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An Atlanta woman is taking rapper Yung Joc to court for back payment of child support. Yung Joc's baby mama, Fatimah Jester, broke down during a taped segment on the Channel 2 Action News tonight. She discussed her failed efforts to collect late child support payments from the rapper.

Jester said she didn't want to sue Yung Joc but she needed money to raise their son. She dabbed at her eyes with tissue as she sat with her attorney, Randall M. Kessler, in the living room of her tidy suburban Atlanta home.

"I never would have thought he would be putting me through some of the stuff that I'm going through now," she cried. "I can't even get in contact with him when I need the things that I need for my baby. It's just hard."

Jester is suing Joc for unpaid child support. She said he only paid $500 of the court ordered $2,000 monthly payments last month. According to Jester, Joc is always late with his payments. "For the type of money that he makes, $2,000 is nothing,". She reeled off the list of luxury vehicles Yung Joc owns or leases: "Bentleys, Ferraris, Mercedes Benzes, two Range Rovers."

Her attorney added, "She wants him to know, 'if you pay what you're supposed to pay, you'll never hear from me again... But as soon as you stop, I'm going to be there protecting my kid.'"

Jester noted it's especially hard on a young boy who rarely gets to see his famous father. "When you have a child that you - when you look in their eyes and they ask 'mama, can you call daddy?' and when you try to call daddy and we can never get in contact with him, that hurts."

  • candi21

    Thats a damn shame !!!! i cant stand deadbeats !!

  • omina-homina

    that little boy is so adorable! God, we have the save the babies, ya now?

  • karaz

    Young joc is NOT easy on the eyes, thank God that boy doesn't look like his daddy. He should pay his child support, but this chick should be more choosy about who she let's sperminate her, I'm thinking he was just as unreliable 8 years ago when she was sleeping with him.

  • GWU

    If it weren't for the ears, I'd tell Joc to demand a paternity test. That child looks nothing like him (which is a good thing)!

  • Sharonda

    Pathetic ass women and men.Lord..

    There's two type of women in this world, those that are about something and those who are not.But that boy don't look like NOTHING like him I would like to see Yung Joc daddy or momma because I'm pretty sure that might favor one of them.Just don't know especially when it comes to genetics.

  • Anna

    Ppl are allowed to sleep with whom they wish. I just can't believe that ppl don't choose birth control. I know even with protection shit happens but $2000 a month is not a lot of money for the non custodial parent(of his status) to pay but it is a great help in making a difference in raising your child. I sure miss my kids child support. Just because they are of age they still live at home and it is not easy to find a job when ppl my age need the McDonalds jobs because they have to keep food on their table. I am just glad that on their own my kids can give me a break and call their dad for money and he will give it to them.

  • starr

    didn't know that when u had a kid, it had to look like one of the parents (in this case da daddy) *shrugs*

    You know what i find the child support system to be too hard on the fathers SOMETIMES. However, its bad enough, this lil boy hardly ever sees his dad, and then his father doesn't even make his $2000 a month payment. I mean $2000. Is the rock, paying like 25000+ a month. Its really rediculous. And yung joc should be ashamed of himself.

    And just what are u implying sandra when you point out that hse's in her "tidy suburban home". I ain't miss that.

  • Anna

    The kid is a cutie. And yes I do believe fathers do get the short end of the stick when it comes to child support. Stats have proven that a 2 parent home with or without marriage when it breaks up the womans income dwindles while the mans increases. (Not sure about todays stats, everyone is struggling). I do have to add that men don't realize that they have options and can get a modification of child support if their income decreases. They don't know this and the court still wants the court ordered payment and this is what puts them in arrears very quickly. For yung Joc to be behind in his payments is a shame. The bigger shame is that he is not even in contact with his son. If a parent is behind in their child support payments, it does not give any parent the right to with hold the child from seeing the non custodial parent. I know some just choose not to see their children but send a check. I also koow that just to send a check does not cut it. Children did not ask to be here. They're here, deal with it together. If you got along once you can get along for the sake of the child. This mom stated that if he paid his child support that he would not hear from her again, but if you don't pay I will be there protecting my child. Whatever. Ppl, now and days you can google anyones name and get more info than they will tell you durning the dating stage. Just another one of my opinions and fYI's.

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    Celebrities, like any man, need to take care of their responsibilities. I believe she is doin' what she has to do. She is aware that she can't have him anymore I'm sure, but she had him before the fame and the child that they conceived together should be cared for financially as well as emotionally by his "celebrity" father. I saw her on the news last night and just shook my head. Thank God I didn't have kids until I was married and their father is a wonderful dad.

  • celestewillis

    I just want to say just a few months ago I saw Yung Joc and this same woman in the Waffle House.. It was him this girl and Gorilla Zoe and other parties.. If she is having so many issues getting child support what are they doing all out.. This may or may not be one of those issues but if truth be told there are men that are being low down and not handling their responsibilities and then there are men that are handling their responsibilites are at least trying but the babies mother want to act a fool and pull stunts like well if we can't be together then you can see your son/daughter or if we can't sleep together.. I wish sometimes people would look at both sides of things and not always assume that it is the man being the wrongful party.. Like I said there are trifling fathers but we have to mature enough to say that there are some trifling ass mothers as well!!! Smoochies

  • Mika79

    That little boy looks like Junior (My wife and kids) when he was on NY Undercover!


    is she pregnant again?

  • 2thick4u

    He is pathetic!!!

    I hate lame ass niggas that start making money and forget to take care of important people like the children they made!!!

  • suga_stix

    Why do women always want to run to the media when they have a child support issue with a celeb? They couldn't work this out with their lawyers behind closed doors? I have zero respect for deadbeats,but I definitely don't like it when kids are put on front street when the parents are having problems.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Imma need a DNA test. That kid don't look nothing like Joc.


    Ok Joc is signed to Bad Boy... How much of that stuff do u really think he owns? Hustlenomics went triple plastic, so I'm sure he's workin off that advance money that he owes Puffy

    What I'm gonna need for Joc to do is 1. Get a better accountant, 2. Get a paternity test, 3. Get some better lawyers to the courthouse & have the child support adjusted to ur income. If u're not making 2K a month, how the hell can u pay ur 2K a month child support? & 4. Get a better lookin baby mama, cuz that chick with her cheap ass wig is not the business.

    Instead of buyin fake jewels and renting cars, try providing for ur seed first, dummy

  • browni007

    This is tough. Some men do get the short end of the stick b/c Peter pays for Paul and Paul pays for all. my bro was ordered to pay $950 a month for one child (partially his fault). He doesnt make much now, but still buys my niece jordans, clothes, school supplies, etc. - and on the other hand my ex-ole man is getting away with murda paying $500 a month for two children an why b/c I am hard worker -- There was a time he was six weeks behind - I dont go crying. I'm not saying she's wrong for crying, but it's not my style. My children have asked him for things and he never has any money to give but he has the latest phones, the latest kicks and feeds 6 people on a daily basis.

    above was two totally different stories and there are many more Young Joc should remember the child(ren) suffer. And if he's holding out b/c he mad at ole girl or she's taking this to the media b/c she's mad at him well they'll all get what's coming to them look at Shaniqua.


    daaaaaaaaaang mocha mommy...shawty is on fie.