It has been confirmed that the McCain camp did not know about VP moderator Gwen Ifill's book which basically predicts Sen. Barack Obama will win the presidency. The controversial book is due to be released on Nov. 4 -- the day of the elections. This, according to Greta Van Susteren on her blog:

I confirmed for us here on GretaWire: the McCain campaign did NOT know about Gwen Ifill’s book (I think I told them when I made my efforts - emails about midnight - to find out!) I am stunned….the campaign (actually both) should have been told before the campaign agreed to have her moderate. It simply is not fair - in law, this would create a mistrial.

  • prynsexxx

    Whoa! The Obama camp got one past McShame! We still have 59999999,90248703840 more stops to pull out before we can even catch up to their sliding, kanivin' (sp - LOL) backslidin' asses.

  • Charles

    now that its common knowledge she needs to be FIRED she needs to be FIRED she needs to be FIRED i think that elizabeth hasselback would be a good moderator.

  • prynsexxx

    I forgot to throw in "thieving". LOL

  • kwallace577

    the "macain't remember how many houses i got" camp once again.....did not do their homework.

    or maybe they told him and his old alzheimers having azz forgot. he better be like kathy bates was in "the family that preys" and put a dayum note to himself in his mirror.

  • iyonah

    I am now convinced that Charles has lost his damn mind

    "elizabeth hasselback would be a good moderator."

  • mj

    This is only 1 of many things the McCain Insane camp doesn’t know. SHOCKER! I agree that she shouldn't moderate the debate only because of the big fuss over the book. But the facts are that anyone who sits down to moderate is for one or the other candidate anyway. It’s just that they are not writing a book. So another person can hold the debates and still be bias against one of the candidates. It’s inevitable...

  • missnee

    Sandra Charles(#2),

    Maybe you should remove your head out of your ass long enough to actually see what you typed.

    You want to have Gwen replaced with Elizabeth Hasselback? You complain about Gwen being partial to Obama but you suggest that Elizabeth would be a fair and balanced mod? Smoking some meth on your lunch break?

    And if you actually paid attention, this book is hardly anything to get your panties in a bunch over.

    Oh and....Where did Sandra get this confirmed story from? What station does Greta work for? I forgot.....hmmm.

    This is from Amazon about Gwens book..

    Product Description

    In THE BREAKTHROUGH, veteran journalist Gwen Ifill surveys the American political landscape, shedding new light on the impact of Barack Obama’s stunning presidential campaign and introducing the emerging young African American politicians forging a bold new path to political power.

    Ifill argues that the Black political structure formed during the Civil Rights movement is giving way to a generation of men and women who are the direct beneficiaries of the struggles of the 1960s. She offers incisive, detailed profiles of such prominent leaders as Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, and U.S. Congressman Artur Davis of Alabama, and also covers up-and-coming figures from across the nation. Drawing on interviews with power brokers like Senator Obama, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Vernon Jordan, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, and many others, as well as her own razor-sharp observations and analysis of such issues as generational conflict and the "black enough" conundrum, Ifill shows why this is a pivotal moment in American history.

    THE BREAKTHROUGH is a remarkable look at contemporary politics and an essential foundation for understanding the future of American democracy.

  • kwallace577

    @iyonah we been convinced about charles. we suspect he is on meds. which means his psychiatrist was convinced too....

    we made a pact last week after he went on a tangent about mzsuave being a closet alcoholic (she don't even drink...) on the queen latifah post that we are gonna ignore him.

    it is hard...but try mmmkay?

  • HunE916

    They should let ME moderate! :)

    Now, who thinks THAT would be a debate to watch!?

  • shunda

    I thought Charles had removed his white sheet and decided to play nice... guess not.. What does it matter if she is writing a book? Whoever moderates has to like one of the candidates unless they will not vote.

  • HunE916

    Moderator HunE-
    “Mrs. Palin, exactly what the f*ck were you talking about when you said you being able to see Russia from Alaska contributed to you foreign policy experience?”


    yeah white folks get mistrials all the time

    yata yata yata!!

  • iyonah


    thanks for the memo ;)


    is charles colored people?

