Sexy R&B singer Tank, real name Durrell Babbs, is a very busy man! Yesterday I posted a cute baby picture of the newest addition to Tank's growing family. I say "growing family" because it has come to my attention that Tank has spawn everywhere from several side pieces.

It appears that one of those side pieces, Zena Foster, managed to get herself pregnant by him and she made sure the world knew it by sending the baby picture to Celebrity Babies blog.

A woman will do this for several reasons, one of which is the man told her she was a side piece and she can't accept it because she convinced herself that she was the main one. According to my loyal reader truth08, Ms. Foster is not his girlfriend, she simply "gave herself the title" but he spent New Year's Eve with his main woman ([pictured above) and the two even went to church together that same night.

You can read the full text of her comment after the break.

Posted by truth08 at Jan 22, 12:56 PM in Celebrity Seed: Tank Welcomes Baby Girl

zena is not Tank’s girlfriend. you can see the woman he is currently dating on his myspace page the address there is a caption nye and birthday. he spent that time with that woman including them going to church.

zena gave herself title on this one. robin givens was a jump off until she snapped on the brother. they stopped dealing right after the play tour. right around the end of march. tank now has 3 girls and one boy durrell babbs jr born this month to alysse the radio host down south.

tank will not be getting married anytime soon. and he is still single.

  • 2Unruly

    Sounds like the guy may have commitmentphobicitis.

  • LB

    the name Eric Benet comes to mind...

  • prynsexxx

    Why does ol' girl have on those cheap ass size 12 Rainbow/Payless pumps. I heard it feels good to Payless, but damn!

  • J Gats Juice

    ok.... so what makes him different from any other attractive black man with a little money? i'm mad that he has all those kids but i'm not really shocked. i hope he takes care of his kids....

  • MZN

    The girl with tan shoe's- her feet are ASHY!!! What an embarrassment... I'm sorry but I don't see it. Tank to me is unattractive. He looks high/sleepy/blind. I don't see what these women see in him.

  • stylerazzi

    Congrats are in order too then to the other "new" baby momma, Alysse the Charlotte radio personality. Sandra, I emailed this link to you as well. It's always good to see these people we are talking about so that they aren't faceless!!!! She has a blog too that confirms, in November, she was "very pregnant", even though she never revelaed the father's name. She seems overjoyed to have a new baby on the way.

  • Maina

    I am a little disgusted by this. Does he not use condoms? I mean, maybe he's let these women know that he doesn't want to be committed and that he'll date several women at one time but to be having unprotected sex with them is scary and gross.

  • shanie

    k you guys really need to stop with this. From what I can see no one and I mean no one has nothing else better to do but comment on this man's life. You guys will dig and dig until you find something. If he does have all of these children why exploit them? If all of these women allowed him to have sex with them without any protection and thought that soemthing like "marriage" would come out of it then that is their bad. Do any of you even know this man to even speak on his life in the manner that you do? Did any of you ever think that if some of these accusations aren't true that he could bring up defamation of character charges? As stated earlier its seems to me like some of you just can't leave well enough alone.

  • shanie

    By the way the pictures that you guys are taking from his myspace page are RATHER OLD. I mean by at least a year or two.

  • Certified one

    WOW...I might be in LOVE. He's Sexy & he can work that mouth piece(Refer to picture where he's trying to lick a thigh)??? L-A-W-D Help!

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Sandra...I was about to email you until I scrolled down and saw this post!!!

    Tank has been with the light-skin female in that pic for at least 8 years now...she is the sister of a childhood friend of mines. Tank used to pick-up her brother up from football practice when we were in High School and Tank has a child with her as well.

    I didn't know he got down like this...doesn't anyone know the meaning of contraceptive anymore? Also, love the site...I'm a long-time reader, first-time poster!

  • JamesfromGoodtimes

    Hating again Sandrarose? Wow..That man is (kinda) famous...And he has fans (i guess)...He is just helping his fans have a good time...playa playa..

  • Seattle Slim

    This sh*t is confusing as hell. *goes back to read the tangled webs*

  • fyrestarrter

    Msn I REALLY hope that all these children are NOT his. This is serious & if this is the case then he does NOT practice what he preaches & ANY man who does not know the meaning of SAFER SEX & COMMON SENSE, gets no credibility in by book. I REALLY hope that for the sake of Tank fans everywhere that this is SIMPLY just rumours! sigh....

  • imthatbish

    the pics arent THAT old. some r. some r more recent. From 2007 & up ...

    If what has been posted is true about Zena posting the baby pic herself 2 that website, that is pretty DANG pitiful. Dont she know she got this dude for the next 18 @ least in some form or fashion? Why does she feel the need to put all his personal private business out there?

    Shes about as a** backwards as he is then ... NO KINDA SENSE!

  • Certified one

    D-A-N-G...I was so taken aback from the oicture that I didn't even read that crap!


    LMAO That was funny as h***. "RAINBOW HEELS" She swear she was clean too girl!

  • tankmyvocalhero

    Why do y'all even care? These are grown folks. Did you ever think that maybe he planned these kids and left it unwrapped on purpose? Either way, that's their business. His popularity doesn't give us rights to his personal life. He shares his musical gift with us...that's it. He don't owe us nothin' and, if he could, he might not wanna take it back. Everyone has different values and everybody ain't gonna like what you do. Just do what's best for you and keep it movin'. That's what makes the world go 'round.

  • yagurl

    Um, yeah, the girl in the picture, the light skin one, i think he has two kids with her. anyway, i'll bet anything that none of you know him, so why do you think you should talk about him like that. he has brought some beautiful kids in the world, that doesn't make him a dog, and all you need to say is congratulations. but i guess some people don't have anything better to do than bag on others.