Grand Hustle rapper Young Dro, whom I consider to be a very handsome and charming young man who is always nice to me when he sees me out – may not have 3 women on the side as I earlier reported. He may only have two now that Shavon has taken herself out of the lineup. I can’t tell you how many friends she has enlisted to email me on her behalf.

Today I received an email from my friend Jay Reid of Bad Boy South. In his email was a message from Shavon which I posted after the break.

First and foremost, Shavon is most upset that I wrote that she was a single mother of one. But there are photos of her with a young girl in her Myspace gallery whom she refers to as her daughter in the captions. If I am wrong in assuming that the child is hers (based on what the captions say) then I humbly apologize. At least give me credit for not posting the pics of you and the beautiful little girl.

Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008
Subject: [No Subject]

Hey Sandra! This is Jay Reid. A young lady was introduced to me and somehow knew of our affiliation over the years and asked me if I could forward this to you. How is everything else with you? Fine I am sure, keep keeping the streetz buzzing!

Hey Sandra,
I’d like to Thank You for posting me on your website.
Unfortunately your source isn’t very reliable when they are giving you
inaccurate information. Hasn’t it been mentioned that Young Dro
is dating Fantasia? Why would I want to be ANY man’s # 2? I’m a senior in
college working at Hooter’s to pay for an education. Sorry Jasmine….. I
don’t have any children. I have alot of things going on for myself
this year. Maybe there will be something about me worth posting on your
site very soon. So look out for me!!

Respectfully Yours,