Young Dro drops Day 2 mixtape

Grand Hustle rap artist Young Dro makes no excuses for his potty mouth. In an interview, Dro says listeners can expect "a lot of pr0n, drugs" and graphic sexual innuendos on his new mixtape titled Day 2, dropping June 17.

Dro says Day 2 will contain hardcore scenes taken from his life, as well as emotional ballads for the ladies. "You might want to cry off a couple of songs too," he says.

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From Atlantic Records PR Guru Sydney Margetson:

Hey Sandra,

How are you? I just came across this pic you posted of Larry King carrying a "vintage LV bag." It's actually an AKOO bag that Tip gave to Larry as a gift after his interview on the show on Thursday. Within the bag he also gave him an AKOO sweater and a pair of jeans.

According to Hits Daily Double, T.I.'s Paper Trail will top the charts next week with an estimated 550K in first week sales:

It’s all about the Dirty South next week, as rap entrepreneur’s sixth release, the Grand Hustle/Atlantic album Paper Trail, will debut on top of the HITS sales chart with 550k next week, fueled by the #1 CHR/Rhythmic single, “Whatever You Like.”

That’s the word from retailers around the country who took time out in their busy day selling microwaves and big-screen TVs to provide one-day sales figures.

Arista/RMG Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson’s self-titled debut is on target for between 215-225k right now, but an appearance on Oprah tomorrow (10/2), even though she won’t be performing, could jack those numbers even higher. At any rate, it’s a lock for #2 on the heels of her Top 5 R&B single, “Spotlight.”

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[EDITED, 5:54 PM:
Unfortunately, Candi Apple lives out of state and won't be able to attend the events in Atlanta. So the alternate winner is Ckarinwhite!

Congratulations to Ckarinwhite for your sincere comment in the thread about the happy couple who planned their wedding in their own unique way.

Here is Ckarinwhite's winning comment:

ckarinwhite Says: Says:

I am so excited that you guys have finally decided to build a perfect union together. I know the journey was often rocky, but you guys hung in there. This is the type of love that I imagine one day for myself.

Thank you for sharing your wedding pictures with the Sandra Rose family. In the first two pictures, I love how your wedding coordinator blended the flowers with your husband's ensemble. Your daughter looks as lovely as you do, and I know soon, she will find a husband as great as her dad. Also, it appears that you had a large wedding party. I cannot wait to see the honeymoon pictures, please share with us, when you get them developed.

Remember that marriage is the blending of two lives together in love.

God Bless

Ckarinwhite, you and a guest will be treated to dinner at an upscale restaurant on Saturday, September 27th, courtesy of Grand Hustle!

Later that evening, you and your guest will attend Tip Harris' star-studded private birthday party at an undisclosed location!

You will be contacted by email shortly with the location and specifics.

Congrats again, and don't forget to pick up T.I.'s new album Paper Trail in stores on September 30th! :)

Special thanks to T.I. and the Grand Hustle Family!

Detroit based Rashad Morgan A.K.A. Ray Ray is a multi-talented artist being phenomenal singer, songwriter and producer. He writes and co writes all of his own material accompanies himself with his studio wizardry and sings as if his very soul depended on it. Ray Rays first single from his debut album Rashad Morgan People Call Me Ray Ray, Just Lay impacted local radio in early April, creating a buzz for him that had him showcasing his talent at various key events through out Detroit with crowds that have been very receptive. Since then he has followed up with his 2nd single What They Wanna Hear sending his buzz to a new high. The debut project Rashad Morgan People Call Me Ray Ray will feature guest appearances by Shady Recording Artist Obie Trice, Sho Nuff Recording Artist Tone Tone and SickNotes Entertainments artists lock and MaeDay and will prove to be a credible display of his musical expertise. Ray Ray is being backed by the multi-platinum producers SickNotes who are behind the hit single for Eminem / D-12 How Come (D12 world), and have also produced songs for the debut projects of Bizzare (Handicap Circus) and Proof (Searching for Andy Garcia). Combined Ray Rays soulful sound and SickNotes passion for creating great music, has led them to resurrect the Motown Sound. (Source)

Grand Hustle rapper Young Dro, whom I consider to be a very handsome and charming young man who is always nice to me when he sees me out - may not have 3 women on the side as I earlier reported. He may only have two now that Shavon has taken herself out of the lineup. I can't tell you how many friends she has enlisted to email me on her behalf.

Today I received an email from my friend Jay Reid of Bad Boy South. In his email was a message from Shavon which I posted after the break.
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Would it be messy of me if I posted these pics of Dro's other woman knowing that Fantasia reads my blog? Oops, maybe I should have asked first. Well, don't blame me because my readers are all up in these celebrity's business!

According to my loyal reader Jasmine, Dro and Shavon, a single mother of one who works at Hooters, have been dating for over a year now. In fact, Shavon is still in his top ten friends on his Myspace page. Hooters certainly has its benefits! My loyal reader wanted me to know that Dro is an equal opportunity brother who dates light skinned and dark skinned sistas. But we already knew that. :)

Photos courtesy of Nekita

Thanks to loyal reader Nekita for these pics of Fantasia and Dro at Club Blackties in Raleigh, NC. According to Nekita, Fanty was Dro's "special guest" joining him onstage although she didn't perform.

Nekita said: Now, they could just be friends but they were looking real extra cozy to everyone. And why would she be there anyway as his special guest because she didn't perform. I honestly believe they are a couple.

My regular readers know that I strive to maintain credibility on my site. If I write an erroneous story I will make a retraction. Last week I wrote that Fantasia Barrino's brother Ricco Barrino was signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle. But according to Ricco's publicist that information is incorrect. But Ricco does write songs for Grand Hustle artists. As you know, Ricco will make his star turn on American Idol this season.

Speaking of Fanty, she drove the kids crazy in Decatur over the weekend as she performed for not one, but two gay clubs. I hear she walked away with a cool $28,000 for performing every title in her catalog. They say she had to be pulled off the stage at 2:30 am Saturday night so she could go sing Happy Birthday to her alleged boyfriend Young Dro at Club Crucial.

If the rumors are true about Fanty and Young Dro, that would bring the total list of women that he's seeing on the side to three - including his baby mama.

Read the publicist's email after the break.
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Earlier I told you that American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino's brother would appear on the same show that made his sister a household name. But hold on, who knew Ricco Barrino was signed to Grand Hustle to write hits for T.I.'s roster of talent including Young Dro and Alfamega.

We've all heard rumors that artists were jumping ship from Grand Hustle now that the King of the South was on house arrest and facing serious time. But it looks like T.I.'s label isn't going under after all. Ricco already had a regional hit with his ladies anthem "Bubble Gum". Barrino alongside Grand Hustle producer Keith Mack, has a few more hits up their sleeves for Grand Hustle.

Which begs the question: isn't American Idol supposed to be all about finding unsigned talent?

Thanks to loyal reader Tangela for tip!