18-year-old Cherron Patterson and her 15-year-old boyfriend -- both high school students -- are charged in the beating death of Patterson's toddler.

The autopsy on 20-month-old Imani Jennings shows old injuries and scars on her body, proving there was an ongoing pattern of abuse.

Jennings was beaten to death Friday. Police say her mother's boyfriend, Anthony Weakfall, 15, hit the girl with a metal rod, cable wire, a metal spring and his bare hand for an hour after she urinated on the floor Friday morning. She was beaten until she was unrecognizable. He then left for school.

Police say Patterson and Weakfall returned from school that day to find the child's lifeless body. Patterson then called 911 from a neighbor's home.

After questioning, investigators determined for the last two weeks Patterson and her boyfriend Weakfall had been leaving the child home alone with only a bowl of chicken nuggets and a glass of milk. The pair also admitted to beating the child as a form of discipline when she would have an accident.

After four full days, investigators continue to collect evidence inside the Fage Avenue home.

    Imani's father and grandmother had no idea; they just started hearing from people Sunday night who had a clue something was going on, but none of them came forward before it escalated to the baby's death.

    “She was the light of my life. If it wasn't shining, the sun came out when she was around,” says Imani’s biological father Lee.

    But the family says the baby's mother, Cherron Patterson, wasn't letting Lee see the child. He had just started the process of filing for custody; he had a lawyer, and was playing it by the book.

    The autopsy showed scars on Imani's body -- scars proving the child was enduring abuse for a long time.

    To make matters worse, people are now telling the Jennings that they suspected something was going on. Suspected, but didn't say anything.

    “If I had the slightest hint of what was being done to my baby, I would have lost it,” Lee says.

    “I was cooperative -- maybe too cooperative,” Lee says. READ MORE...


Thanks to loyal reader Chanel for the tip.

  • http://myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    I...JUST...CAN'T....my heart hurts..I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND IT...

  • katgirl33

    They need their azzes beat like they beat that baby!


    DAMN SHAME!!!!



  • cjlessie

    Somebody please help me. I'm speechless.

  • goat76

    Is this the case were they got to fighting at the funereal...........

  • Kymystry

    I'm speechless (typeless) .... blank stare ... tears running down face

  • http://www.myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    This is freakin insane! Will it ever stop?

  • prynsexxx

    I'm sick

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Horrible. Especially since the biological father was doing the right thing and going through the system. May Imani's soul rest in peace and as for her "mother" and the boyfriend - no words. Just horrible, sick, stupid, people who need to be sterilized NOW.

  • shunda

    This is so painful. How can people beat a baby? I just don't understand. This pisses me off. These are the stereotypes I had to fight everyday as a teenage parent and this broad let some nothing kill her baby. Street justice should be allowed in this case.

  • OES_Diva

    OMG...I don't know what to say.

  • Chyna3032

    This makes my heart hurt literally....I don't understand. Why?

  • http://groups.msn.com/televisionland CaliGirlinGA


  • ChokLitFactory

    This is so horrible...I just don't understand...to a child?? Heartbreaking.

  • Mspeng

    I'm 7 and a half months pregnant right now with a baby girl adn this story has hurt me to the core. I can't even imagine going through pregnancy, labour and bringing up a child only to abuse it and kill it. It's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of even before the killing...she left a 1 yr old in a house by herself?????? I wish people had to take certain tests in order to have children because this cruelty has to stop. My heart can't take this story.

  • prynsexxx

    KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    All I ask is that The Almighty forgives me for my rage and that the grieving family's land is covered!

  • kwallace577


    i need forgiveness too prynn. me too.

  • ReadTheBlog

    God bless her soul. She actually sounds like she is better off with God than to be with a mother like that.

    Ohhh, weee - I HATE stories like this. So very very sad. WTF kinda b*tch made n*gga are you that you have to beat a kid who will settle down if you thump 'em on the butt? And what kinda b*tch are you to allow a simpleton to beat your child, then you leave the baby at home - alone? WTF?!?!? I hope they whoop her up one side and down the other when she gets to jail. I REALLY, REALLY DO. She's earned it - they both have.

  • Kymystry

    MsPeng ... cyber rubbin your belly .. whipering heyyyy precious ...

    this is stillllll to crazy ... i can't .. i just can't comprehend

  • http://www.myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    Don't kill them..

    They have the rest of their lives to agonize about what they did. That will be much harsher than death.

  • iscream

    Anybody well not anybody most ppl that have children KNOW that they can really push your f'ing buttons @ time. But to harm them to the point of killing them. I just don't get it. I really don't.

    Maybe this was posted to saved my son bc I just get a 2nd call from his school. All I was seeing was RED! F ucking 7 year old thinking he doesn't have to follow rules when my grown azz does. ( I shouldn't even be n this post right now as madd as I am.)

