I was asked by Ciara‘s camp to help clear up a rumor being put out there about Ciara by a random blog.

Until last night, I knew nothing about the rumor that Ciara was dating some new guy. First of all, IF that were true you would have read it here since CiCi is a huge supporter of this site.

Secondly, it wasn’t much of a rumor if I never heard about it until last night. Celebrities can’t take a picture with a fan without being accused of sleeping with them now?

Ciara was clearly upset and she sent word to tell my readers not to believe the bogus lies being spread by the random blog (I have no clue what the name of the site is).

I guess if you don’t have any real inside sources you just make sh*t up? *shrugs*

Anyway, Ciara says she doesn’t even know dude. She said, “I took a picture with a fan outside a nightclub. I don’t even know him!” And her assistant Jennifer kirked out when she saw that lie they told about her negotiating to buy the pictures of Ciara and the Chuckie Cheese looking fellow she’s pictured with on the blog site.

So if you want the TRUTH about your favorite celebs, keep it here. At Sandrarose.com, credibility and consistency is our motto! :)