Fired Tesla workers flooded social media with emotional posts during the fourth week of company layoffs.

Tesla slashed 500 jobs on its Supercharger team, which is responsible for building Supercharger stations in U.S. cities and around the world.


The layoffs will continue until 10% of the company’s workforce is eliminated (about 14,000 jobs).

Alicia Ferenczi, a Tesla Senior Advisor, received a separation email informing her that Tesla has “not identified an alternative available position” for her.

“[W]e will begin processing your separation from employment with Tesla, effective May 3rd, 2024,” the email read.

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In an emotional open letter on social media, Ferenczi wrote:

“Nothing but an email to make us aware of how disposable we were as employees. I’ve never been so dedicated to growing within a company and working endless.. nights.. holidays… weekends.

“We have families,” she continued, “small little ones we are depended on to provide for. #TESLA & #elonmusk has let us down in so many more ways then one.”

“Mentally forcing myself to be okay with missing out on so much time with Ang and Rosie for quite literally, nothing. I played the game of allowing the men in higher positions [to] make me feel if I didn’t play their game, I’d be without a job. I gave everything I had to be ‘something of importance there’. Only to be let go without notice.”

Ferenczi concluded her letter by explaining she’s “actively looking for work.”

“I have two small children to support and I’m incredibly driven with a great working background,” she wrote.

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General Motors is reportedly looking to hire Tesla’s laid off employees.

In a LinkedIn post, General Motors’ talent recruiter Laura del Amo said the company is interested in hiring “software students” who lost their jobs at Tesla.

“We believe in the strength of our automotive community and are keen to integrate diverse talents into our team,” she wrote.

“If you are now looking for a new internship opportunity, let’s connect.”