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I just spoke with an inside source who said if anyone is planning to crash Tyler's A-list bash tonight -- Perry is waiting for you!

I'm told Perry isn't very fond of Atlanta's entertainment industry and very few of them received invites to the Grand Opening bash at Tyler Perry Studios tonight.

In fact, only two folks I talked to received an invite to the soirée. All other invited guests are either flying in from NY or the west coast.

Perry plays host to the likes of Will and Jada Pinkett, Oprah, Usher, Mary J Blige, Sidney Poitier, Ruby Dee and others.

Uninvited guests include WGA union members who will be picketing to protest Perry firing four writers. Perry has so far resisted attempts to unionize his movie sets so he won't have to pay union wages. I'm told Perry pays his movie extras a measly $75 for a full day's work!

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Just in case you're thinking about showing up tonight. I'm told Perry plans to greet invited guests himself -- and if he doesn't recognize you, he will have you put OUT, plus he will ask you who invited you and have THEM put out too!!

Talk about a diva! I also hear that Tyler plans to offer the ladies Crocs to wear in place of their expensive stilettos since they will be walking on 30 acres of grass as they sip Dom Perignon. If you drive by the facility tonight you will see all the tents set up outside.

Invited guests will be bussed over from Greenbrier mall to the facility beginning at 5:30 PM. So if you received an invite, better get there early!

Tyler will hold a private brunch at his estate in Buckhead tomorrow (Sunday).

  • omina-homina

    he's turned into a monster!

  • Kymystry

    I'm glad he's got his facilites on LOCK ...

    You mean Atl's "A" listers aren't invited .. no pics of tiny all classy .. ha ha ha ha ah

  • dblaq

    Who is an A lister in Atlanta anyway? Regarding the union wages I guess you can take the n***a out of the hood, but you can't the n***a out of him.

  • licia

    it's his party and he should invite who he wants. if i don't like certain mofuggers then i don't invite them to my party and i would stand at the door and turn your punk self around if you aren't supposed to be there. . what's wrong with that

    kym you're crazy . lmao

  • brenden

    I’m told Perry pays his movie extras a measly $75 for a full day’s work!

    ^^Hey Sandy. I'm not too familiar with the beef between Tyler and his writers, however I do know that all Hollywood films that employ over a certain amount of extras pays them that amount. I did background work for movies, tv, and music videos when I was in college. We were getting I think 56 dollars for 8 hours which was equivalent to what minimum wage was at the time. That's how it goes unless you were a union extra. They received more because they were union. That was the name of the game. And every show, and movie was and still is like that. The music videos believe it or not were the cream of the crop at that time because they paid the most. Something like 150 for 8 hrs....Also I remember commercials paid a similar rate for their extras too the music videos. It was fun work though. I enjoyed it alot. Unfortunately I could only do it in the summer time and very few things filmed over the summer.

  • JustSaying

    If your not invited don't go, it is not your party anyway.
    If you don't like the pay then don't work for him, damn is it that hard.

  • Bird

    Looks like the ole chickens are coming home to roost on Tyler's a$$. Oh well.

  • mjoylaw

    Tyler is a businessmayne. He ain't gonna pay more than he HAS to pay people. That is the bottom line. Tyler is about the bottom line. And that's it, he is not doing anything that others in the same position are doing. They are all doing the same thing, tryna get the most for the least. Is it right? Is that the point.....

    Love, Mjoylaw

  • mjoylaw

    ..that others in the same position aren't doing..

  • ckarinwhite

    He does not look good with a mustache!..He needs to cut that immediately!...

  • Anna

    "I’m told Perry pays his movie extras a measly $75 for a full day’s work!"
    What is a full days work? If it's more than 8 hours they are being taken advantage of. I work 8 hours a day and get more than that. I guess they are doing it for the fun and the experience. Do any of the extras have speaking roles? I don't work for a company with a union but I know a fair wage. On another note. If you are inexperienced or just need a job I say don't expect but also don't think you're not worth more. I am for picketing for a good reason.

  • vipatlstyle

    no extras do not have speaking roles...thats why they are called extras duh!!!!

  • Anna

    vipatlstyle Says:

    no extras do not have speaking roles…thats why they are called extras duh!!!!
    Thanks for taking the time to read the comments. There is no such thing as a dumb question, no matter how old you are. So I guess someone who says "heres your chart doctor" is not considered an extra?

  • Anna

    * but can put "actor/actress" on their resume'.

  • brenden

    Thanks for taking the time to read the comments. There is no such thing as a dumb question, no matter how old you are. So I guess someone who says “heres your chart doctor” is not considered an extra?

    You're right no such thing as a dumb question. No a person who says "here's your chart doctor" would be considered a day player. They could have started out as an extra and the director felt like that line needed to be added to help the scene thus for upgraded 1 of the extras to say it...and once you speak you are officially on contract. And absolutely they would put that on their resume...1 liners are legitimate acting...Even if it doesn't make the final cut of the film, or the show you still did it and would likely include it on your resume. Day players are those people who you see with a few lines or a few scenes on 1 show. Then a couple weeks down the road you see them on some other show. Believe it or not they don't make much money either. They aren't regular characters on any 1 show, just working actors...The day player rate is about 700 dollars. Which aint much considering they are on television with lines. A career extra can actually make more money in a calendar yr than an actor who has a few supporting roles on a couple different shows. Career extra can bounce from show to show to show doing background work, working steadily. While the working actor only got 1 role on ER, 1 role on Greys Anatomy, 1 role on Desperate housewives, and another on the closer. That's 4 roles in 1 yr which is considered good for a working actor. But when you consider they had to audition 86 times that yr just to get those 4 roles, the gas and time and effort it took getting to those auditions...It's crazy. Yes they get residuals, but after the initial rerun those residuals are just a few pennies (so to say). Mean while the extra who only makes "75 dollars" a day (going by what sandra said) was able to work 200 plus days out of that calendar yr making that rate, was able to pay his/her bills without the headache and stress of jumping from audition to audition to audition with no guarantee of actually getting the part nor a check..

  • Anna

    @ brenden,
    Ask a simple/dumb question to some and I get a detailed answer. I like that. Thank You. I understand those on TV or in Movies do have to struggle to get noticed. I still don't think some are worth $15 mill per movie. Back to my comment. $75/day if only 8 hrs are worked only equals to a little above minium wage. I am not mad at them . I now no an "extra" is like my kids. "You have to walk before you crawl". A no stripping, pole dancing, drug selling job is not acceptable. LOL. If my kid was so lucky to be an "extra" in anything than a rap video I would be so proud. Plus my wallet would be less lint free.