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Just a few days ago an industry friend asked whatever happened to Dondria, aka Phatffft, the gifted young singer JD found on YouTube.

I knew my industry friend was joking since we both know what happened to Dondria. Poor Dondria suffered the same fate as other new singers who don't fill a particular niche.

Her first single didn't make an impact on iTunes, and the industry buzz that's so necessary for new artists just wasn't there.

So JD shelved the young singer's debut album and moved on. Hey, he has problems of his own what with his wifey Janet being let go from his own label -- and rumors floating around that he's next and all.

So Dondria has returned to doing what she does best: singing in her bedroom, with her talented friend Broadway, making YouTube videos and hoping that JD realizes she's still waiting.

Poor Dondria sounds so despondent as she pours her heart out to JD begging him not to forsake her:

    I'm sitting in my room making YouTube videos
    and I am waiting on a deal
    yes I am
    from JD -- Jermaine Dupi
    and I call him Chi Chi
    and I m waiting, waiting, waiting, WAITING
    to do something else with my life
    other than working in the day care

Thanks to loyal reader Jazmyne for the tip!

  • Deep Thoughts

    I wonder if she is branching out, it's sad to see her desperation that's not quite the same as determination. It might be a turn off. I wish her the best though this is a hard industry to come into and even while here to stay in.

    It's always refreshing to see artists who have a determination but they have a back up plan and will be fine regardless. It makes them easier to work with.

  • dblaq

    I guess people still didn't get the memo:

    The music industry is in dire straits, there is no money especially for new artists. If you don't have the slightest notion that you will sell, they move on to something that will. Artist will have to go back to the roots for one to make music because they love it not because they want a deal. There is no bail out money coming. So all these rappers, singers, and producers. You will have to actually get your ass up and start performing live, beat the pavement and create a fan base (not myspace pageviews!). Once the artist start being true themselves again, their will be a brighter day.

    On another note ain't she the same one that was talking mad ish on a video?

  • Bird

    I've said it before and I'll say it again as long as this topic comes up. They need to be a duo or she needs to stop performing with him on MySpace. He has outshined her on every video I have seen of them together. For the life of me I can't figure out how it was decided that she deserved a deal over him. Her voice is ok and way better than a lot of the ladies in the industry right now, but this guy Broadway is bad as hell!

  • lovezoe

    I do not know if anyone remembers, but JD signed one of the little guys from the Wire, do not know his name right now. I know he was featured on my Sweet 16. Whatever happened to him?

  • Smokie

    I see why he didn't sign her; I wasn't impressed at all. I think she should get out that ROOM and get on her grind. Make it happen if she really wants it.

  • Bird


    You are referring to Maestro Harrell who played Randy Wagstaff on The Wire. He signed a deal with JD well over 3 years ago so I think it's safe to say that isn't going anywhere.

  • h0tsauce

    is it me or does she look like a younger version of Monica with long hair!! maybe it's just the quality of the video!!

  • Doc Jam

    them are two talented individuals!!

  • Doc Jam

    ...JD should start buying beats from me, before he shelves albums...Producers got advances off that young ladies album...and I just want to be apart of that:-(

  • brenden

    Never heard of her b4 now. Visited her youtube page. What do you mean by particular niche? We're not talking about looks right? If so I'm tempted to list a number of singers who she looks better Either way at least her story is inspiring for the millions (lol) of youtube singers. She actually got discovered. Maybe things will work out latter in life for her. U guys check them out singing my love is the They did great...I wonder if they are more than friends. They'd make a nice young couple...

  • brenden

    My only complaint is her stage name...I just ????? Maybe I'm just old but I don't like it...

  • MsAmour22

    Her voice is nice but his voice nice as hell

  • 2bme

    first of all i realize people are hungry but you are playing the game of chance when rolling the dice with Puff or JD..lately they both work better with established when u sign you have to share the spotlight..if you sign and it doesn't work out it's your's not hard to figure out

  • Sandra Rose

    @ dblaq:
    I agree with all you said.

