By Sandra Rose  | 

Would it be messy of me if I posted these pics of Dro's other woman knowing that Fantasia reads my blog? Oops, maybe I should have asked first. Well, don't blame me because my readers are all up in these celebrity's business!

According to my loyal reader Jasmine, Dro and Shavon, a single mother of one who works at Hooters, have been dating for over a year now. In fact, Shavon is still in his top ten friends on his Myspace page. Hooters certainly has its benefits! My loyal reader wanted me to know that Dro is an equal opportunity brother who dates light skinned and dark skinned sistas. But we already knew that. :)

  • J Gats Juice

    this is gettin funnier and funnier by the min. too bad my work day is over. lol

  • no12blame

    LOL at Sandra

  • Toodles

    My question is WHO CARES? THis isnt nothing new in the industry. You could dedicate a whole blog to celebs who have 3 or 4 women on the side...These women are allowing why are we acting surprised..Women dont put their foot down, let themselves get played, have babies by men who arent around..ITS SAD! But you exposing them does nothing because these women are idiots!

  • Toodles

    and how does tank support all these kids? none of his albums have been on steady rotation...hes a dlist singer

  • Certified one

    @ Sandra,

    You said..."Well, don’t blame me because my readers are all up in these celebrity’s business!"


  • Krysi – yes the same one


  • Taimia1

    Sooooooo she's on his "top ten" on Myspace, huh?!
    Does that mean they'll be getting married soon?! Get the f**k outta here!!! LMAO

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Fuck that, I'm coming clean. I too am dating Dro and he's spectacular!

  • sanaas

    Trust me Dro and Fantasia are a couple, he was on v103 here in Atlanta calling her his baby.

  • ms.peaches

    I too am dating Dro & just got off the phone with him actually (lmao) seriously who cares anymore I never knew him & Fantasia were suppose to be official & the chik in the pic above are they suppose to be the same girl or are they for everyday of the week cause no offense but when did Dro start having it going on like that!! fill me in yeah he TI right hand man so to speak, he on Grand Hustle, he had everybody leaning there shoulder(lol) what else??

  • milly

    lmao this is too funny!

  • Bird

    Ok, my daughter sang a couple of his song to me, one of which I recognized. Otherwise I been sitting here like, "who is the cat?" every since Sandra brought him up. I guess he's just a young person enjoying his moment in the spotlight. Any woman that dates him, including Tasia should know that. At least he is claiming her though.

  • Music999

    Sandra you are messy as hell
    I'm just gonna say when is the last time you seen Fantasia and you didn't see Dro? Where ever she is he ain't to far behind in her damn footsteps. I don't know about the random Hooters broads, but this chick in the pic looks like a fan.

  • shhhh

    Lol Sandra, YES! It is messy of you. Anyway, this Shavon person is ugly as hell to me. I mean she not ugly as hell, but she sure as hell ain't cute, fine, or attractive. It's no wonder he's with Fantasia. Shavon, I'm sure you're reading this, so let me be the first to tell you. THERE ISN'T A CHANCE IN HELL you will ever become an actress. Maybe you can get a part as an extra or in a Tyler Perry play, but on the big screen you will never be.

    If I was Fanny, I'd be getting Dro's peter checked for real. Hell, the both need to be checked out. It's really dangerous out here these days. ESPECIALLY in Atlanta.

  • sanaas

    Your right about that Music999, he is always with Tasia in NY when she was doing The Color Purple and in North Carolina at her home.

  • Music999

    sanaas Says:

    Your right about that Music999, he is always with Tasia in NY when she was doing The Color Purple and in North Carolina at her home.
    Thank You
    He was in Charlotte over the holidays and I know I ain't the only one that has seen Fantasia driving his truck(the white one with the feet on it)
    Hell I heard him on the radio the other day talking to Greg Street, sounding sprung as hell, talking about his "boo"

  • sanaa312

    He is hard on the eyes...good luck to any woman who wants him. If he didnt have any money in his pocket Im sure he would be single!

  • 2bme

    u so damn messy..Fantasia's ghetto as hell shes going to put a down home NC whoopin on you if u don't

  • Ms. Kim

    Ooooh, Sandra! I hope Young Dro doesn't know where you live. Too funny.

  • 2thick4u

    This is funny. They seem happy to me. Hell I am glad that his ass can say that he fucked three girls.

  • cinnamonkisses97

    LOL @ Sandra , thanks for giving us the story .

  • carliss

    Trick can't be all that ...WHY? CAUSE HER AZZ IS STILL A WAITRESS AT HOOTERS!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHH HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA!!!!? Why even put it out there girlfriend. If you WAS THE WOMAN...he would have scooped your butt out that dungeon like C-Lo did his wifey who was working at Wild Pair shoes store in Cumberland mall. These side whores kill me..THEY BE SO PROUD to be the HOE that he keeps secret. Pathetic.

  • JamesfromGoodtimes

    Sandra Rose be haaaating!..That might be his cousin or something. Playa playa..

  • kat

    show us some pics of all of T.I.'s women!!! you know he got more than a few "chicks on the side"....along with all of these other 'celebrities'......sheit, I know nuccahs in richmond that has their wifey and some chicks on the is what it is if the "wifey" wants to put up with the nonsense....

  • J Gats Juice

    kat, i second that, because a chick in miami was one of t.i.'s side chicks. he flew her places, sent her money and did the "quality time" thing.... but sandra wont out him cuz she's worried that his family will stop likin her

  • niastar

    So you are becoming one of those no nothing blogs that trys to start shit rather than just reporting on celebrity news. You try to wreck peoples relationships with hearsay, lies and inuendo. This makes you a poor excuse for a human being. People will come to your blog if the content is actually good. I come here because in the beginning you weren't really on all this bullshit that you are on these days. Its funny because I know that if one of these celebrities that you trash so much actually saw you in the street you wouldn't have anything to say. You hide behind your computer.

    And no, she won't post anything like that about TIP because her precious Tiny wouldn't like her anymore. We all know that TIP wasn't faithful to Tiny...shit Tiny knows that. The only reason he is now is because his ass can't go nowhere. But you'll never see that on this blog. You'll see praise and ass kissing. So sad Sandra. I still come on here everyday though. Its entertaining.

  • Brown Suga Baby

    Hello Sandra.

    I am a regular reader of yours. So shit you say I agree and some I don't. I have a very close relative that used to date him. If you look back at your pics that you took at Dro's album release party (Vision's) you will see her in the pics with him. He even thanked her is his album cover. I want give her name but he is a cool guy and they were dating way before the world knew him as Dro. He is a cool guy. I think he is single now if that is that then why can't he date as many woman as he want. Everyone date right so maybe he is just dating a lot of women at the time LOL!!!!

  • yesitsme

    Look out for Shavonne on the next season of college hill. It's been wrapped up and has been filmed in Atlanta.

    btw, Shavonne is a sweetheart.

  • Seattle Slim

    LOL for some reason I started singing "me's a girl me nah fight ova man...." by Spice. You would think this cat was HELLA fine to have this many girls all over him. Dro is cute but he ain't fine cute.

  • pinkvirgo

    What about Rock. He just looks like hes unfaithful to Monica.....hmmmmm