I'm updating this post to respond to the many emails I've received from readers who think Keri is dissin' Ciara -- not Beyonce. Wrong! She's actually going in on both of them. Loyal member Coop broke it down in the comments:

She’s going at Bey when she says “Your vision cloudy if you think that you da best/You can dance/she can sing/but need to move it to the le… (Don’t do it to ‘em shawty!)”

But she was also going at all other female singers. “them other chicks ain’t even worth talkin bout”


In this remix to the T-Pain & Lil Wayne track, "Turnin' Me On", Keri reminds Beyoncé who wrote her hits!

From Smoking Section:

You don’t expect R&B vixens to snatch off their earrings and kick off their heels on wax — unless there’s an album release on the horizon. Which ironically (or not,) is Ms. Hilson’s current situation: March 24th to be exact.

Well if it’s even more attention that she wants for In A Perfect World… than even a #1 hit can give her, she’s got it by going at Sasha Fierce a.k.a. Beyoncé Knowles herself.

"Just check the credits, ho…"

Lets see if Bey bounces back and goes below the belt and straight for the feet. LINK

  • keely107

    So ova her mushroom!

  • flyqtnva

    WOW...she even told that HO go have some babies. lol lol lol Beyonce anit go do sh#&. Now check the credits. lol

  • Kymystry

    I liked that song ... LOL @ keely .. Glad it's a Weave/Wig thats a jacked up mushroom .. she can just take it OFF .. lol

  • Charles

    ALL BEY is gotta show keris hilson FLOP WIKIPEDIA PAGE

  • http://myspace.com/latituded400 H-Town Shan

    What song did Keri Hilson write?

  • Charles

    BEYONCE sold how many

    keri hilson cant even get a album out she a mediore ho oh you can write hoodrat hits like diva bitch b ye go back to the atl projects

  • keely107


    Right, but watch how by summer some poor souls will have cut THEIR hair prancing round Mosley Park!!! LOL.

  • iscream

    Do I have to listen to the song to hear the diss cause it for sure aint in those words.

    & while I'm no Beyonce Stan this girl better go sit her azz down. Her songs aren't popping like that and her voice is annoying to me. Does she sing over that Roger Trotman machine?

  • keely107

    LMAO@Charles.....not mediocre ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!hollering!

  • ReadTheBlog

    What did she write for Beyonce'? I thought Keri's album was already out?

  • mizzdallas

    her album was pushed back further then stevie hairline, so now she finally releasing her album, but she did write for alot of artist which some of her songs she wrote became hits...

  • Shalala26


  • Kymystry

    wait ... did speakmymind get banned too ... haven't seen her in awhile ....

  • flyqtnva

    WHICH songs did Beyonce write? (really) Dont include the ones that we out and she redone and added her name. Now really how many?

  • speaking da truth

    It's chicks like her that give females a bad rep... Bey ain't do NOTHING to her! I know she doesn't want to count paper with Bey!! Just like a loser to bring someone else down to elevate themselves... Bey is to classy to respond to that Decatur TRASH! I liked Keri for a sec, but she played herself on this one!! Why all the name calling?? Remember the mad rapper interludes that use to be on all the bas boy records... I just want to ask Keri-- Why you so mad?

  • kcicero

    What songs did she write for Beyawnce, I'm just curious. Whenever B says that she wrote something I just roll my eyes and wait for the true author to either be found or file a lawsuit. I mean honestly B can't string together an intelligible sentance so I don't expect her to write a semi-coherent song...

  • kcicero

    @Kym I think she did about a certain website...don't remember the name being better than here...

  • jazi65

    preach kcicero preach! lol

  • keely107


    REALLY? I hope not!

  • ReadTheBlog

    Sandra, this story is uuber old by a few weeks.

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    Not a flattering picture of Keri at all. Anyway, chick has been pushing singles for a year and she's just releasing the CD? Hmmmm, is ANYONE checking for this CD? Wish you luck Keri because you're gonna need it!

  • KAT

    keri needs to sit down somewhere. i did like her performance on rip the runway last night tho....but she better see how many records she's going to sell before she go trying to call somebody out.

  • Daisy

    I didnt even bother listening to the track so anybody who did 1) did she say Beyonces name at all in the song? If not then how do we know this isnt Sandra being messy as usual. I do like Keri's songs and may get her cd if it ever comes out I am desparate for some new music.

    B's writing skills are beyond basic

  • flyqtnva

    This post is going over many heads. It doesnt matter what she sells on her album. she been writing for other people so she getting dough for that. The writer's make all the money anyway thats why so many people dislike Beyonce for stealing credits. If the song writers go on strike you think Beyonce will put out an album.......um no....

  • Daisy

    @Keely Keri's hair has always IRKED me..lol Its cute in the energy video when its wet.

  • ReadTheBlog

    I kind of like the haircut...I wouldn't wear it, though.

