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My regular readers know that I strive to maintain credibility on my site. If I write an erroneous story I will make a retraction. Last week I wrote that Fantasia Barrino's brother Ricco Barrino was signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle. But according to Ricco's publicist that information is incorrect. But Ricco does write songs for Grand Hustle artists. As you know, Ricco will make his star turn on American Idol this season.

Speaking of Fanty, she drove the kids crazy in Decatur over the weekend as she performed for not one, but two gay clubs. I hear she walked away with a cool $28,000 for performing every title in her catalog. They say she had to be pulled off the stage at 2:30 am Saturday night so she could go sing Happy Birthday to her alleged boyfriend Young Dro at Club Crucial.

If the rumors are true about Fanty and Young Dro, that would bring the total list of women that he's seeing on the side to three - including his baby mama.

Read the publicist's email after the break.

Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008
From: Linda Luna
Subject: Ricco Barrino

Hello Sandra,

My name is Linda Luna and I am the publicist for Ricco Barrino. I am aware
of your recent blogging regarding my client. I understand you are receiving
tips from your loyal readers, however; your statements about Ricco in
today's blog are not facts. I would like to make it clear that Ricco is not
signed to Grand Hustle, but is working with several of Grand Hustle artists
on the songwriting and vocal side. Ricco also inked a recent publishing deal
with EMI and is currently working with a variety of renowned as well
as newly signed artists. We do not want to give the public the impression
that Ricco is signed since he is currently considering record deal
opportunities for himself. With that said, I respectfully request that you
remove or correct your latest blogging.

On behalf of Ricco, he thanks you for the interest and support in his latest

If you have any questions and/or concerns as well as any future inquiries,
please feel free to contact me anytime.


Linda Luna
LunaChic PR


    i told yall last week that he wasn't EXCLUSIVE to Grand Hustle...and that he writes for others too. but oh's best that the publicist says it and it's believed than me. and Sandra you can't spread rumors about Dro and Fantasia unless you know what you're talking about. Yes he is a rapper and they are known to play the field even while dating another...but without proof words are just...words! You know you get stuff wrong OFTEN with all your opinions and false "sources" so don't start nothin' you can't back up...

  • milly


  • mina

    I live in the dec and didn't even know there were gays clubs here lol.

  • Prissydiva71

    Shame on me, never heard of him. However, I am not into the rap scene.

  • Music999

    Sandra what you mean Dro is Fantasia's "alleged boyfriend"?
    Dor was all over V-103 on Saturday talking about his birthday party and how Fantasia was his "baby"
    I don't know about these side chicks but it sounds like Fantasia is the main chick

  • 2thick4u

    I knew that this was a joke...Sandra did your source give you this information:)?!!!

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    Damn Sandra, you cold....Ice Cold.

    You have something negative to say about everything except sh*t that counts! Did you sell your soul to the devil for more hits on this blog?

  • Journey

    well word has it as a source close to the Barrinos' that Ricco recieved a very major call!!!
    Wonder from who and what's going on with the deal???

    That lady Linda is not his Publicist. I looked it up and the guy has no team in place as of yet. Maybe Linda is trying to create a place in history for herself!

    Everyone knows the Barrinos' all of them can sing and they all are gonna be SUPERSTARZ!!!

    Sorry to type so much Sandra

  • Journey

    I know ya'll say he's not signed but last night he did a video for his song I'm Rich in Greensboro NC @ the N Club and Grand Hustle was in the building!
    What is all this about???? Something is going on with him and Grand Hustle more than just friends cause the A is 4 hours away!!!!