I just spoke with an inside source who said if anyone is planning to crash Tyler’s A-list bash tonight — Perry is waiting for you!

I’m told Perry isn’t very fond of Atlanta’s entertainment industry and very few of them received invites to the Grand Opening bash at Tyler Perry Studios tonight.

In fact, only two folks I talked to received an invite to the soirée. All other invited guests are either flying in from NY or the west coast.

Perry plays host to the likes of Will and Jada Pinkett, Oprah, Usher, Mary J Blige, Sidney Poitier, Ruby Dee and others.

Uninvited guests include WGA union members who will be picketing to protest Perry firing four writers. Perry has so far resisted attempts to unionize his movie sets so he won’t have to pay union wages. I’m told Perry pays his movie extras a measly $75 for a full day’s work!

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Just in case you’re thinking about showing up tonight. I’m told Perry plans to greet invited guests himself — and if he doesn’t recognize you, he will have you put OUT, plus he will ask you who invited you and have THEM put out too!!

Talk about a diva! I also hear that Tyler plans to offer the ladies Crocs to wear in place of their expensive stilettos since they will be walking on 30 acres of grass as they sip Dom Perignon. If you drive by the facility tonight you will see all the tents set up outside.

Invited guests will be bussed over from Greenbrier mall to the facility beginning at 5:30 PM. So if you received an invite, better get there early!

Tyler will hold a private brunch at his estate in Buckhead tomorrow (Sunday).