  • mizzdallas

    exactly @kciero, chick is dumb azz rocks, I almost died when she said "President is so intelligent that he makes her want to be smarter" I got to thinking when were you ever smart? Is the question......

  • Daisy

    @Mizz whose pic is that?

  • mizzdallas

    Im I the only one who like Keri haircut, and I saw a little of EBT rip-the-runway and it was a HOT mess, I had to redeem myself.... Did anyone watch EBT Harlem Heights? Its was okay its MTV version of "The City".

  • Deep Thoughts

    It sounds so out of pocket I wonder if they agreed to do this to push her album, you can't trust celebrities.

  • mizzdallas

    @daisy its Laz Alonso from "Stomp Yard",THis Christmas","Miracle St.Annas".

    yes he is FINE!!!!! Sandra can we do a morningwood post on him....

  • http://myspace.com/eastpointvet eastpointvet

    i dont know about this beef but keri will be straight she a writer so the money going to be there

  • iscream

    @ Kym comment # 13 I think she did. I remember her saying she likes some site & it was better than this & Sandra responding saying yeah I like it 2 why don't you stay over there....

    That was the last I heard of her. I went to the site she mentioned. I didn't think it was so great but that's my opinion.

  • intensemocha

    When you get on like bey-holla back

    until then keep grinding boo-

  • Charles

    LOLLL people still get banned?

  • speaking da truth

    @ isc

    I remember that!! Sandy is HARDCORE!!

  • toosexy

    actually how we know beyonce didn't do anything to keri? I actually liked the song, and not because of the beyonce diss, I like the remix better, the original was just ok for me. I def. think is for beyonce, she did the rap, and I think it could have something with beyonce and that diva song. that's just a guess. any woo, I do agree that her vision is blurry

  • toosexy

    keri went to hard and told her, tell em how many songs i wrote for you, ha, ha!

  • Daisy

    @mizz I saw harlem heights it was wack. Who knew that was Kanyes ex Brooke.

  • Daisy

    @Mizz ok that was bothering me like who the he@# is that..lol

  • speaking da truth

    @ toosexy

    I am soo slow that I promise I get EVERYTHING last!! :-) What exactly does she mean by- Bey's vision is blurry? Please believe I am not a Bey stan....but I just don't agree with people bringing others down in their songs...if you're a good artist...you'll shine regarless :-)

  • Daisy

    Wow I finally listened she never said Bs name but who else could it be. B does not respond to diss tracks so Keri wasted her time. Lil waynes verse was HAWT!!

  • Kymystry

    wow ... well .. i miss speakmymind ...

    I hope imalover didn't get banned for the "joke" comment .. house nuccas vs field nuccas

  • kcicero

    I just actually listened to the song...Keri's part was fire. There's no doubt in my mind that she's talking about B. What I want to know is how do you go from anonymously writing songs for this uneducated country bama to dissing her on a track...something shady happened.

    A newbie wouldn't just come on the send taking shots at "the legendary(who had to sings someone else's song at the inauguration cause all hers was inappropriate) Beyonce...something shady happened and since everything is always tracked back to them, I'm going to go out on a limb and say Beyonce's people started...

  • iscream

    @ Speakin I don't know about hardcore but she will not think twice if you come at her wrong to ban you.

    I liked speakmymind comments & like the others will miss her views on certain topics... but this is Sandra's site and when you are in someone's space. (Web page, house or face) You have to give a certain respect.

  • Charles


    we have survived the *banned*Wave*

    But for how much longer =[ this comment boar ddone chanhged so much in just a year some of yall gots no idea

    did yall know sandras site is like 20,000th most visited a day. I know it doesnt sound like much but its actually pretty good for a black site in my opinion

    compare this to necole bitchie 40,000th =D

    Just a FYI i think ill repost this comment on the next post =]



  • Charles

    I miss kwallace, divine, that amulet girl and uhhh goat whered he go and uhhhhhh thats all i can think of <3

  • Charles


    A flop ho who is only relevant for writing britney spears gimme more and working with timbaland for that one flop song for timbalands flop album, she has a weird ass mushroom wig writes hoodart hits.... and is a d+ singer

  • candycane

    This song is only hot because of Lil Wayne, and now with the remix T-Pain and Wayne. She sings one verse.

    No matter how many songs she's written she dont have Beyonce money, awards, fans, showmanship....................

    AND!! This is only her second song, which to me sounds like a remix of the first. I HATED!!!!! that dayum energy, energy, energy, energy song.

    She didnt say Bey's name, but was definitely talking about her

  • speaking da truth

    @ charles

    Dang...Were all those people you named banned??

  • candycane

    She's an opening act on tour with two singles. Bey sells out stadiums. Like someone else said, she should wait to see how she sells before she trys to diss.

