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I got a tip last week from a loyal reader who told me that FOX news cameras were spotted peeking in NeNe's windows (my loyal reader lives in the neighborhood).

I knew it had something to do with NeNe Leake's much-publicized eviction from her rental home. It turns out NeNe and husband Greg Leakes weren't even evicted -- they left on their own. But sadly, that's not juicy enough for gossip mongers.

Anyway, NeNe and the rest of the cast of Atlanta Housewives will join NBA baller LeBron James tomorrow night at the Velvet Room. NeNe will be celebrating her birthday which proves that she's too Grand to be stressed, baby!

Thanks to Zedi over at for the video link!

  • prynsexxx

    Why did they leave?

  • dblaq

    Because they didn't pay they rent

  • Anna

    prynsexxx Says:

    Why did they leave?
    Maybe knew and they left right before the eviction papers.

  • Kymystry

    Why did they leave? .,....Because they didn’t pay they rent

    ... priceless ...

    who is her husband anyway ? ? ?

  • Bird

    The news report I saw yesterday said they were evicted and they are also known for shady business dealings. One client was interviewed about having to sue them for screwing her and even though she won she doesn't expect to see the money. The husband's shady management company was shut down after numerous complaints due to the fact that he was operating without a license. It is unknown what the couple is doing to make money these days and they live in a lil ole townhome now apparently.

  • prynsexxx

    So the whole show was a fraud.......or reality at best. LOL

    How did THEY get picked for this show anyway? I guess the "REAL" housewives of Atlanta were too busy "working" to audition.

  • bloggergirlz

    they were evicted...period...point blank...

  • Ilovepink1981

    If they were evicted it's sad that its all over the news. Her kids are old enough to know whats going on. They should not have "pretended" if they weren't all that rich and famous but, I think that the camera's should have stayed out this portion of their life. THey couldnt afford the home just like alot of people in the world today

  • ckarinwhite

    I think the whole show was a fraud because only Deshawn was the Real Housewife of Atlanta...The rest of the ladies were added for drama!

  • kwallace577

    if i leave my house today and show up in a low rent apartment tomorrow then that means my azz caught the syndrome that destiny chiren and nem had and saw...."the writing on the wall"

    ***NEWSFLASH*** you MIGHT know you about to get evicted...if you know for a fact you ain't been paying shyt. here in nc it takes MONTHS to get evicted. which gives you plenty time to save up on that deposit on the low rent apartment. i'm just saying...

  • DivineBrown


    YA'LL DO NOT BE UP IN THERE TRYNA PLAY NENE! I don't care if she was evicted. It's not the first time it ever happened!!!

    Hold your head up NENE, we support you mama! PLEASSSSSSSSSSSEEEE GET BACK ON THE 2ND SEASON!

  • KAT

    i guess we will see if she will be "living large" on season 2!


    I love the show, and look forward to interviewing the cast. Great girls for the most part. I aint hatin' cuz my girl Nene is a SAGITTARIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS!(Loud Ryan Cameron voice). Ow OWWWWW!! We are FABULOUS honey!

    Shout out to Hermosa & Prynsexxx...the other known Sags on the blog.
    Pryn i hope you have a super bday 2morrow darlin'! I know i will.

  • kaliente

    damn, Fox news goin hard in the paint i see...

  • Daisy

    @Kwallace what part of NC are you in? Thats my home state. I am in the A now.

  • mj

    What a jerk this TV station is. I don't ever hear them digging into the financial woes of other reality tv stars. They looking for a way to bring a black family down any way they can... All done in very poor taste! Sad Sad Sad

  • ms.peaches

    I agree I can't wait for the 2nd season if they even have one now considering all this stuff going on!! I feel like the only 2 chicks they may be stable are the wives of the athletes cause you know they got a few dollars stashed away & as far as Sheree trying to get 7 figures from a retired NFL player?? where they do that at (lmao)!!! Kim I guess she would need to find another suga daddy for season 2 unless big poppa gave her something to tide her over!!! Nene I luv u babe everything will workout