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Naomi Campbell has a little less to worry about these days now that she's losing her hair. It appears the feisty model is suffering from a case of alopcia, a hereditary condition of the scalp that's usually brought on by stress or a stank attitude. Home girl needs to take a chill pill and go away for a long long time.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    She probably never allows her hair to breathe behind all the lacefronts, wigs and weaves on her head...somebody with a black eye caused by a blackberry is rejoicing in this post,lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    Looks like lacefront damage to me. I have no doubt that Beyonce and Tyra's hairline is similar. They do lacefront waaaaay more than Naomi.

  • tdl74767

    2bme..........I agree with you. You have to let your scalp breathe.

  • mina

    I think her hair loss has been brought on by chronic use of LF's and weaves.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mzmekpage Tmekio

    Wow Sandra-

    I didn't know that Alopcia was heriditary..

    ....tell me something....

  • prynsexxx

    She better take the prynsexxx route and cut it all down to the scalp. Short hair is back in. Went to the derm, they said alopecia, I called my stylist from the parking lot (couldn't get reception in the derms office)told her I was on my way and to cut it all off.

  • Bsoul

    Sandra, Naomi is on her way to see you!

    Rumor has it she's armed with two big Blackberry phones!

  • brwnsugga4you

    wow...if it is alopecia that is a serious condition. hopefully her hair will regrow. but her attitude stinks!

  • gemini83

    She wear too many damn weaves!!! Tyra's hair is the same way. She said it herself. She said that you will never catch her (especially when she is with a man) without weave or a wig because her hair is f*cked up.

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    Damn maybe I should lay off the lace fronts


    Well who can they blame? How hard is it to say, "lets try somethin different"

  • http://www.straightfromthea.com ATLien

    LMAO @ SR....you've been diagnosing all the celebs lately! If a stank attitude caused hair loss...there would be a whole lotta bald b*tches in the "A"... :-)

  • Lala11_7

    Oh no...I don't blame this on lace fronts or weave...

    How you gonna walk outta the house with your hair looking like that??? I mean, there are too many cute wigs and hats out there to help a Sista out on days like these...

    No, THIS ONE...is all on Naomi

  • Terry .W

    tsk tsk...maybe all those years of extensions in her hair to meet the "modeling" standards of beauty??

  • extraordinary

    Leave NaNa alone.

  • Kerriann1

    She need to hit her stylist for jacking up her hair

  • London Marie

    Tyra and Beyonce should take notice..

    oh yeah,




  • London Marie

    Naomi is still my favorite model though..




  • katgirl33

    So Naomi is losing her hair....did she ever have hair? Looks like they are running out of places to attach her stand by strand pieces......Wow....

  • blackstar

    That's what she get's for being such a bitch to people ! bald ass head!!!!!

  • prynsexxx

    She keep messing around, and she gone end up attaching hair pieces to her thoughts.

  • KoKaNutt

    Another hairline bites the dust!!!!!!!Brandy you are no longer alone

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    Damn...she needs to slow down and get some Rogaine!!!

  • blkdiamonn

    GOD DON"T LIKE UGLY... KARMA is a B*tch!!

  • scorpio

    I thought lace fronts just sat on the head over the hair not causing damage. Now weaves I know tug and pull, but aren't lace fronts the big thing because they don't damage?

  • donnia

    I think her hair loss is a result of braids, weave and lace front wigs. Those items are murder on the hair.

  • http://myspace.com/sfh50millionpounds mj

    Alopcia is heriditary and very serious - please dont make lite of it Dr. SandraRose! That shit aint funny.. Im not sure her stank attitude is any worse than yours for Beyonce.. But I am sure you seem to favor Miss Rhianna. Wonder what her scalp looks like absent all her weave.. Hmmm,. Bet those are pictures you would never post.

  • http://www.myspace.com/hune916 HunE916

    I don't think I've ever seen Naomi with a lace front. That's from good old fashion bad weaves! Her hair is always busted! But you never really see it up close!

    She's been rocking the SAME hair-do for HOW many years!??? There's bound to be damage!


    Naomi feet are not the s*** AT ALL!!! I think her tow up weaves look better than those dawgs she struts around on.. She would look a lot better with a baldy.. Just think out loud

  • Mia

    Naomi is such a curmudgeon, LOL.

  • mimi08

    AND SHE STILL A BAD B-I-T-C-H! So so what! And?

  • AlwaysSweet

    prynsexxx Says:

    She keep messing around, and she gone end up attaching hair pieces to her thoughts.

    lol. Y'all ain't right.

  • Mspeng

    I guess that's why majority of her hairstyles involved bangs for so many years. I think she just slipped up and showed her hairline. It's probably looke dlike that from long ago. But honestly, she's still beautiful to me...attitude and hairline and all. She's fierce and probably one of the biggest black supermodels that ever existed.

    But back to the topic...she needs to cover it back up until she takes care of it.

  • KittyHummerKitty

    scorpio Says:

    I thought lace fronts just sat on the head over the hair not causing damage. Now weaves I know tug and pull, but aren’t lace fronts the big thing because they don’t damage?---------------------------------------------

    Scorpio, you are correct. And everyone who is blaming LFs for Naomi's hairline, you're wrong. She doesn't wear LFs.