  • Charles


    UHHHH no just not very active.. people move on i guess i stay around though =]

  • iscream

    Did Amulet get banned? I thought she left.

  • heartbreaker

    Sandra will dead you in a minute!! Does anyone remember AttorneyMom? She goes waaaaaaaayyy back----I'm talking early '07 back! Sandra pissed her off so bad, she started her own blog...and even shut Sandra down for a sec!!! Even Sandra was like damn son....how you really gonna do me like that?? AttorneyMom had people striking against Sandra for real!! lol

  • toosexy


  • heartbreaker

    @ toosexy

    I don't think it that's we don't think anyone can match Beyonce....If you got paper and swag eventually we will see it!! Why does she have to try to play someone else, so people like you can go google her to find out her actual accolades? All that stuff you found out, I already knew about her....She's just the worst for going at any chick like that!!

  • toosexy

    @heartbreaker, I think something happened, I don't think she just did this for kicks, I would assume. also guess what when you are behind the scenes people do not see it, just like most of these commments, evidently noone knew what she has accomplished including me, that's why I did a little research and I guess she does have the big money she stated, she told bee to get her money up. and maybe some of us are not the only ones tired of beyonce acting like she is soooo talented, and really others have been making the way for her.

  • KaraZ

    I like the song, not loving this remix, but Keri just needs the right team around her and some different material and she could give Beyonce a run for her money AND she speaks English clearly and can write.

  • http://myspace.com/bwcoop Coop


    She's going at Bey when she says "Your vision cloudy if you think that you da best/You can dance/she can sing/but need to move it to the le...(Don't do it to 'em shawty!)/"

    But she was also going at all other female singers. "them other chicks ain't even worth talkin bout"

    It's like when rappers go at Jay and then say something about all other rappers. It's just for free pub.

  • heartbreaker


    I feel where you're coming from :-) But I just think Keri was to fly to go that route. She lost mad cool points with me...There are better ways to go at Bey if you are going to take it there...One thing I can say about Bey is regardless of how fake and talentless she might be, she ALWAYS shows her music peers respect!! Except for that little comment she made about the Jacksons earlier this year..LMAO!! But she wasn't lying... I am in NO way a BEY stan...but anyone that can perform for two hours straight in 4-5 inch heels without getting out of breath..bust her ass down some steps then get back up and still do the damn thing!! Has talent to me...I think the world is just sooo programed to hate on one another, it's natural. I mean, I'm no angel...I hate on some people too!! It's a natural instinct...lol

  • mimi08


    That's not true! Beyonce is real sneaky and she is always trying to put other chicks in place in the industry, always claiming to the flyest, etc. She's just real sneaky with hers. I can't believe some people to dumb to pick up on that, or maybe they so far up her azz to see it. In her interviews she speak on the rumors she hears and reads on the internet, in a round-about way. I don't know, maybe she's smarter than some of you, cause she always going at someone when she opens her mouth in sneaky sly ways and smiling at the same time. She has low self esteeem and thats why every second she's making claims about her being the best ,etc.

    And you also lied when you said she can perform in 4 or 5 inch heels without getting out of breath...big lie! She's constantly out of breath, and breathing all hard. Janet Jackson is the queen at performing non stop, beyonce can't touch her on that, never could and never will. Yeah, beyonce fell down stairs and jumped right up, of course, what was she gone do, lay down and cry...she didn't get up for work ethic, she got up for pride and haughtiness.

  • mimi08

    i'm glad keri checked her fat azz! beyonce is a lying thief.

  • Daisy

    I am waiting to see if Keri is going to back peddle now that the track is out.

    @whoever said B can perform in 4-5 inch heels you could do if your daddy had you running and singing in them since the age of 9..lol A fact not "hating" as you stans love to say.

    @whoever said this was Keris 2nd single the remix. If you count the remix it would be her 3rd single. Energy was 1st and she also has a song with Chris brown thats hawt as well.

    I find this entire thing interesting

  • Avanti

    I loves it. Someone needs to step up! Since Bey says she's a diva, she should expect someone to sooner or later stand up to her b/c I'm sure she keeps her diva attitude on display. I'm all for giving folks their props and if chick has been writing the songs, she needs her props.

    Loves me some Keri! Also loves her hair. She doesn't stray from the style much but it fits her and its her signature look so I say "do you Miss Keri"! I also love the hair from the "Energy" video. Oh yea...ATL/DEC ALL DAY! LOL (THOUGH THANK GOD I'M MIDTOWN NOW!) LOL GET MONEY

  • babysoft15

    I hate to burst the bubble, but she ISN'T talking about Beyonce...she is talking about CIARA!! And Sandra you of all people should know this!

  • licia

    i'm team keri all the way . she's truly talented and even if her album doesn't do well as long as she keeps actually writing songs she will always have some money.

    i could care less who she's talking about .

