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Rapper Tip "T.I." Harris was honored with the Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award presented by Rep. Debra Bazemore at the Capitol building in Atlanta this week.

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T.I. was joined at the ceremony by his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, and his sons, Messiah and Domani.

"Thank God for @rep.debrabazemore63 @ambassadorpeterson @joebiden @vp & everyone else who had a hand in making this possible," he wrote on Instagram.

"I'm Genuinely Grateful for these prestigious honors... & While I don't know exactly what they mean specifically... it sure feels good to have em."

He continued:

"In the grand scheme of things, we are only here on Earth in this life for a short period of time, and once we leave, people won't remember the clothes we wore or the things we have. We will only be remembered by what we meant to our family, our children and what we were able to do for others."

T.I. was honored for giving back through his Harris Community Works and For the Love of Our Fathers organizations. "Life is way too short to try to not make this world a better place," he said.

T.I. also received the Volunteers Achievement Lifetime Award presented by the Global International Alliance on behalf of President Joe Biden, honoring his 4,000+ hours of community service to the community.

Watch the video below.

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Rapper Tip "T.I." Harris apparently regrets voting for Joe Biden in 2020. The 41-year-old Atlanta native took to Instagram to warn his 14 million followers about Biden's new crime bill that provides $37 billion to fight crime.

White House via CNP/ MEGA/

T.I. accused the Biden administration of "attempting to recreate the [1994] crime bill," that incarcerated over 1 million Black males in the 1990s.

"We know what that means for Us!" he wrote, before urging his followers to "Please share this [with] everyone You know."

T.I. captioned the post, "Maaaaaan I'm convinced ain't none of em no good," referring to US presidents who are historically tough on violent crime mainly committed by minorities.

Biden's Safer America Plan is a series of executive orders that provides nearly $13 billion over the next five years to hire 100,000 police officers, bringing the total to 1 million cops in the United States.

An additional $3 billion will be allocated to help communities clear court backlogs, solve murders and arrest gang bangers and other violent criminals.

The plan will impose tougher penalties for drug trafficking and tackle organized retail theft from high end boutiques.

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Comedian Lil Duval suffered multiple injuries, including fractured ribs and a broken leg after he was hit by a car while riding an ATV in the Bahamas.

Duval, 45, grimaced in pain as medics lifted his gurney into an ambulance. His face, torso and extremities were bandaged.

The incident happened Tuesday night, according to Duval who shared the news with his fans on Instagram.

The Atlanta-based comic posted a video of himself strapped to a gurney while laying on his bloody shirt.

"Somebody hit me in they car while I was on my 4 wheeler," he captioned the video. "Now my leg broke and I gotta get flown over to nassau and have surgery."

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Sources say Duval's injuries are worse than he's letting on.

Duval's celebrity friends sent him prayers and get well wishes on Instagram.

Rapper Tip "T.I." Harris didn't hesitate to poke fun at his pal: "Maaaaaan I'm gon pray that you get well first. Then find it in yo heart to sitcho old ass down somewhere & rest big bro... Amen."

In addition to being a standup comedian, Lil Duval is an actor, rapper and singer.

He is best known for his 2018 rap single "Living My Best Life" featuring Snoop Dogg and Ball Greezy.

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Instagram + Twitter blogger Free (@Gotcitytea) is dropping hot tea about a snitch rapper in Atlanta.

She wrote: "A rapper is helping the Atlanta police department take down everyone because he don't like how Atlanta has turned out. It was supposed to be a place for blacks to thrive."

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Good guesses right off the top would be Chicago drill rapper Lil Durk or Atlanta rap mogul T.I. "Tip" Harris. Everyone already suspects them of being snitches.

The snitch rapper has to be a family man who is unhappy with the direction the city is going in.

Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Rapper Gucci Mane moved to Miami with his family just before the tidal wave of Chicago gangsters arrived in Atlanta.

Prince Williams/Wireimage

Rapper Future may not be your idea of a traditional family man, but he still has a gang of kids and he wants what's best for them.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Rapper Jeezy recently welcomed a daughter with his wife Jeannie Mai. He wants his wife to be able to walk the streets safely.

Then there's rap mogul Ludacris who has four daughters to worry about.

It's hard to say who the snitch rapper is.

Here are Twitter's top guesses (in no particular order):

1. T.I.
2. Jeezy
3. Killer Mike
4. Ludacris
5. Big Boi
6. Offset
7. Gucci Mane
8. Future Hendrix
9. Lil Baby
10. Lil Durk

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King Harris, the son of rapper Tip "T.I." Harris, filmed himself threatening to fight a restaurant worker for getting his food order wrong.

The viral incident occurred earlier this week at a Waffle House restaurant in Atlanta. In the footage, the 17-year-old discovered a pickle missing from his food order and went inside the restaurant to retrieve the pickle.

