Monica Brown and Angela Yee attend Streetzfest 2015 in Atlanta

The new independent black-owned and operated 94.5 Streetz radio station held its 1st annual Streetzfest on Saturday in the A.

Performers included Monica Brown (pictured above with on-air personality Angela Yee), Meek Mill, Plies, Yo Gotti, Kevin Gates, Rich Homie Quan, Young Dro, Dolph, Cap-1, Travis Porter, and Dolph among others. Also spotted backstage were family man Lil Scrappy, music exec Michael Kyser (the one who once dated Necole Bitchie), Instagram star L'il Terio, musicians A-town, radio personalities Brook Lynn Carter, Angela Yee, Sarah Vivan, Jazzie McBee and more.

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Young Dro drops Day 2 mixtape

Grand Hustle rap artist Young Dro makes no excuses for his potty mouth. In an interview, Dro says listeners can expect "a lot of pr0n, drugs" and graphic sexual innuendos on his new mixtape titled Day 2, dropping June 17.

Dro says Day 2 will contain hardcore scenes taken from his life, as well as emotional ballads for the ladies. "You might want to cry off a couple of songs too," he says.

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Fantasia and her BFF rapper Young Dro showed up together at a Grammy Lounge event. Fanny probably thought she was safe from bloggers like at such a highbrow event. Unfortunately for Fanny, bloggers are everywhere.

Check out what had to say about our girl Fantasia's unique sense of style (girl, they don't understand):

It looks like Fantasia went out and got herself the KFed cut with a splash of bleach. Don't laugh. This is going to be the shit. Posh will get it, then Rihanna and then everyone else. She probably only bleached one side, because her eyes were slowly being burned. I have brown hair and I tried to go blonde once and I swear I almost died. It was like the devil's breath was breathing on my head. Awful. Fanny must have been grabbing hard on that vagina piercing to ease the pain.Here's Fantasia at a Grammy lounge today with Young Dro. This is probably one of the only times vendors didn't want a celebrity to pose with their schwag. They were like, "Oh Fantasia, it's ok! Just take the shit. As much as you want. We don't need a picture. The camera is broke. Just go. Take it. We'll get you next time." (Source)

Thanks to loyal reader Brynn for the tip!

Grand Hustle rapper Young Dro, whom I consider to be a very handsome and charming young man who is always nice to me when he sees me out - may not have 3 women on the side as I earlier reported. He may only have two now that Shavon has taken herself out of the lineup. I can't tell you how many friends she has enlisted to email me on her behalf.

Today I received an email from my friend Jay Reid of Bad Boy South. In his email was a message from Shavon which I posted after the break.
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Would it be messy of me if I posted these pics of Dro's other woman knowing that Fantasia reads my blog? Oops, maybe I should have asked first. Well, don't blame me because my readers are all up in these celebrity's business!

According to my loyal reader Jasmine, Dro and Shavon, a single mother of one who works at Hooters, have been dating for over a year now. In fact, Shavon is still in his top ten friends on his Myspace page. Hooters certainly has its benefits! My loyal reader wanted me to know that Dro is an equal opportunity brother who dates light skinned and dark skinned sistas. But we already knew that. :)

Photos courtesy of Nekita

Thanks to loyal reader Nekita for these pics of Fantasia and Dro at Club Blackties in Raleigh, NC. According to Nekita, Fanty was Dro's "special guest" joining him onstage although she didn't perform.

Nekita said: Now, they could just be friends but they were looking real extra cozy to everyone. And why would she be there anyway as his special guest because she didn't perform. I honestly believe they are a couple.