• bklynsjm123

    Errr uhhh. Congrats I almost forgot about Tank. Cute baby though.

  • Prissydiva71

    Congrats Tank. Cute baby!

  • Sharonda

    Cute baby.


    Awwww.......She is beautiful.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    Tank has a GF?...hmm who would have guessed..Congrats on a beautiful babygirl

  • claire


  • fyrestarrter

    Aww she is a lil cutie. & Tank is sexy as hell, oh well have to scratch him off my list!!!

  • brinabelle

    um yeah, i sooo had to google this bcuz i thought this was another one of your stories like Rihanna @ her prom(smh)..who knew tank had a girlfriend?..i've never seen the girl before, but she is pretty..Congrats to them

  • http://www.myspace.com/rockinlocs NaturalFromHead2Toe

    I thought he was with Robin Givens.

  • fyrestarrter

    @NaturalFromHead2Toe, Robin Givens does NOT date Brothas. Mike Tyson was the last & after him, can you BLAME her lol? But for real I love some Robin though!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    ^^neither does Tank(black women) google Zena..he and Jamie Foxx have a lot more in common than their love for music..if they aren't white they will be mixed with something trust

  • fyrestarrter

    @2bme, oh please believe I figured out a LONG time ago that this Black Men & Black Women being loyal to each other schitt should have gone out the window (at least from the perspective of the Black Woman) a LONG TIME ago lol!! But I will say she is a Beautiful Woman, & unfortunately with way my taste run I can't knock Tank or Jamie Foxx for whom they like to date.

  • buttercup24

    The baby is beautiful, hopefully her daddy can get some recognition for his singing came sometime soon.

    As far as the race thing, I was just talking about that. I'm not trying to knock anyone for their taste but I find Black men hilarious. I was looking at Baby Bash's video for Suga Suga (no comment lol) there wasn't one black woman in it! All the women were spanish.

    Then I turn on BET and all the women are spanish. Let me be fair they are some black women with hair weaves all the way down to their behinds. I just find that funny that other races love to show off their women but black men have a problem with that.

    Anyway Tank's baby is precious.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    I saw Tank turn down a drop dead gorgeous sista..skin flawless..beautiful and chocolate..would NOT look at her..but when Becky came by, broke his neck....and this wasn't a dime this was an anything white chick..i lost all respect for him after that..Now read this carefully, I don't care about interracial relationships as long as you are being colorblind..but to blatantly disresepect your own for anything but..I can't ride with that..but again congrats on the baby..i'll stop here i'm not trying to blow this out of proportion it isn't my intent..future apologies everyone

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    Cute baby!

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    Ooo and as far as his prefrence in women, I really dont care, I think everyone should date or be with whom ever they chose, and thats just my personal opinion.

  • http://stylerazzi.blogspot.com stylerazzi

    I don't know about his preference but I do remember him saying on Wendy Williams that he dated Robin Givens. They were "supposedly" in love. They were speaking about this when Robin was filming Wendy's movie. I even think O1lt.com had posted the interviews a loooonnnnnggggg time ago. I can also rememver listening to Wendy Williams and some chick called in from the Carolinas saying Tank had gotten one of their mid-day radio personalities pergnant, but that was never confirmed nor denied. This was all within the past year so he had to have been dating Robin at some point when the new girl got preggers!!!!

    Either way, congrats to him and his girlfriend. That baby is absolutely beautiful!!!!!! :-)

  • ReadTheBlog

    Beautiful little girl...almost as cute as my daughter :-)

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    Damn...he did state that he was with Robin Givens. I guess that shit was a fling while her girl was pregnant.

    Cute baby:)!!!

  • licia

    congrats to them on their new baby. she's adorable.

  • kay kay

    cute baby but doesn't look like a newborn must be the other chick lol

  • http://www.beautyinbaltimore.blogspot.com BEAUTYINBALTIMORE

    Cute baby, but can he give her a ring.

  • http://yahoo.com Dr. 90210

    I guess we now know that his latest single was for Robin (please don't go). The baby is beautiful.

    To believe in one's dreams is to spend all of one's life asleep - Author: Chinese Proverb

  • tianaw22

    Tank likes black women. He has 2 daughters by a black woman., Not mixed or anything. Maybe the girl was drop dead gorgeous to u(2bme) but not too him. Give him a break already. I love his beautiful voice, who cares what color he prefers. Maybe he wanted a groupie to do what us sisters won't.LMAO!!!!

  • aqtpie

    That is a beautiful baby. As far as interracial dating, I personally wouldn't do it but, my step-sister is white, to each his own.

  • shanie

    In defense of Tank yes he does like Black Women. It's so funny how we critize individuals based off of these blog sites and what the media says. I see this man quite often and to be honest he is a very humbled man. To see him out of chracter would be a shock for me. I can say this the woman that he has his other children with is black. The only thing that matters at this point is there was another child of GOD brought into this world and regardless of who he had the baby with whether a white or black woman she is here now lets give the man some respect and either congratulate him on his new bundle of joy or leave well enough alone and not say anything at all.

  • shakura7

    Aah look at her little pudding face she is so cute...Best wishes to Tank and girlfriend x

  • buttercup24

    From what I've read everyone congratulated him and made positive remarks about his child. We just also took the time to comment on another issue that may or may not be pertaining to him.

  • truth08

    zena is not Tank's girlfriend. you can see the woman he is currently dating on his myspace page the address myspace.com/tanksfanpage there is a caption nye and birthday. he spent that time with that woman including them going to church.

    zena gave herself title on this one. robin givens was a jump off until she snapped on the brother. they stopped dealing right after the play tour. right around the end of march. tank now has 3 girls and one boy durrell babbs jr born this month to alysse the radio host down south.

    tank will not be getting married anytime soon. and he is still single.

  • ms.peaches

    She is so adorable, look at her dad though she had no other choice but to be!! I like Tank as well I remember when he san back up for Ginuwine He was sexy then (those lips) Seeing how a few reders made a comment about his preference, to me it doesn't matter who he is with as long as it's real & not for tv, me on the other hand have my own preference & that's lightskin men am I wrong for having that preference because that's what I'm attracted to. My husband who I have been with for 5 years is light & part creole, of course he is handsome that what caught my eye first but once we began talking & getting to know one another, he was a real decent person. So I guess it really doesn't matter the color of your skin it's how they make you feel or how they treat you. I know alot of celebs just like to hit it & quit it but some of them may also be sincere about there relationships (some) I have said enuff once again congrats on that cute baby!! & I hope if he's with the mother that it works out!!

  • ms.peaches

    Excuse the mispellings!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    Again, I commented on what i saw NOT what I heard..there were other black women there that those other women couldn't hold a candle to and he didnot blink..I merely stated the sista because you would have to blind not to notice how beautiful she was preference or not...he chose a an obvious groupie because she was "presented" to him..however the sista came up to him as well..I was standing there and saw the exchange and it boggled the hell out of me..but to each their own..don't know Tank,doubt I ever will..I like his music and that's about it