By Sandra Rose  | 

Photo spotted on Socialite Life

We're not saying we're Rihanna experts here on But we do detect something different about our girl Rihanna's mouth piece. Could she be getting regular botox injections like her friend Simon Cowell and half of Hollywood?

  • Bird

    Her lips don't look any differant to me. I am feeling that red lipstick though. I think I'll go out and get some to try it out.

  • ms.peaches

    Oh Rihanna, not feeling the red lipstick at all!! call me a hater all day I just don't like it!! I never denied the fact that she is a pretty girl but she does things that take away from her looks!! I swear I want to make another comment about her lips but I promised not to be disrespectful anymore(lmao)!!!!

  • Sharonda

    Seems like Botox is use for a lot now, even people with TMJ.But Rihanna lips were never that full so I won't be surprised if it some kind of lip venom or something.

  • Smokie

    She already had full lips. I think it's just the lipstick.

  • Smokie

    And the red lips look really good. I would LOVE for red lipstick to come back, but it's not catching on outside of Hollywood. ~sigh~

  • AllICanSay

    Maybe she's using that lip plumping lipstick. I just seem to jump on the band wagon with this red lipstick. It reminds my of what my great-gandma used to say "Only street walkers wear red lipstick". I don't even use red polish.

  • AllICanSay

    It should say: I can't seem to jump on the band wagon with this red lipstick.

  • 2thick4u

    I see you switched up Smokie...nice!!!!

    Rihanna still looks the same to me!!!


    nah...just bright lipstip overdrawn past her natural lip line.

  • mimi08

    She looks cute to me. Black women can wear red lipstick, just have to find the shade that's right for your skin tone.

  • milly

    She looks fine to me.

  • Mike Belgrove

    she looks the same to me.

  • hellava10

    *sigh* if you only knew what I was saying in my head.

  • 2bme for her..the girl looks good!

  • Bsoul

    Hellava, spill it! Don't be afraid to say how great Rihanna looks.

    Sandra, speak for yourself, I AM a Ri-Ri expert! Her lips are naturally like that. In fact her lips are so dynamic, they adjust to her outfits; the more beautiful the outfit, the more beautiful the lips get. I don't know anyone else who has it like that.

    ::shining my ring::

  • ms.peaches

    Bsoul, girl please, did she give you a check along with that ring!!(lol) & Hellava if it's anything what I'm thinking which it probably is then don't be scared Sandra said herself she's is all for free speech(lmao)

  • Mia

    Rihanna is so fugly. I've tried to see what other people see when they comment on her beauty, but I just don't see it. On her BEST day I'll give her a "She looks cute", but on the average, ugh.

  • Bsoul

    I got no check, Peaches, Rihanna's fierceness is all the payment I need! If I ever get the courage, I'm going to cut my hair and rock that style like nobody's business!

    Stop hating on her dynamic style, her aura and all that is Ri-Ri.

  • ms.kimba412

    That girl is just gorgeous - she don't even need no help! Also, Botox is for wrinkles - they use collagen injections to plum up the lips, i believe.

  • ms.peaches

    Bsoul stop it seriously your starting to scare me(lol)!!

    You know the more I look at that pic I think it's a mannequin, think about it there is not a hair out of place, she has no lines in her neck, she has on those 1985 police shades so you can't see her eyes & who ever finger that is in her face is too close!! It may be a wax figure or something cause out of all the pics Sandra has posted of this poor child I have never seen her with that hot red lipstick on!!

  • hellava10

    let me take off my ring....At least she's not in that purple coat. I don't think it's botox. It almost looks like when the melanin challenged ladies draw around the outside of the lips to 'make lips'. AND unless she auditioning for Chips, she can give the glasses back.

  • tbrown

    I thought you got 'botox' in your muscles and 'collagen' in your LIPS :lol:

    If she is using that lip-plumping lipstick, I don't know why. She's got some pretty full lips as it is. Do Aviator-shades EVER go out of style? :lol: ;)