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    Too bad the right to lifers couldn't save this child. I have to look into that. I want to know if they have any outreach programs for people who already have children, but shouldn't. Clearly no one was helping these children raise this child they wrecklessly created. Maybe the family was just happy the 15 year old stayed around to be a father. He did a bang up job....literally.

  • Liberty

    I still don't understand why people find it necessary to whoop a baby. She was a baby! A baby! Jesus be a fence. My heart goes out to the father.

  • LilMissRed

    OMG! I have a 6mth old daughter and reading this made my stomach ache and I felt sick.. WTF! I cant even begin to imagine this WTF That poor poor little Angel!

    What kinda mother is this chick to allow some 'child' to beat on her baby like this?? What kinda mother is she to leave her baby alone like this?? OMG I could go on...... but I'm going to pray for that lil soul even tho I know shes in a better place and I'm going home to love on my baby

  • HouStar

    And even worse... She is now pregnant with that other trash's baby. People like that disgust me. I think all child murderers should be killed in the exact same way that they killed the little one.

  • prynsexxx

    Pregnant? Again? Where you read that at!!!!!!!!

    Almighty forgive for what I'm bout to say....yall don't hold me to this, but

    "somebody needs to get that baby out of her quick!" (that's the only sympathetic way I could word it....nicely).

    Again I ask forgiveness!

  • Ielon

    "Hit the girl with a metal rod, cable wire, a metal spring and his bare hand"------ WTF is wrong with these people/kids. As harsh as it sounds "prynsexxx" I kinda agree with you. You can hear about child abuses everyday but this is one of the worse I've heard... This is so sad

  • kwallace577

    i went to the syracuse paper to read background.

    i feel for the daddy. THIS is where you need to snatch your baby and run. i know he was trying to do the legal thing through the courts...but that takes too long. look what happened. this is too sad. who leaves a baby alone? look at that sweet lil face...

    gonna hug my babies tonight. i know they are bad sometimes and get on my last good nerve..but to harm them like ms. peng said after birthing them and all. just too much.

  • sexyma078

    I know everyone is pissed right now but this story shows some cracks in society...why if this mother was trying to go to school was there no day care available for her if it had been a) this precious angel would not have been at home alone and b) someone would have found the bruises and hopefully report the mother being left at home she could have been electricuted, building could have caught on fire OMG it crazy....

    This is by no means to make excuses for the mother I too was a teenage mom (had twins at 16)they pee'd themselves ok to beat a child no a baby for an accident thats just sensless but I am challenging all of you to be on the look out between this story and the one of the young man killin him self there is no more loving of thy neighbor...Fu(k being nosy if you see something that dont look right speak up...reach out to the youth they are not getting guidance at home...they are not learning for the rap stars...back in our parents day if you messed up in front of Ms so and so house you caught one at ms so and so house and then another when you got home....we need to get back to that...im not saying beatings (cause thats what took this young childs life) but age appropriate discipline....Tears as streaming down as I right this it hurts to the core I have six beautiful babies I couldnt live without do they make me angry sometimes yeah but thats what kids do they dont know UNTIL WE TEACH THEM.....Im praying for everybody!!!

  • shunda

    Please tell me you read wrong and this broad is not pregnant again. I am so upset. I am sorry they do not deserve to live.

  • vipatlstyle



  • kwallace577

    Many people have been asking about the child Cherron Patterson is carrying. Cherron, who is six months pregnant, is the mother of Imani Jennings, the 20-month-old baby who was beaten to death during much of her life.

    yep she is. her mother (the grandmother) is pregnant again too. with baby number eight.

  • bloggergirlz

    i'm beyond disgusted (i could kill that broad w/ my bare hands)...

    the dad tried to do the right thing (tears in my eyes)...

    such a cute pic of the little angel (more tears in my eyes)...

    i have family in syracuse...i've only been up there once though (praying we're not related)...

  • kwallace577

    that is why the grandmother (the momma of the girl above) probably didn't step in. seems like she is too busy still having her OWN babies to be a grandma...

    and i read that childcare was available to this young lady.

  • HouStar

    I read it on DreaminDemon ... One of the other posters here turned me on to that site on the other story about the fight at the funeral. The 15 yr old is the dad... :( I just hate some people

  • precious1

    Wow is all I can say!

    Too many babies die at the hands of men who are NOT THE FATHER!! I'm so tired of these STUPID HOES letting men wrong their children! My son was 5 at the time and his dad spanked him with his pants down with two belts! I put a knife to his throat and begged him to move!!

    I don't give a damn if you ARE THE FATHER! Dude couldn't get from around us fast enough! When it comes to MY children, I will bring the DRAMA! You better not even think about hurting mine!

    Murder was the case that they gave me!!!!! STUPID HOES!!!!

