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Talk show diva Oprah Winfrey shares her past experience as a victim of abuse with Rihanna. "He will hit you again."

But in this video from an interview bitch-boy did with DJ Clue on Power 105 last year, he stressed that getting bad press was enough of a deterrent to keep him from beating Rihanna down.

  • Daisy

    Morning Fam!

    Very good interview DJ Clue had no idea he was all on the right street when he started talking about shoes and fighting.

    Stay up Chriana!!

  • Daisy


    Chris Brown lashed out at Rihanna after she hit him with her shoes, it has been claimed. Welford Hart - who lives with Brown’s mother - alleged that the singer was provoked by the Umbrella hitmaker.

    Hart told the New York Post newspaper, “When you take off your shoes and beat someone with high heels, that’s going to hurt. He reacted and tried to get her to stop hitting him, but she kept screaming.”

  • MissGauzzz

    Lady O can make all the passionate pleas and dedicate all the shows she wants, chick ain't listening to nobody and will stay with him until SHE gets good and ready to leave if ever! And if it's true that she started the fight (which don't make it right) all these folks quick to take sides are seriously going to be lookin' foolish! I'm no advocate of nobody beating anyone; however, these are STRANGERS that we know nothing about!! Everybody needs to fall back and let these people do what they're going to do.

  • Daisy

    @MissG AMEN AMEN and AMEN!!!

  • licia

    missgauzz you are right on the money .

  • Bird

    I never thought Rihanna was totally innocent. My thought has always been that whatever she did, he was not visibly wounded like Rihanna. He used his superior strength to beat her down rather than restrain her. I wouldn't have had a problem if in response to her slapping, hitting or biting him he would have slammed on the brakes and pushed her out the car by mushing her in her damn face. She had no right to put her hands on him. But the multiple blows to the head and choking was overkill to say the least. They need to get away from each other and get help seperately. IF they are so damn in love that they can't get away from each other then they still need to get help seperately. Because he might be stronger than Rihanna, but she might be that crazy broad that will throw hot grits on him or clock him with a frying pan or other available weapon.

  • Daisy

    @Bird you know how it was back when you were young and "in love" for the 1st time everything was so I still aint convinced they are back together. I think she is being a friend or trying to be right or wrong. Like I said all along they know what happened in the car that night and what roles they both played. He should never have touched her at all he should have stopped the car and gotten out. I always found it hard to believe that she just sat there and didnt get any licks in. He was going to get the best of her regardless. Heartbreaking.

  • MissGauzzz

    @Bird, I see your point; however, at the end of the day, they were the only ones in the car to know exactly what went down and regardless of how we (the public) feel about what happened it remains this girls choice! What bothers me is that folks are trying to tell her what to do and expect her to listen, and get all pissy when she doesn't...This girl has a family and handlers and if they can't get thru to her who the hell are we?! That's all I'm sayin..I'm getting tired of seeing blogs/media etc etc quick to take sides and expecting this girl to do what THEY think she should do! It is what it is and people need to let it fall out however it's going to fall out.

  • licia

    miss g you are taking it to church today .

  • KaraZ

    Y'all kill me with who instigated what with a shoe/cellphone/weave. And I don't know why it still floors me that its women who are coming up with the most excuses for him. Half of y'all sound like battered women! If she did hit him first, was she wrong? Yes. However don't tell me that lumpy forehead and obvious bruising was "self defense."

    I don't know...if Rihanna likes her money, she will listen to Oprah; I swear the day Oprah uses my government name while giving advice, its a wrap!

  • mjoylaw

    This is the DJ Clue interview in which Clue brought up Rihanna, as an island girl (they be trippin) goin upside Breezy's head with a shoe.....that's where this story is coming from. Rihanna ain hit Chris on the top of his head or in his face wit no shoe, that's some this late date

  • mjoylaw

    I Rihanna's image as feisty is manufactured. Personally Ion think Rihanna was too aggressive with Chris, the description of how she was shielding herself in the car from the blows indicates he was beatin her azz on the regular and she was scared of him but couldn't break away..battered woman syndrome and no she is not going to leave him til she gets ready. But I think Oprah feels she would not be able to live with herself if something happens to Rihanna and she did not make the effort to warn her

  • missamerica

    He seems so fake to me now!