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Nicole Kidman and her husband, country singer Keith Urban are turning down millions for photos of their newborn baby, Sunday Rose. I saw this story two days ago on another blog but I yawned and kept it moving. Until I found out that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were offered $16 million for photos of their newborn twins.

It's kind of hard for any celebrity to top $16 million for exclusive rights to photos of their kid. I'm sure egos are being bruised all over Hollywood. As you know, most celebrities are a narcissistic bunch. If they can't command top dollar for their baby then no one sees the pics.

Anyway, Nicole's publicist claims the couple simply want to preserve their child's privacy. I doubt that seriously. According to the NY Post's Page Six, Nicole's publicist says, "A number of publications called to offer money, but [Nicole] never considered it." Well, a number of publications also called Usher and Tameka with offers for pics of their baby. But since the offers never got any higher than $50,000 - they didn't consider it either.

  • pyt_504

    This is getting out of hand! I mean Really!!!! they can pay for some damn pics but they still got people living in shelters, Fema trailors, no health insurance, and god knows other things but they can pay millions for some damn photos!!! ughhhhhhhhh this truly gets under my skin

    One good thing is that Brat pitt and ol girl did donate the money they got for the other baby Shiloh to charity so i know they will do the same with the money they get from the twins

  • milly

    I agree at least they donate it to charity


    PYT- The government aren't the ones paying for the pics..

  • karaz

    Shoot, maybe Nicole is afraid of her ex, sending her baby's pic's to his alien friends and kidnapping her.


    And you know that most of these celebs don't give a flying f**k what people are living like.. They think they are doing their deed to society by adopting children from Africa..


    There you go again hating on Ursh or should I say hatin on Meka? How do you know what was offered?



    There you go again hating on Ursh or should I say hatin on Meka? How do you know what was offered?
    You know they Raymond's didn't get offered s*it for their baby's pics.. The truth can't be hate...



  • pyt_504

    NYCUTIE Says:

    PYT- The government aren’t the ones paying for the pics..


    Ummm duhhhhhhhh I am aware of that! Let me say it again so you can understand

    My POINT WAS: if they got money like that ( THE MAGAZINE COMPANY) they can help those who are in shelters, Fema trailors etc...... Then I went on to say at least the money that Brad and Angie are getting they will donate to charity!


    I guess you took my response to your comment all out of context.. Thx for your explanation cause it was very ummmmm informative!

  • MzDetermined

    Is she crazy for not accepting that...obviously it must be pocket change for her.

  • starr

    It leaves a bad taste in my mouth when i hear this....ugh

    Pimping out ya kid for some milllions....ugh... Brad and Ange will prob donate the $$$ but still, its this what its come to, a bunch of baby pics for $16 mill. Its gonna be interesting to see what these kids grow up to be....really it will


    @ Starr,

    Just look at Nicole Ritchie...

  • pyt_504

    Yea guh whatever...

  • Sharonda

    Good for goodness, everything is about money.

  • Fatkat

    Nicole don't need the money and shouldn't get any money. When she was with Tom she didn't want to have his kids but adopt kids because she wanted her career. I can understand but damn, Tom had money that even if he would've left her she would get half, in which she did anyway. Now since Tom had a baby with a younger girl, now its her time to have a baby and work it out with a JUNKIE. These women kill me as if their career has gotten any better since they broke up or divorced. Hint ( Brad Pitt left(cheated on) Jennifer because of the same reason now where is her career. They act as if having a baby would slow down their career(their never with the baby anyway and stay working out with a trainer) when some really didn't have too much of one to began with.

  • mrsdawn

    I heard that Usher did the shoot w/Essence for free. I read that he wanted a BLACK mag and wasnt interested in the money.