Obamaholics please pass on this post. I get sick and tired of reading your e-mails and your comments whenever I am critical of your boy, and I am afraid this is going to be one of those times.

~borrowed from Field Negro

Remember those massive crowds that turned out to hear Barack Hussein Obama speak on the presidential campaign trail? Well, this crowd of 4,000 to 6,000 protesters showed up in Cincinnati over the weekend to attend a “tea party” protesting Obama’s wild spending in Washington. Even my pastor, who is a staunch supporter of Obama, preached about Obama’s planned 2nd stimulus bill this past Sunday.

It seems that Obama is in a race to outspend George Bush. In just 40 days, Obama has spent $1.2 trillion resulting in doubling the national debt and putting us deeper in the hole with China. George Bush spent half of that on the Iraqi war — and it took him 5 years to do it!

Obama campaigned on a platform of lies. He promised to ease the suffering of Americans who are at risk of losing their homes by signing a stimulus bill on his first day in office. Instead, he closed Gitmo, halted the trial of the terrorists responsible for 9/11 and gave his first official interview as president to a Muslim network with ties to terrorists.

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