Detroit based Rashad Morgan A.K.A. Ray Ray is a multi-talented artist being phenomenal singer, songwriter and producer. He writes and co writes all of his own material accompanies himself with his studio wizardry and sings as if his very soul depended on it. Ray Rays first single from his debut album Rashad Morgan People Call Me Ray Ray, Just Lay impacted local radio in early April, creating a buzz for him that had him showcasing his talent at various key events through out Detroit with crowds that have been very receptive. Since then he has followed up with his 2nd single What They Wanna Hear sending his buzz to a new high. The debut project Rashad Morgan People Call Me Ray Ray will feature guest appearances by Shady Recording Artist Obie Trice, Sho Nuff Recording Artist Tone Tone and SickNotes Entertainments artists lock and MaeDay and will prove to be a credible display of his musical expertise. Ray Ray is being backed by the multi-platinum producers SickNotes who are behind the hit single for Eminem / D-12 How Come (D12 world), and have also produced songs for the debut projects of Bizzare (Handicap Circus) and Proof (Searching for Andy Garcia). Combined Ray Rays soulful sound and SickNotes passion for creating great music, has led them to resurrect the Motown Sound. (Source)