  • prynsexxx

    #30 said:

    if this mother was trying to go to school was there no day care available for her if it had been


    And let's NOT forget the 15 year old that did the beating also. When he gets sentenced I PRAY THAT THERE IS A PEDOPHILE TURNED LOOSE ON HIS ASS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT FOR THE DURATION OF HIS SENTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • prynsexxx


    I've been on that site ever since TOO!

  • shunda

    I am right there with you. I almost lost everything because I beat the crap out of my ex's girlfriend for hitting my son. She had the nerve to say my son was acting goofy so she punched him in the shoulder. At the time he was 4. I still can't believe this broad is pregnant. wow!

  • melinla

    There is a special place in hell for them - and they don't take to kindly to child abusers in prison aka hell on earth

  • kwallace577

    I read it on DreaminDemon … One of the other posters here turned me on to that site on the other story about the fight at the funeral.
    it was me. a co-worker turned me on to it.

    another one that will just boggle your mind and NOT for the faint hearted or easily angered is.....

    parentsbehavingbadly dot com.

  • http://myspace.com/theflyestmom Nekita

    sombody need to beat then with a rod and choke them BOTH with cable wire. OMG..................I just can't believe this.

  • HouStar

    It is just horrible the things people will do. Most of those stories go unnoticed. Thanks KWallace... I thought it was you but didnt want to misspeak :)

  • bloggergirlz

    @kwall: i've went to that site a few times after you mentioned it...thanks...about to check out the other one...

  • melinla

    I can't believe she is pregnant again! And the mother on child #8!!! This is the cycle of mess I was talking about in the other post. I'm sad :(

  • kwallace577

    parents behaving badly is about all types of stupid parents. one lady sniffing coke off her infant. some man who was committing incest against one of his daughters and the momma was providing their condoms. said she had "no idea" the abuse was going on...but a receipt for one of the condom runs surfaced.

    just all kinds of mess.

    some folks are just so very unfit it makes my head hurt.

  • kalvonel

    I say sterilize 'em both. to do harm to an infant is unnatural; therefore, their punishment should be as well. A public broadcast of their castration is in order! Folks may think twice about harming children if they knew the punishment is dismemberment.

  • starr

    I read every article on the link.....and i'm just sink.....everyone has said how im feeling.....

  • starr

    She's pregnant again?!!!!!

    Some people just don't deserve that priviledge to have kids. They should take that priviledge away from her.

  • ELove

    She was beaten until she was unrecognizable.

    WTF... I'm Sorry But they NEED to be found Hung OR Throats-Slashed in THEIR cells (LIKE NOW!!!!!) AND if ANY of their family members complained in any sort of way... Then THOSE MF's can come up missing TOO (Real Talk) ;-)

  • Kymystry

    Speaking of senseless .. is there any furthur word on J-Hud's Family ?

  • terika83

    OMG that is SOOOO cruel and sad! How could they beat that poor baby...HOW could they leave a toddler in the house BY THEMSELVES ALL DAY with just a bowl of chicken nuggets and some milk. WTH?

  • Ielon

    I second that KYM, has anyone heard anything else about her family after they had the funeral

  • keely107

    I am soooooooooooo disgusted and in tears. I did not need to see this on my baby's 2nd birthday. I wanna whip both of em', Lord please help us. SOmebody update me on this story, I am too upset to read all the comments.

  • bloggergirlz

    unfornuately there haven't been any updates out of chicago that i know of (j hud's fam)...hermosa, have you heard anything? i doubt i overlooked any updates though...

  • Kymystry

    ok yall have a happy and safe thanksgiving .. i may be on for a wee bit tomm. .. if Not .. SMOOCHES :-D

    KWeezy check ya email !

  • kwallace577

    @keely some 18 year old girl and her boyfriend thought it was a good idea to beat a BABY with a pipe and leave that precious pup alone all day long. her momma is pregnant with her own child..baby number 8... i read so homegirl had her own rough life it seems like. her momma is too busy popping out her OWN kids to have helped this teen mom with hers.

    to top it all off teen mom is preggers again by 15 year old who beat her baby to death.

  • kwallace577

    i have been all over the jhud story. no new news i heard of. see you kym. be safe.

  • PAHairston

    Yes indeed, their punishment should fit their crime: beat them both until they can't see straight, until they bleed. Such a beautiful, innocent child, such a shame before God! Why do some people even have children? I wonder how many more children they have, none I hope. Pray tell, what does a 15 year old BOY know about being a father? Lord have mercy on us all. Peace.

  • BayArea

    Sad....I love my 2yr old (going on 25) baby girl too much to beat the $hit out of her b/c of an accident! Kids are so innocent and precious. When will the nonsense end????

