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Keyshia Cole, her mom Frankie and her sister Neffie all looked beautiful on the set of Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is Reunion Show, this weekend. The show was taped at Turner Studios and is set to air on BET in the Summer. Special shout out to Manny Halley for the exclusive access to the set!

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  • hellava10

    Frankie actually looks great. Wow.

  • AllICanSay

    They all look nice. I'm not a fan of the show but, I did see the last episode. It looks like Neffie changed her mind. Good for her.

  • Smokie

    Frankie is ESTATIC to be in the "limelight". It might even keep her sober. (right)

  • prynsexxx

    Keyshia and Neffie's hair looks great.

    Frankie is cheesin' hard!

  • 2bme

    ok! frankie loves those new chompers doesn't she? The ladies look wonderful

  • ms.peaches

    Wow they actually clean up nice!! they all look good in these photos!!

  • bloggergirlz

    the entire family have definitely gone through a much needed transformation...they look really nice...i wish her mom would stop smiling so damn hard though

  • Bsoul

    I'm just happy they have something to smile about. They've come through so much.

  • ms.peaches

    @ Bloggergirlz.. I think she is still getting use to her teeth(lol) I have a question is Manny related to them cause he favors Frankie a lil bit I don't recall them saying it on the show but I remember 1 episode where they had a family dinner & I thought Keisha said something about it & he also went to a therapy session with them. Jus askin

  • AreUForReal

    ms. peaches

    Girl get out of my head!!!! I have been wondering that for a while now. Him and Neffie look so much alike, it's hard not to believe they are related. Maybe they have the same father or something?

    NE Who......

    They all look really pretty. Esp. Neffie. I am loving her new look. Long hair just doesn't work on some people. I'm glad to see she's accepted her blessing as well.

    Frankie deserves to cheese. That woman has fought her way back and still has a long battle ahead of her. She needs to sieze happiness every little place she finds it.

  • cupcakes

    They all look great, especially Neffie!! Her hair usually looks tore up!

  • Sharonda

    Happy to see them smiling.Hopefully Neffie moved on from her problems or what she was dealing with and put it on the Lord.

  • KIM 2.0

    Guess we're going have to wait until the summer to find out if she had the baby. I don't know about u all but she doesn't look pg to me & if she was she should have had the baby by now. That show was taped a long time ago. Either way I hope she keep it too, there are people out here who can't have babies or carry one like me.

  • bloggergirlz

    @ ms.peaches:

    that's 4 pointing that out! it should've been obvious to's no different than when i first got braces lol...

  • bloggergirlz

    except i barely smiled lmao...

  • HeyNow

    Neffie is cute!!! she cleaned up really nice and looking at them all made up they look like Frankie. I knew Frankie was a nice looking lady before the drugs. But Neffie has lost weight and everything.Now my girl Keyshia needs to stop with the weight loss.

  • OhWell

    Neffe did have the baby...a month or two ago. It was a boy.

  • donnia

    Neffie is beautiful in those photos. Keisha always looks great. Frankie looks good, but I have seen her look better.

  • claire

    very happy to know neffie kept the baby...will be looking out for the show this summer...

  • 2Unruly

    This family looks like royalty. Boy, have they come a lonnnng way. Good for them! They prove there is hope.


    LOL at Smokie....I thought I was the only one thinking Frankie seems to enjoy the limelight as well.

    Neffie actually looks nice. I hope this reunion show will be just as good as the original show. I wonder why BET hasn't came up with a 3rd season? Hopefully, there will be a surprise ending at the end of the show.


    neffie is looking much better, a lil hollywood. okay okay...dang. why OH why is it taking till summer time to show this? i tell you production and programing seems to take sooooooooo long.

  • cjlessie

    did effie keep the baby?