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According to Hits Daily Double, T.I.'s Paper Trail will top the charts next week with an estimated 550K in first week sales:

It’s all about the Dirty South next week, as rap entrepreneur’s sixth release, the Grand Hustle/Atlantic album Paper Trail, will debut on top of the HITS sales chart with 550k next week, fueled by the #1 CHR/Rhythmic single, “Whatever You Like.”

That’s the word from retailers around the country who took time out in their busy day selling microwaves and big-screen TVs to provide one-day sales figures.

Arista/RMG Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson’s self-titled debut is on target for between 215-225k right now, but an appearance on Oprah tomorrow (10/2), even though she won’t be performing, could jack those numbers even higher. At any rate, it’s a lock for #2 on the heels of her Top 5 R&B single, “Spotlight.”

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  • stefany

    Oh Jesus! Another T.I. post!!!



  • Crys

    i wonder when someone from PROACTIV will take notice of T.I. and make him a spokesperson.......

  • Kymystry

    hahahahahaah @ stefany

    Well... I was one of the 215k folk who purchased JHud's CD ... and Me Likey .. Me Likey ...

    I didn't wanna give Tiny another Louie V or Christian Dior .. so Im not buyin T.I. .. she can have whateva she likes on His money .. not mine ... :-)

  • HunE916

    Being #1 is irrelevant when you’re not going up against any other big time artist.

    Wasn’t Trina #1 when her flop came out?

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/ERIKAMAGALY hermosa

    @ Kymystry

    You bad for that one. . .I'll a stylist so that Tiny don't come outta her house lookin like a damn clown.

    I didn't buy it, I dubbed it.

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/ERIKAMAGALY hermosa

    * I'll pay for a stylist

  • ladyrazor

    It doesnt even make a difference, his album is good. He has grown from his first album I'm Serious. If your not a fan and have not follow his work I dont expect you to be understanding. Trina is so not irrelevant to be in this equation when she has never really won a grammy..even though there is no major artist coming out at this time to challenge him he still would have sold a descent amout of numbers....T.I is sexy regardless...and Oh Yes Jesus is good!! No I'm not just a fan just because he looks good but because his music is good regardless if sexy or not.

  • Charles

    Of course, T.I s**Ts on every other rapper in the game , and tiny looks better than most of the females out there

  • dj_dceezy

    550k? If thats true... Congrats. Those are hella numbers. That "Whatever You Like" single was a beast

  • purepisces we go again. I might actually give him kudos if he beats Lil Wayne, ANYTHING to get people to stop calling him the greatest rapper alive cuz he sold so many records. However, again, I won't be contributing to Clifford's album sales.

  • HunE916

    The Grammy folks don't know sh!t about Hip Hop!

    Sir Mix-A-Lot won a grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance for ‘Baby Got Back’! Kill that Grammy noise!

  • Bird

    Good for both T.I. and Jennifer. People have options this week.

  • HunE916

    Jay-Z is a multiple Grammy winner, so I may have to take that back! ;)

  • bklynchick

    TI CD is the business. The best CD of the year. And he is fine. I will be downloading J Hud. Anybody heard ne-yo cd??

  • WeezysBaby

    And I dont think that he is going to out due Wayne but if he does much love to him.. even though I dont like the arrogant naked mole rat.

  • HunE916

    Naked mole rat?
    Please, let's save this one for John McCain.

  • milly

    I bought it its actually pretty good...considering I dont really listen to rap anymore

  • crystal

    I picked up 2. one for my sister. i actually like urban legend and T.I. vs Tip better. I think T.I. vs Tip did not get the props that it needed due to last years drama in October.

  • BayArea

    As I said before: TI's cd is FIRE. Get it in your life. Real talk!

    Can't wait to get off work, to bump it once again :)

  • jrzy_girl

    Whoopdy Doo. Next. I like TI, but c'mon he says the same damn thing on almost every album. getting money, trappin, hoes, the struggle, etc...he just has better beats and production on each album. We are excited why again??

  • ladyrazor

    arrogant naked mole rat?

    Ummm that is a little extreme considering Weezy is just as arrogant as T.I. I rather take a mole rat than that gremlin any day. I'm just saying.

  • ladyrazor

    Were excited because the nicca got talent and his new album is not the same. Lets be real if the nicca start rapping about shyt that's positive the nicca aint gone sale no records...And that's the truth. Niccas like Common stay on that positive tip but he doesnt sale as much as the average nicca rapping about what you call that getting money, trappin, hoes, the struggle, etc…music.