"I'm 'bout to go in here and J down," he said on Instagram Live. "They got me f**ked up. N***a think I won't jump across that table. Aight. Watch this."

When a polite Waffle House worker asked King to stop cursing inside the establishment, he barked back: "I can talk how the f**k I want to wherever I'm at. I'm on live, shawty. Stop talking to me."

"This ain't your f**king restaurant. Everything you make I can pull out my pocket right now I ain't tripping off you," he said, while waving a wad of cash at the camera.

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Another worker told his colleague to stop talking to the pint-sized aspiring rapper. King demanded to know his name then told him, "My name King. You know it and your mama know it." The 5-ft-2 King then invited the worker to step outside and fight him.

"And you still talking inside though. Why you inside?" King said, before going back inside to retrieve his food.

After examining his food for bodily fluids, King threatened to return when the employee got off work to fight him in the parking lot.

"Wait 'til I get back and see 'em out here late night," he yelled, before driving off with friends.

The incident surely embarrassed his mother, Xscape singer Tameka "Tiny" Harris.

The video went viral on the same day that proud dad Tip Harris congratulated his son on graduating from high school this week with honors.

"Shocked the sh*t outta me Celebration is definitely in order Twin did it!! @the_next_king10 Graduates tomorrow... WITH HONORS Say what you want about him... but can't say he ain't handle his business. #ProudPops. We might even [smoke] one together. Congratulations King. We love you,& We proud of you. Don't stop...Keep growing."



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Kevin Samuels' untimely death last week came as a shock to his fans and his enemies.

Samuels, 56, made a small fortune disparaging Black women in videos on his YouTube channel. Samuels died of an apparent cardiac arrest on the morning of Thursday, May 5.

Once Samuels' death was confirmed late Thursday, Black women took to social media to celebrate his passing.

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Fatherless men who uplifted Samuels as their hero and father figure lashed out at the women for celebrating online.

Rapper T.I. rushed to Samuels' defense, saying the relationship guru is being bullied in death.

In a video on Instagram, the aspiring comedian called Black women "Grouchy, miserable, despicable mutha------s."

"Y'all bullying a dead man basically," he said.

"You're ganging up on a dead man. Sh-t is... a travesty of justice. I can't stand it. I can't stand it. I ain't gon' let y'all bully this dead man. Let this man rest in peace. Whatever he did, he did it and he gone."

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T.I. says he is grateful that New Yorkers booed him during his first paid comedy gig in NY last weekend. "I loved every minute of it," he said.

The rapper-turned-comedian tells TMZ he isn't backing down from the pressure after a capacity crowd of 15,000 booed him at a comedy show in Brooklyn's Barclays Center. Instead, he is taking the boos as serious motivation to continue pursuing comedy as a midlife career change.
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TMZ caught up with T.I. at LAX Tuesday, and he said being booed was a learning experience for him, and he thinks the boos were an intended insult.

He said he's glad it happened, because now he's able to make adjustments to his material to turn the boos into laughter.

He said he received a standing ovation at his comedy set in Atlanta the next day, so he thinks it wasn't his material that flopped in NY. He believes it was the negative energy from some people in the NY crowd that accelerated the booing.

T.I. may be going through a midlife crisis at age 41 after conquering the rap music world and raising six children with his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, 46.

What is Midlife Crisis?

A midlife crisis occurs when some people (mostly men) transition to middle age and have difficulty letting go of their youth. Some men may believe their "best years" are behind them and they dress differently in an attempt to look younger than their stated age.

Midlife crisis generally occurs between the ages of 40 to 60. That's when men feel uneasy about growing older and believe they lack accomplishments in life.

Sometimes mental issues, like early onset Alzheimer's and dementia, are mistaken for a midlife crisis.

Signs and Symptoms of Midlife Crisis

  • Concerns over aging
  • Unhappiness and dissatisfaction in life
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Memory loss
  • Boredom with your relationship
  • Change in appearance to look youthful
  • Need for attention
  • Mood changes (anger, irritability, sadness)
  • Heightened sensitivity to criticism
  • Lack of interest in activities you used to enjoy
  • Decrease in sexual desire
  • Erectile dysfunction


How Long Does Midlife Crisis Last?

Midlife crisis lasts until you accept you are aging and begin to enjoy your twilight years.

This has been your Medical Minute.

Any medical information published on this blog is for your general information only and is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice. You should not take any action before consulting with your personal physician or a health care provider. and its affiliates cannot be held liable for any damages incurred by following information found on this blog.

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Comedian/promoter Rip Michaels explains why he took a risk by hiring aspiring comic Tip Harris for his first paid standup comedy gig at the Barclays Center.

The rapper was booed by the capacity crowd of 15,000 at Rip Michaels' April Fools Comedy Jam on Saturday, April 9.