  • kwallace577

    what does a 15 year old BOY know about being a father?
    amen to THAT. you betta preach. sadly i have seen 30+ year old MEN who don't know more than a 15 yo BOY. sad but true. we gotta do better : (

  • qwick3

    My heart is aching right now. I am on the verge of tears. I just do not understand why an innocent child is abused and hurt especially by the person that is suppose to love and care for them the most - the mother. I have two children, two boys and I just could never imagine hurting them let alone beating them or allowing someone else to do something to them. My heart goes out to the biological father and all the hurting family members. There are no winners, everyone lost and this poor baby suffered the most extreme loss, her precious little life.

  • keely107


    Thankyou. I figured it was something like that, things of this sort seem to trickle down. I have had my own rough experiences and still I dont wanna beat my kids to death, Im sorry this is one that I cant have an open mind about the other side of the story. Damn.

  • Mississippi16

    Everyone said it all...

    Whenever, i discipline my child (by spanking or withholding something), it truly does hurt me. I know that i have to do it and she'll be a better person because of it. Yet and still... I CAN'T STAND TO DO IT. I'll find myself even more mad at her for putting me in the position to have to straighten her lil azz up.

    I could not fathom using weapons on her... cause cables, metal pipes, and springs are weapons.

    The more i read the news and here these stories, the more i feel compeled to try to save 1 child's life by taking him/her out of such horrendous homes! I always said that i wanted to have a husband before taking on such a task. But the way this world is, i can't help but think that one of these abused/ abandoned babies would do just as well in my 1-parent household than a 2-parent jungle.

  • keely107


    Go for it, you are so right, I think about that all the time too.

  • Mississippi16

    Why the phuck is Angelina and Brad and Madonna going all the way to other continents to find a dayum baby when the kids that do survive these terrible beatings have no place to go.

    My daughter is in a preschool that has about 100 student ... about 6 of the students are black. I cannot tell you how many yt women come through there with Asian babies.

    That angers me so much. They would rather go across the world and adopt a Chinese child than travel downtown and adopt a black one.

  • Mzsuave

    Eff that! What is the world coming to? What is wrong with people? Especially the mother's with no patience. This is so sad. I'm sure shyt like this happens on a daily, it just hurts reading about it. Being a mommy is a breautiful thang.

  • keely107


    Because that's more for show than what it should really be about. We have to step up and help though(those of us that would even consider it), as you said there are just too many right here.

  • keely107


    Hey!!!!! But in response to your comment it just seems people are not scared anymore, the fear has to be put back in a mofo! This ish would not have been heard of back in Grandma days, and not because of the law but because they were scared of they momma!

  • Mzsuave

    Hey Keely! Whatever the case is, these babies don't deserve it, furthermore, they don't ask to be brought into this world. It's so friggin sad.

  • keely107

    It really is Im going home to kiss all over my babies, they are the best thing to ever happen to me. The sad part is I will probably cry when I get there, this baby will be on my mind for quite sometime.

  • dakotab

    Things like that cause me to question so much about LIFE and People. There are women who are literally dying on the inside because they can't have a baby.

    And this BISH here.

  • http://myspace.com/iyonah iyonah

    This is BEYOND sad. I can't :(

  • MAY

    That is horrible. I just want to cry. How can people do that to a baby? It's incredibly sad.

  • kwallace577

    I cannot tell you how many yt women come through there with Asian babies.
    asian babies are the NEW accessories to these yt women i tell ya. this one woman at my job a TRUE just..well a YT..i knew she had an adopted daughter. little girl is named lydia....anyway it was always lydia and this lydia that. i was like why doesn't she have a picture of lydia on her desk? how about they came to the picinic back in april...GIRL...little lydia was prolly born suyung in korea someplace!! i shoulda FIGURED. here in raleigh you see A TON of white fams with asian babies. i don't know why it irks me so either...but it DOES.

  • buttercup24

    Its people like this that make it hard to be opposed to the death penalty.

  • http://myspace.com/iyonah iyonah

    Exactly BUTTERCUP ... my thoughts exactly, between them, serial killers and rapist - sometimnes I feel like I am all for it.

  • Sunni

    Man I really don't understand why this young teens are having kids and can't take care of them. My heart goes out to the grandmother and father of this child she looked like she was so happy. Why not just reach out to someone and let them take temporary custody of your child to you get your head on straight. Well man this is crazy my cuz is in the same situation where she has had this child and now she don't want him so me being the big cuz said I will take temporary custody of him till you get on your feet.

  • carmelita79

    these people should be beat and treated just like they did this poor little baby. then when she gets to jail, those mothers who want nothing more to see their childrend will get in that a**. i HATE women like this. and that 15 year old boyfriend, he is going to get it just as bad in the mens prison because men in prison do no play when it comes to molesters and rapist. May God handle this swiftly for that baby's sake. Her poor father

  • GAGIRL73