    @ Bird:
    I got the impression that Broadway was trying hard to outshine Dondria. But I can't knock him: I would do the same thing. We all have to eat :)

    @ brenden:
    I meant she doesn't fill a niche in the kiddie market because she's too old. Miley Cyrus has that niche on lock. And she's too young to appeal to us grown folk. :)

  • Jazmyne

    Actually broadway is so called signed to nitti label...he said it in one of his videos.
    and yeah the music industry is not like how it use to be.

  • dj_dceezy

    ummm lets just say if you get signed by JD... U aint goin nowhere.

    9th Ward
    Young Capone
    Sunny (106 & Park Freestyle Champ)
    Brooks Buford
    ... who is next to be buried in the So So Death graveyard?

  • dj_dceezy

    OH! forgot Q da Kid... Dude keeps releasing freestyles as if he thinks he's gonna come out some day..

  • atownquarter07

    @ Jazmyne

    Broadway ISNT signed to Nitti's label ... he was TRYING to get signed he said that they were looking at him, not that he was already signed. He's still trying to get a deal

  • Bubbles

    So sad. JD was taking this girl to award shows,travelling with her, hyping her up on his blogs but he won't return her calls now. The music industry is brutal. She needs to find herself a good manager and figure out a way to make her career happen if she's really passionate about it.Sitting up in the room feeling sorry for herself is not the solution.

  • kwallace577

    "I meant she doesn’t fill a niche in the kiddie market because she’s too old. Miley Cyrus has that niche on lock."

    miley cyrus auntie? i am so sorry but i am the mother of a BLACK child and she listens to no miley cyrus. i wish she WOULD (LOL LOL ) but i am sorry to say

    i think it is safe to say miley cyrus has that on lock for the WHITE kiddie market....ages 9-15. but for the black kiddies?

  • Jazmyne

    phatfffat sure cant take criticism...she deleted the
    everytime sandra puts a video up of her she deletes it.

  • Tiffochris11

    I dont know about the girl, but the dude is RUDE, and not humble @ all and he's not even "there" yet!

  • Jazmyne

    @ Tiffochris11

    are you sure? because i heard he is humble and very nice.

  • karaz

    Umm I know why he can't get a deal, he's not that attractive and the industry has reached its quota on not so attractive male singers.
    As for the girl, she doesn't have enough personality to get by alone on her singing. What else does she do? Can she write songs? Does she dance? Act? Can she do hair? A millions chicks can sing well, she needs more.

  • Jazmyne

    yall should check me out while yall at

  • Kymystry

    (4 days till my birthday whoooo hoooo)

  • shay1

    Good MOrning Kym.............

  • Kymystry

    Morning shay !!

  • pointhimout

    DocJam ...#9, where can we hear your tracks??? i know of too many people who do beats and are either A. exclusively waiting to be signed by puffy or JD, or B. dont know what they're doing--the tracks are just beats thrown together; there would be no break for the hook, the bridge etc...damn beat just runs together.

    people dont understand that a bunch of nobodies gotta work together for somebody to get put on. i can't understand how people wait for JD, when they know he'll cut yo ass in a minute and leave you in the studio, turning off the lights on his way out. Puffy, well we all know he'll just rob you, bend you over and ram it in with no vaseline..then make you go perform on stage AND shoot episodes of MTB all in the same night.

    i dont get it.

  • pointhimout

    #24 DEAD @ "can she do hair?"

    LOLOLOL. too funny. I do agree that singing alone aint enough. you can go to any hood and get a person that can sing their ass off..raw talent.

    music bzness has really changed, but i dont have any remorse when this happens cuz these singers/rappers/producers get so caught up in working with JD or whoever that they lose sight of the big picture.

    stay independent, do shows, build your fan base. she'll write a tell all blog about JD in a minute.