Other comedians and rappers on the bill included Lil' Kim, Joe Torry, Ronnie Jordan, Jacob Williams, Michael Blackson, B. Simone, Tony Roberts, DeRay Davis and Moneybagg Yo.

T.I., who now goes by Tip, walked out onstage to a standing ovation from the crowd who helped make him a Grammy-winning rap artist.

Tip started out well, the crowd was initially receptive, but the cheers quickly turned to boos as Tip's delivery and timing were off.

After he left the stage, Rip Michaels chastised the crowd for booing the rap legend.

Michaels praised Tip for trying something different and asked DJ Envy to play one of rapper T.I.'s many hit songs, to which the crowd stood up, danced and cheered.

Rip Michaels explained why he is supporting Tip's journey into comedy when other established comedians have spoken out against it.

"Everyone, whether they are rich, poor, famous or not, deserves to follow their passions, but not everyone would have the courage to do what Tip is doing. I am proud to be the first person to hire Tip as a paid comedian," he said.

"I gave him the opportunity to test his skills in a sold-out stadium at my April Fools Comedy Jam at Barclays Center, knowing how tough the Brooklyn audience would be. I commend him for the way that he handled himself. Everyone gets booed. Welcome to the club, Tip! It was going to happen eventually."

Rip Michaels provided exclusive video of Tip's standup performance below.

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More videos have emerged of rapper Tip "T.I." Harris bombing during his standup comedy set at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn over the weekend.

T.I. responded to the crowd booing him in a chat with comedian Michael Blackson on Instagram Live.

The father of seven took up comedy at age 41 after a successful run as the self-professed "King of the South."

According to T.I., the Barclays audience wasn't booing him, per se. They were challenging him to do better. He believes they were urging him to do his best by booing him. "I dare you to be more funny, I dare you to be better," he said.

T.I. added that everybody wasn't booing, "It came from the right side. It was one white boy in the middle, and I told him, 'I'm not gonna accept that from you... It was the colonizer in the front trying to enter into the boos from the right side."

T.I. said when his set was over, the audience stood on their feet and applauded him. But Blackson wasn't convinced. "I didn't see that," Blackson said.

T.I. is not discouraged by the boos. He said he will use the same material in his standup routines going forward, and he will "read the crowd" a little better.

"I appreciate the opportunity to grow, I appreciate the opportunity to get better," he said.

Watch the videos below.

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Rapper Tip "T.I." Harris may be the King of the South, but he is struggling at his second career as a comedian.

T.I. bombed during a standup comedy gig in New York. A loyal reader sent in the video below of the 41-year-old rapper struggling during a comedy show in Brooklyn over the weekend.

The audience laughed - but they were laughing at T.I., rather than with him.

Then the boos began filtering through the crowd. Boos are usually the kiss of death for a comedian.

Being a comedian isn't easy. T.I. is proof that having heart and ambition aren't enough to make it in comedy. Comedians have to be funny and they also need a good delivery and timing.

M. Caulfield/WireImage

Steve Harvey's deadpan delivery made him an A-list star. He can joke about a laundry basket and the audience will roar with laughter. It's all in his delivery.

Watch the video below.

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Will Smith's assault on comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars has already spawned a copycat incident in Atlanta.

Smith single-handedly destroyed his career when he walked onstage and slapped comedian Chris Rock for joking about his wife.

Cell phone video uploaded to on Tuesday by @Glock_Topickz shows rapper Tip "T.I." Harris snatching a female comedienne's mic for joking about his sexual assault allegations.

The incident happened at Our Bar ATL on Edgewood Avenue in southwest Atlanta.

The comedienne, Lauren K, held her own when an outraged T.I. told her to "stop playing wit me!"

She reminded him that "this is my sh*t!" just before he snatched her mic out of her hand. Security guards surrounded them while they talked it out onstage.

Afterwards, Lauren K said the incident unfolded after the "No Mercy" rapper heckled her from the audience and told her to take her wig off. She responded, "I'll take my wig off, when you address those allegations."

T.I., who had his own mic, began yelling at Lauren to stop talking about the allegations that he sexually assaulted multiple women. No charges were ever brought against him.

The enraged rapper verbally abused the aspiring comedienne. At one point he called her a b*tch and ni**a," as boos rained down on him from the crowd.

The 41-year-old Grammy-winning rapper has embarked on a new career as an aspiring comedian. He routinely hones his new craft at comedy shows around Atlanta.

Watch the videos below.

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MoneyBagg Yo, one of the hottest rappers in the game, was honored by the Trap Music Museum and Tip "T.I." Harris as the 2021 "Trapper of the Year" on Thursday.

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The Trap Music Museum's annual accolade is awarded to the most productive rapper who's hustle shines through, who shows up and supports their community and contributes to the trap culture.