  • candycane

    What exactly does a moderator do other than ask questions?

    Are the questions already chosen prior to the debate, if so who chooses? Or does the moderator just ask random questions that he/she chooses?

    I somewhat agree with the McCain camp, I see it like a referee liking one team better than the other. BUt is she going to be able to call fouls on McCain and let Obmama walk and double dribble without calling it? I dont get it.

    I've said before this is the first time I'm actually watching debates, speeches etc.

  • maema

    Well, the McCain camp may not have known about Ifill's book, but they should have. According to the Huffington Post, Ifill's book was public knowledge before both candidates agreed on a moderator:

    "If that's true, it just shows the McCain campaign's incompetence. The debate moderators were agreed to on August 6. Ifill's book was reported in the Associated Press two weeks earlier:"

  • kwallace577

    @14 i asked him was he of color so that is funny you said colored people!! LMAO. asked him if he was gay too.

    he responds but not to those two questions.

    so here is what we suspect: not only is he white but he is a card carrying member of the klan (somebody mentioned a "sheet"), he may be crazy as a bed bug and on meds, and he may be gay.

    and black people think WE have alot against us...

  • Mzsuave

    @KW...this method has worked best. We all just have to be on the same page in ignorning Notice on the Morning Glory post...he still calling me an alcoholic??? lol

  • goat76

    @HunE.........Hell yeah I'll watch, TIVO that hoe, record it on VCR, then bootleg that mutha for $17.50..........

  • mizzdallas

    They should have Ophrah as the moderator, I cant stand Mccain azz!

  • DivineBrown

    MzSuave...I peeped that but I didn't want to get anything started!!!

    He loves the attention...prolly wears leopard print and feather boas in public!

  • stefany

    now that its common knowledge she needs to be FIRED she needs to be FIRED she needs to be FIRED i think that elizabeth hasselback would be a good moderator.


  • karaz

    Did Gwen hide her book? No! Soo what the problem is? McCain's camp should have done their homework. In law ignorance is not a valid defense.

  • iyonah

    Response from Palin:
    The point that I wanted to emphasize was that I really have no idea about foreign anything and am just excited to be the WOMAN in the forefront for my party. I have been throught alot with my family over the years and my expierence in Alaska .....


    Co worker is talkign about Biden dropping out of race, did anyone else here this?? Due to illness?

  • teecee

    its a book about black elected politicians, not just obama. shoot give her five yrs and i might be in it. lol

  • kwallace577

    @mzsuave yeah i peeped that. my good homie here at work who really IS white and gay reads this. he said he has been reading the posts of charles and says he too suspects charles is white, gay, and a lil klan-ish. he is southern (tx) so he know klan when he see 'em.

    so there you have it.

  • DivineBrown

    KDub...there is no suspicion about Charles being gay.

    Just like Kym pointed out, He didn't post in today's morning wood!

    How you doin?

  • iyonah

    talking ... planning to announce, etc?

  • goat76

    Gwen Ifill kinda reminds me of the lady that played on "It's a Different World".........

  • Mzsuave

    @Iyonah...what?!! *looking that up*

  • stefany


  • iyonah

    these people two cubes away were talking about it ... going to look it up now too

  • Mzsuave

    @ Goat...Dawnn Lewis...who played in "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka" lol

  • goat76

    Thanks MzSuave........@Stefany it is on CNN website, but I don't think it is important........Did you see where McCain is selling one of his properties....A 13-bedroom Mansion.....Ballin!!!!

  • kwallace577

    @30 it is on cnn. it is true. i try to pat sandra on the back when she reports truth/but again this is their fault for just finding this out.

  • kwallace577

    me and goat were separated at birth i think. he always type what i type and vice versa.

  • HunE916

    They need to find a new moderator because all the McCain camp will do, once Palin falls flat on her face tomorrow night, is say that the moderator screwed her up and didn’t ask the questions in a retarded enough fashion so that she can understand.

  • goat76

    LOL @ retarded enough fashion

  • iyonah

    @ mzsuave I haven't found an article yet.

  • stefany

    Did you see where McCain is selling one of his properties….A 13-bedroom Mansion…..Ballin!!!!

