[EDITED, 5:54 PM:
Unfortunately, Candi Apple lives out of state and won’t be able to attend the events in Atlanta. So the alternate winner is Ckarinwhite!

Congratulations to Ckarinwhite for your sincere comment in the thread about the happy couple who planned their wedding in their own unique way.

Here is Ckarinwhite’s winning comment:

ckarinwhite Says: Says:

I am so excited that you guys have finally decided to build a perfect union together. I know the journey was often rocky, but you guys hung in there. This is the type of love that I imagine one day for myself.

Thank you for sharing your wedding pictures with the Sandra Rose family. In the first two pictures, I love how your wedding coordinator blended the flowers with your husband’s ensemble. Your daughter looks as lovely as you do, and I know soon, she will find a husband as great as her dad. Also, it appears that you had a large wedding party. I cannot wait to see the honeymoon pictures, please share with us, when you get them developed.

Remember that marriage is the blending of two lives together in love.

God Bless

Ckarinwhite, you and a guest will be treated to dinner at an upscale restaurant on Saturday, September 27th, courtesy of Grand Hustle!

Later that evening, you and your guest will attend Tip Harris’ star-studded private birthday party at an undisclosed location!

You will be contacted by email shortly with the location and specifics.

Congrats again, and don’t forget to pick up T.I.’s new album Paper Trail in stores on September 30th! :)

Special thanks to T.I. and the Grand Hustle Family!