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Photos courtesy of Nekita

Thanks to loyal reader Nekita for these pics of Fantasia and Dro at Club Blackties in Raleigh, NC. According to Nekita, Fanty was Dro's "special guest" joining him onstage although she didn't perform.

Nekita said: Now, they could just be friends but they were looking real extra cozy to everyone. And why would she be there anyway as his special guest because she didn't perform. I honestly believe they are a couple.

  • 2thick4u

    Aww...they look cute together:)!!!!

  • kay kay

    look at their mouths in that last pic ewww


    @kay are so funny!!

    Fantasia and family (Ricco and Joe her brothers) are from NC i believe. and...they (Fantasia and Dro) ARE a couple. LOL!

  • J Gats Juice

    they actually look good together... its like they complement each other.... i'm happy for em

  • Smokie

    I think they look good together. I can see them as a couple.

  • no12blame

    Co-sign with J Gats Juice

  • IDT

    I guess Fantasia isnt preggo after all!

  • ReadTheBlog

    I don't know why I expected more from someone who would put a song out about some BABYMAMA...if she's happy :-)

  • milly

    I agree they look good together...I just wish they wouldve closed their mouths on the last pic, they look a little crazy.

  • kita

    They really seemed to have enjoyed themselves that night also.

  • shhhh

    I just don't feel that Dro is with her for the right reasons. I think if it wasn't for the fact that Tasia is paid the way she is that Dro wouldn't even be with her. Not saying Fantasia doesn't look good... she does... not saying that. But Dro seems like the type that likes the light skinned, long hair, banging body types. Like the girl Sandra posted up as his girlfriend a few months ago. You don't go from liking them types to Fantasia just on GP. There's a trick to it.

    I know Dro may have money too, but he ain't got no Fantasia money and that's for damn sure.

  • J Gats Juice

    i dont know, shhh... she may have that "let me hold u down" attitude. Not too many light skinned chicks have that kinda heart. I'm not one of em, but then again, I'm a rare breed. lol

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    Its a possibility that Dro may have fell for Fantasia, when he got to know who she really was minus the fame and money. I mean, its not like he couldn't pull another female with money, I hope after what Fantasia has gon' through she is not that gullable, and I also hope that after what God has blessed Young Dro with, be it more than he imagined or just enough, he shouldn't be that trifling. I think they look good together too! Black love is beautiful.

  • aqtpie

    LOL @ Kay Kay, they do look cute together though.

  • Music999

    I don't understand why people are still wondering if them 2 are together, they been a couple for a while now. Young Dro was just on the radio last week talking about his "baby"

    For those saying Dro went from light skinned with long hair to Fantasia, Fantasia might have lowered her standers for Dro too.
    Hell she was with Michael Clayton for a good little while and that man is fine as hell and has more money than Dro will ever see in his life.

  • kita

    Black Love Is a Beautiful Thing!!

  • KittyHummerKitty

    Awww... they make a very beautiful couple!

  • atownquarter07

    Aww Im happy for them both! And to everybody that has the misconception that Dro has only dated "light skinned women with bangin bodies" thats not true... For a long time he dated this girl named Shavon who works at Hooters in downtown ATL. She is in his top friends on Myspace, She's dark skinned.

  • atownquarter07
  • Vixen

    They seem like they would work good together...i like Fanny and Dro anyway

  • NaturalFromHead2Toe

    Fantasia had a perfomance (a mini concert) at a Lesbian club on Saturday night. That might explain why she was here in the A.

  • ms.peaches

    Fantasia got a mean ass hair cut I like it on her!!Someone said that the 2 of them compliment each other, that may be true but 2 me they look like your average couple from the hood & thats not a bad thing, they just look like the couple you hang out with on the weekends or go over there house to play spades & have a few drinks with or something!!(lol) I love it, if it's real I hope it last!!

  • 2bme

    that is one ghetto fabulous looking couple..they look PERFECT together

  • Ms.Tia

    fantasias hair is pretty in those pics.....and they kinda do compliment each other,like someone else said they look like a couple u chill wit in tha hood,.....thats wassup i guess,as long as she happy and he aint playin her...i hope he doesnt end up hurting her,if they are indeed a couple.

  • ggouch

    Fantasia has beautiful full lips. There are times when the photographer just captures them turned in the wrong direction. Not being funny. Am I the only one who is turned off by Fantasia being compared to random "LIGHT-SKINNED, W/LONG HAIR" women. And the comments that it is her alleged money keeping him and not simply her beautiful dark-skinned, short haired self!!...STOP the INTRA-HATING People!!! We have come further than that....right?