    i still think he's in love w/ nivea though!