  • kdillon

    Beyonce is always talking ish about other females in the game so Im happy someone is calling her out. Keri may not have paper like Beyonce but she still has paper. Beyonce mainly has paper because she uses Up and Coming artist like Keri as a writer then takes writing credits for them, and gets royalty payments, this might be why Keri s mad she may have got jacked by the Knowles. Some of you are so quick to defend Beyonce in which she keeps women like Keri down who are trying to make it by stealing songs knowing they dont have the Lawyer manpower to fight. The industry knows how shady the Knowles are, they are talked about all the time and many people dont want to work with them. Why do you think Beyonce never does any real duets with real musicians? Not that many people like them but to the outside world it seems they are in demand. The Knowles pays for everything, thats why when people start quoting #'s it doesnt mean anything.

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  • nolachic


    I agree with you. Im SURE if this diss is aimed at Bey...Bey did something. Them Knowles' are dirty or so thats the word. Everybody on here as heard that before so dont play stupid like Keri is just picking a fight. Something happened that we know nothing about. Believe that.

  • jemalangel

    Lawd....Um keri...go get several more hits, some grammy's, some movie deals, sing at the Super Bowl, headline your own tour, sell over 25 million records worldwide and then talk some shit. You're in the back of the line at the old visions club waiting to get in cause you cant go round to the back and jump the line. lol I know she wrote for several peeps but since she's going after an artist and she's trying to BE an artist, lets go toe to toe and Bey knocks her azz back to REALITY! I'm down with Bey all day...thats my dawg!


    Hilson has been writing music for other artists since 2001, including Britney Spears, Ciara, Usher, and Ludacris. Despite having made a name for herself as an arranger and background vocalist, lending her vocal talents to many of the songs she wrote on, Hilson remained behind the scenes for the most part until 2004, when she was featured on Xzibit's single, "Hey Now (Mean Muggin)" and made her performing debut singing the track live at the 2004 MTV Europe Awards.

    In 2006, Hilson reappeared on the music scene in the video for Nelly Furtado's single "Promiscuous". Meanwhile, she signed as an artist with Timbaland's newly formed Interscope associated label Mosley Music Group and the pair started work on her debut album '"In A Perfect World...". The same year, she was featured on "After Love" from Diddy's album Press Play as well as "Help", the second single from Lloyd Banks' Rotten Apple.

    In 2007, Hilson made several appearances on Timbaland's solo effort, Shock Value where she featured heavily on the singles "The Way I Are" and "Scream" and the tracks "Miscommunication" and "Hello". Furthermore, she was featured on the track "Lost Girls" on Rich Boy's debut album and its second single "Good Things" and was credited as a writer and backing vocalist on Britney Spears' album Blackout. She also worked on Spears' follow-up "Circus", but the tracks didn't appear on the album.

    A promotional video for her song "Where Did He Go" was released in 2008 and she went on to further promote herself as a solo artist on "Get It Girl", a track produced by Timbaland & Danja and recorded for a Verizon ringtone promotion and available also through iTunes.

    She also played the lead role in Usher's music video for "Love in This Club", (as well as co-writing its "Pt. II" remix) appeared as one of the "independent women" in Ne-Yo's music video for "Miss Independent" and appeared briefly on Nelly's "Party People" music video wearing a T-Shirt with the slogan 'Hip Hop aint dead'. She soon after featured on Nas' debut single from his controversial album Untitled, "Hero".

    She is now on the I Am Music Tour with Lil Wayne, T-pain, and Gym Class Heroes


  • http://www.atlNORTHonline.com dj_dceezy

    BTW song is about NICOLE from PCDs... listen to the song again... LOL yall lame

  • iscream

    That's why I love KRS One, 50 cent and people who name names. This song has gone from being about Beyonce (who I think its about) to Ciara to Nicole from PCD.

    This chick should've said who she was talking about. All this secret decoder rap is wack. If you're going to Bring it then bring it damn it.

    But I guess it got the internet talking about her.

  • cocoa49

    i wonder what they did to her to for her to come at them like this...we don't know what goes on behind the scenes. all we see is the fake and phony side of these chick when they are on TV or in an interview. so i hope Keri speaks on this, but most likely she will say she isn't dissing them....and you know what maybe it isn't either one of them.

  • http://thechoklitfactory.wordpress.com/ ChokLitFactory

    I agree with Nolachick.
    Firstly, I think Keri beefin with CiCi, since Ms. C is rubbin alot of folks wrong these days.

    BUT if she is addressin this B, then she must have good reason, cuz she is takin it to the HOOD with this rhyme! I kinda like that she has the guts to spit like this. And if she was ghostwritin for B, then Keri got money too! Songwriting PAYS. I'mma need more people on this one till I give an ultimate verdict.

    On that note, Keri is cool, but sometimes I think she tries WAY too hard. And when you try hard, you die hard.

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