  • alove

    Gwen Ifill disclosed this info over a month ago to Howard Kurtz in an interview. This is an attempt once again for the Palin camp to divert attention from her lack of knowledge as it relates to politics and world issues.

  • jrzy_girl

    @ ladyrazor...

    I'm not knockin his hustle boo. U right talented artists like Common, Mos Def, Talib, get passed by while we glorify artists like TI. Same ole - Same ole on every album. Tell me something that was different on each?? Hmmmm

  • WeezysBaby

    @ladyrazor Says:

    No really have you ever met T.I.? Like seriously? I use to date his uncle and have met him on more than once occasion. Now before I dated his uncle and had the opportunity to met him I was a die hard fan for his music and supported him but once I met him and we were all at the Uptown Comedy club and I saw how he treated a fan, it just did something to me. But then I took in consideration ok well I know fans approach him all the time and there has to come a point where it can be annoying. But when it was done again for a second time it was just senseless.

  • ladyrazor

    @ jrzy_girl

    Well since you asked trying to be

    I'm Serious- This album was the best T.I album. He showed us the sensitive side in "I still aint forgave myself". He gave us that club banger "I'm Serious" or that laid back song you can ride too.."What's your name" ft. Pharell...

    Trap Muzik- Was more of trying to get people's attention. He still didn’t have that success yet. So there were a lot of singles that were radio friendly like: "Be easy", "Let's get away" which was my, "24's" and "rubber band man"...He had a little something for everybody. A song for the ladies, the streets or just your everyday driving songs...

    Urban Legend- Was that album. He gave you some of that "Motivation" which is classic because he was addressing some of the hater's while he was doing that time in jail and was just my favorite on the album..."you don’t know me", "ASAP" just to name a few...but most importantly this album was the first album that he had the most features from other artist.

    King- Wasn’t my favorite album. Its hard to continue to top yourself after having a big album like Urban Legend. This wasn’t a radio friendly album...Although "Live in the sky" ft. Jamie Fox was good.

    T.I vs. T.I.P- Was an ok album to me. I was feeling the singles he put out. I actually like "hurt" ft. Busta Rhymes and Alfamaga. But over all it was a little over the place..with the whole battling with himself and trying to change. Of course that's when that whole mess went down with them gun the album didn’t do so well..

    Paper Trail- Finally I feel like we are hearing a little of the old T.I and what made us fall for him from the start. This is the only album were I feel it was any where near I'm Serious album. I can listen to this CD from beginning to end. I can listen to a party record, I can get that hood music if I want that street rap from him, or that nasty if I wanna go there, or even a song relating to the ones that have passed on. Its a well rounded album.

    So listen I've been a fan since I was in the 10th grade. I actually listened to words not just the beat. I knew he was going to be something big. My husband till this day jokes about but what I'm saying is T.I is good at what he does. He falls but gets back up. I respect his hustle and him as an artist.

    @ WeezysBaby

    I may not know him personally. But I don’t have to and I don’t make that in my agenda to do so. I like what I hear and I enjoy his music. He makes quality music that I pretty much grew up on and its just my preference. We are entitled to our own opinion. I'm not saying everyone who makes a comment on a post that is his has to rep T.I all day. But trust when there is one person that doesn’t like him another one will soon hop on the T.I wagon. It happens its the music industry. Sorry he was really like that though. But until it happens to me then I’m sure my personal opinion about him will change.

  • WeezysBaby


    and that is fine if you don't know him personally and never have any plans of trying to do so. I was just stating the reason why I called him arrogant shug.

  • mizzdallas


    I bought Neyo cd it is solid it has bangers that can be potiental singles, overrall I like the cd its worth buying and I have never bought a Neyo cd. First time for somethings!!!

  • kwallace577

    heard him on russ parr a few minutes ago. he aiight i guess. i used to be a fan and for some reason i am not a big of fan as i used to be of his.

    maybe all of the roasting of tameka cottle i partake in on this blog just turned me off to him?

    idk. i'll download the songs i like i guess.

  • Krysi J

    I like Paper Trail...It doesn't top Urban Legend, but Its and upgrade still. His song with Rhi Rhi is the business! His lyrics are always on point, and of course his swag is lovely as usual. Wonder what Shawty Lo thinking now?

  • jrzy_girl

    ***yawn*** next like I said....

  • ladyrazor

    @ jrzy_girl

    Its your right so keep it pushin...

  • ladyrazor

    @ jrzy_girl

    You asked I answered sorry I couldnt make it "FESTIVE" for your liking. But oh well can't please everyone now can we.