Yesterday we wrote that rapper Young Jeezy and reality TV personality Khloe Kardashian (sister of socialite Kim Kardashian) were a couple after seeing pictures of them partying together in Miami over the weekend.

Well, Jeezy’s publicist Tracy Nguyen emailed us denying the rumors that Jeezy and Khloe have been dating for a year.

Tracy wrote:

Hi Sandra,

They are absolutely not a couple. If you remember last year the rumor mill was going when Jeezy and Khloe were photographed together in Vegas for Khloe’s birthday party (which I was out there for also). So I’m not surprised that people are talking again just because they were all hanging out in Miami. We all hang in similar circles (Khloe and her sisters are friends of mine and also friends with a few other people who work with Jeezy) so naturally when everyone is in the same city, we all hang out. Not sure who you’re sources are but I can say with absolute certainty that they are nothing more than friends.

All the Best,


Source: Tracy Nguyen
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