Cardi B dropped her new single “Press” in which she rants about too much press coverage of her ratchet behavior.

She also complains about jealousy and envy from other women who are pressed (mad) because she’s a real b*tch.

    B*tches be pressed (Pressed)
    They knew how I’m coming, real b*tch in the flesh (Woo)
    Who the f*ck she gon’ check? (Who?)
    She be talking that sh*t, talkin’ out of her neck (Brrr)
    Put blood on her dress (Woo)
    B*tches be mad when they see Cardi step in the spot


The track is more of the generic trash that we’ve come to expect from The Bronx rapper. She will never show growth in her music career. Soon, there will be another Latina hottie to replace her.

Cardi B – Press

SR rated: 1/5 roses



Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images