Atlanta native rapper Lil Baby was the recipient of the prestigious award in 2021. In celebration of this award, Atlanta's revered museum unveiled an exhibit in honor of MoneyBagg Yo with art curated by Geryn Harris, Javonte Lain and Rich Bizarre.

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Event-goers witnessed T.I., Krystal Garner & James Miller of the Trap Music Museum present the exhibit to the guest of honor, while also gifting him a custom diamond "Trapper of the Year" ring.

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Guests enjoyed sounds and vibes provided by Hot 107.9's DJ JahLion Sound, DJ Misses, Incognito and Party Boi Deuce.

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"MoneyBagg Yo has been one of the industry's most talented and consistent hit makers in the past year," said Tip "T.I." Harris. "MoneyBagg Yo has proven he is dedicated to his art, stands tall on his business and represents his city [of Memphis] well. Congratulations to Bagg and his entire team!"

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Notable guests in attendance include: MoneyBagg Yo, Tip "T.I." Harris, King "Kid Saiyan" Harris (pictured), OG Bobby Billions, Big Boss Vette, Kwanza Hall, Club Godzilla, Balla, TNT (producer), TK Kravitz, Translee, Tee (Exclusive Game), Nuface, Wifey Baby, Talamesha, Malachi, Josh King, Kodaq (iHeart radio), Rachael O'Neil, Joy Buchana, CaSandra Diggs (CFDA), and more.

Guests can now view the exclusive exhibit at the Trap Music Museum. Purchase tickets HERE.

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Tip "T.I." Harris (left) appeared to settle his differences with comedian Godfrey, who suggested the rapper should keep his day job after hearing his comedy routine.

Aspiring comedian T.I. ruffled a few feathers by asking veteran comedians to let him follow their headlining sets rather than open for them.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Apparently, T.I. doesn't think a superstar should have to follow anyone's act.

Several comedians took offense to the rapper bogarting their headlining sets. But only one comedian - Godfrey - spoke out publicly.

T.I. was outraged after Godfrey said he didn't take the rapper seriously as a comedian.

As the controversy escalated on social media, Nick Cannon, who hired Godfrey as a writer for his talk show, offered to arrange a meeting between T.I. and Godfrey to clear the air.

Photo may have been deleted

Instagram, YouTube

T.I. went straight for Godfrey's jugular when the two finally did hook up via live-stream.

"If you don't like it, come get me off stage then, if that's how you feel. Or let the crowd boo me off stage," the outraged rapper told Godfrey.

He added:

"I don't give a f*** how long you been doing it. I don't give a f*** what you gotdamn had to go through that I don't got to go through. That's yo' problem!"

In a later discussion, T.I. had a change of heart. A much calmer T.I. said:

"It's important for us to have this conversation publicly because it's a public matter. And it's important for the world to see Black men resolve our issues amicably."

He went on to say that his foray into comedy was simply a hand up to comedians who have been struggling to make it big.

T.I. suggested that there isn't enough money in comedy for him to take it seriously. He said that he's only helping comedians and not trying to eat off their plates.

Watch the video below.

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Instagram, YouTube

Tip "T.I." Harris is apparently experiencing a midlife crisis. The Grammy Award-winning platinum rapper decided to try his hand as a stand-up comedian at age 41.

But his midlife career change as a comedian is not getting the support from other comedians who worked hard to achieve their success.

In fact, some veteran comedians are insulted that T.I. is doing stand-up comedy.

Veteran comedian Godrey spoke out disapprovingly after T.I. showed up at his comedy gig in Atlanta and asked to follow his headlining set. Godfrey said he didn't take the rapper seriously as a comedian.

"As a headliner, no one is supposed to go up after you. You're not a comedian to me," Godfrey said in a recent podcast.

Godfrey suggested that T.I. was using his clout to perform at popular comedy shows with no comedy experience.

Godfrey advised T.I. to work his way up by performing at open mic nights. He said that a comedian wouldn't show up at a rap concert asking to go on after the headliner.

Godfrey's criticism cut T.I. deeply.

In a video posted on his Instagram account, T.I. claimed he was invited to the comedy club by the owners, and he called Godfrey a dry hater.

Question: Should T.I. keep his day job?

Watch the video below.

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Rapper Tip "T.I." Harris debuted his stand-up comedy act at a comedy club in Atlanta recently. Cell phone video of T.I.'s comedy set surfaced online.

The father-of-seven cracked jokes about cheating men, smoking weed, and men with physical shortcomings.

T.I.'s wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris was in the audience and recorded her husband's set on her cellphone.

The crowd chuckled at his jokes and seemed to be entertaining by the King of the South.

It isn't clear if T.I. is considering shelving his rap career to go on a comedy tour.

He previously tried his hand at acting in ATL, Takers, American Gangster, and a reoccurring role in Marvel's first two Ant-Man films.

Question: Should T.I. keep his day job?

Watch his set below.