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Thanks to RAZZI, my stylish friend who runs the urban fashion blog She did a little research and found a link to one of Tank's other baby mama's, a radio DJ named Alysse Stewart who holds the midday spot at WBAV in Greenville, South Carolina. This is the other name dropped by my loyal reader truth08 in a comment in an earlier post on Tank.

Razzi points out that Alysse conveniently posted an interview with her baby daddy Tank on her website.

Meanwhile, another reader emailed me to suggest that maybe truth08 is one of the other women in Tank's life. Who knows. I'm just happy that Amy Winehouse is finally in rehab.

  • Nina

    Dang Sandra - you on a roll with this Tank story :)

  • stylerazzi

    Thanks for the love Sandra. I'm beginning to think, also, that truth08 is someone in Tank's life. someone has been on your blog and black voices blog making SURE to mention Tank's new son whenever someone mentions his new daughter!!! LOL!!! Alysse, are you over there on bed rest with the name "truth08"?!?! LMAO!!!!! I love slow days. Thanks Sandra for always giving us the juice no one else has!!!

  • Ms. Me

    Sandra, I was just thinking the same thing!!!!
    It's funny how she posted about her son today,and has his interview posted as a link. LOL

    So basically.. he had 2 babies 9 days apart???? WOW
    He better hope that his new album and the TGT album sells well, he's going to need to keep up with the child support payments. Wrap it up people!!!

  • bluemood626

    This Tank thing is really taking off! I had no idea he gets around like that. He is a nice looking guy but cant any of these women use birth control. DANG!!!!

  • hellava10

    It's 2008 which means a leap year. Is this the year of the jump off as well?

  • J Gats Juice

    lol i really hope this is a bad pic

  • blackstar

    wow ! she looks like a dude. luv you tank wit ya fine ass.

  • allnatural

    I'm trippin at all the posts with all these slimy hoodrats. Tank? Young Dro? Baby mammas? Are we having to scrape the bottom of the barrel already?

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    LMFAO @ allnatural.

  • milly

    lol wow it worth stooping that low

  • Bird

    Damn I guess you ain't even got to be a popular singer to get these women acting a damn fool. Wasn't he dealing with Robin Givens for a minute? She must have been slumming her ass off with this low rent baby making nigra.

  • buttercup24

    Well it proves he likes black woman, too lol.

  • 2thick4u took the words right outta my mouth!!!

    This isn't surprising to me. His ass is a singer that is fine and handsome. He ass got caught up twice and fucked around with two kids.

    Anybody say 'human nature'. This is a leap year and I am seeing that celebrities are human just like they people who adore them!!!!

  • Bird

    Very diplomatic of you 2thick4u. VERY. Based on one of the comments dude has 4 children. And sure he is a regular person, but I'm hoping one day soon our men will stop droppign babies all over the place with women they are not married to.

  • Atlsfinest

    The main thing that totally shocks and surprises me is the fact that he is not catching half the flack some people gave Monica. What's the difference? Still babies born out of wedlock and at least in Monica's case, she has 2 kids with the same man, while he has 4 with 3 or 4 different women. Some of these same posters commenting on Tank, tore Monica to shreds for having another child. The double standards never cease to amaze me.

  • Smokie

    The men WOULD stop having all these bast*rd children if the women would demand some kind of respect and a ring. I mean, really, if I were a man surrounded by ho*s who didn't require ANYthing from me but a few dollars and some raw sex, I'd be doing the same thing. Women need to step it up.

  • carliss

    We have to start with the DESPERATE women first. If they wasn't buying that hype about 10 women 2 1 man..they would be more particular and have higher standards. When he starts making babies all over the world..ther's a serious problem. It's not cute and that baby momma crap played out with P Diddy's mom's wig. Stop it's not cute.

  • carliss

    And by her looks..he's boning classless. I wouldn't touch his dirty penis with somebody else's padussy.

  • GirlWonder

    Alysse Stewart is not longer a DJ in Greenville SC, she currently works the mid-day spot on V 101.9 in Charlotte NC. You know it is funny that this has come out because she worked so hard at keeping her "baby daddy" a secret. However, she did say that it was a "planned preganacy", and that she and the baby's father were very happy.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    To all the comments about Tank being a broke R&B singer, yall need to do ya R&B homework. Tank makes more money writing and producing tracks for big names like Jamie Foxx, Kelly Rowland, and many others....whats funny is the track he composed is probably your favorite track off the singers album, while ya talking that bull. SMH. As far as the women and the kids are concerned, I guess everyone has their turn even a so called broke R&B singer, he aint the first won't be the last. Its like someone said, men will slow down when women close their legs and demand respect which won't be happening in this lifetime so we might as well get over all this sh*t! Sandra you are so tired.

  • kat

    i bet half of ya'll on here talkin' all that mess would be the first ones to lay up with tank RAW DOG....and have that baby if you was to get pregnant! i don't know why ya'll act like these STARS are not human! it's groupies everywhere.....look at sarah chapman! it ain't she didn't know about kim! she didn't care! she laid there and went RAW DOG and had that baby for that child support!

  • 2thick4u

    Bird...I totally agree with you, that is why I have no children!!!

    I take my birth control pills faithfully and make sure that my man stays strapped with a Magnum on!!!

    Smokie...I couldn't have said it better. Women need to step back and stand their ground.

    A person will only do as much as you allow them. If you allow them to make you an incubator and just a Baby Mama, then I hope your happy!!!

    Tank does have the money to support his children. He is a hell of a song writer and musician. His ass could have 30 kids. As long as he supports them, love them and spend time with him...more power to him!!!

  • db1980

    This is such a shock, that the truth would come out on Durrell, God really answered my prayers! I knew him personally and if you knew his personality you would not be surprised of the situation that he's in. You can say we communicated for a very short time, just a few months ago but never did he once bring up the birth of two kids nor a girlfriend, to say that we were just friends ( and you shouldnt hide something like that from a friend, when i wasnt trying to get in the "boxers", and we never did anything, thank God! He definately lives a secret life. I just feel sorry for the innocent childern coming out of all this, just because of the sorry actions of grown a#$ men & women. I agree with all the post that say women need to learn their self-worth and say "no" cause its so not worth it. As much as we can sit here and dog Durrell or any other guy, it wont phase them one bit, so all women need to do is stop being so damn star-struck, these "celebs" are only humans, and avoid being the next victim! Love your site Sandra!

  • stylerazzi

    @ GirlWonder............... She didn't do a very good job at keeping it a secret b/c i heard about this last march/ april when someone from the Carolina's called the Wendy Williams show and told her business!!!!! Thats why I remembered exactly where to go to find her website. I guess now-a-days, women are using men as walking sperm banks to implant the sperm and then keep it moving.

  • Seattle Slim

    Word to Stylerazzi......*SMDH*