    Yea I saw that like you said that's one of his homes when the average American is scraping by to make ends meet, but he can relate to the average person right?

  • Lala11_7

    First of all...

    It does not matter what political affliation that a moderator has...the only thing that matters is that BOTH candidates agree to that person...which BOTH candidates did...

    Ms. Ifill's political affliation has NEVER been a secret...this is just some b.s. tactics to try and blow smoke up the public's a$$ to deflect what's going to go down on Thursday...what has gone done in the past week...and what's GOING down in November...

  • stefany


    "I think that Gwen Ifill is a professional, and I think she will do a totally objective job because she is a highly-respected professional," McCain said.

    As I mentioned earlier, it’s been known that the book’s been in the works for a while, but has just gained traction now, primarily through conservative websites, cable news, and talk radio.

  • lovezoe

    Still does not change the fact that Palin has no business being VP. It is a shame that she gets the easiest questions, yet give the dumbest answers. Sandra, why not post the link to where Katie Couric asked Palin what papers she reads, and she could not come up with one single paper she reads. Post a link to where she could not name a Supreme Court decision other than Roe v. Wade. She wants to ban abortion except in the cases of the mother being in risk. If you are going to post politics, be fair and balanced. If not leave it to the people who are more qualified.

  • dblaq

    @ HunE - You exactly right. Maybe they want her to continue to moderate just in case it doesn't go their way, they can throw that in. Maybe they pull the race card? They need to replace her asap.

    @ stefany - Its probably just a publicty type deal so the general public can see that he is not doing well either because he has to sell one of his multi-million dollar mansion of out 15.

    I don't even see how this can even go on. Palin clearly showed that she is dumb ass dirt, I wonder if she is just there to suck off all the republicans. McCain showed how dumb he is. How can you go from our economy is strong one day to I will suspend my political campaign to save the economy and people still believe he know what the hell he is talking about. Come on. dude was in the in the very bottom of the barrell in his class, Palin was a sport journalism major the universtity of west bubble f**k. But yet they are qualified to run the entire country. Man, you gotta have a 3.0 GPA as a high school student to get a job serving Ice Cream at Jake's Ice Cream

  • Bird

    Oh PULEASE!! What is the big deal? I wish they would replace her already so these people can stop acting like the moderator has any other role outside of asking questions and making sure the candidate adhere to time limits. Just replace her. No biggie. Matter of fact, replace her with a Republican so that they can't later say the moderator gave Biden an unfair advantage. If I were her I would just step down rather than letting them turn this in to an issue.

  • Bird

    HunE916 Says:

    They should let ME moderate!

    Now, who thinks THAT would be a debate to watch!?
    Oh hell to the naw!!! You and Palin together? Debates are supposed to be dignified. We can't make it a complete complete comedy show. At least with Palin alone there will be some pity stopping the audience from bursting out in laughter.

  • missdisrection

    OH WELL! That doesn't have anything to do with Obama. If they want to replace her then go ahead but we need to keep it moving. Tomorrow can't get here quick enough for me.

  • w@d11

    You guys believe anything Sandra posts. Getting confirmations from the gretawire, should be evidence enough. That wire is from FAUX news channel people. You cannot believe anything reported on that racist news organization. Mccain himself, said its ok and has full confidence in the moderator. She was picked on Aug 6th to moderate the vp debate. Her book was disclosed 2 weeks prior to her pick. Both campaigns knew about the book. And its not a book based solely on Obama. Its about black politicians in the post civil rights era ,and how far they've come. POST THAT SANDRA. I know she may kick me out again, just like she blocked my emails. Its amazing how ignorant, big mouths, are so hypersensitive. As my mom always said, "IF YOU CANT STAND THE HEAT, STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE KITCHEN." LEAVE POLITICS ALONE SANDRA ROSE. YOU ARE GIVING BLACK BLOGGERS A BAD NAME. I know you're going to block this, but I know you read it.

  • w@d11

    She hasn't even written her chapter on Obama yet. And she said its going to be a small part. Sandra is ridiculous. POST Ifill's side instead of FAUX news spin on it.