Bishop Eddie's Long's extravagant $250,000 Easter Sunday service will not be held at the Georgia Dome this year for the first time in over a decade. The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church was forced to scale back its Easter services after seeing its membership (and tithes) decline by 20%.

Since 1993, the megachurch held its Easter services at the Georgia Dome in downtown Atlanta, attracting crowds of up to 40,000 that included celebrities such as T.I. and Patti LaBelle. But this year's Easter service will move back to the 10,000 seat sanctuary in Suburban Atlanta. The recession hit New Birth hard, whittling the 25,000 member congregation down to nearly half that.

Bishop Long, who routinely preaches his sermons dressed in expensive tailored suits and dripping in diamonds, acknowledges that his members are no longer receptive to his "prosperity" message since many of them have lost their jobs and homes.

"In this time of recession, we had to look at some different ways of doing things," Long said. "The unemployment situation, the mortgage situation has definitely affected our members. This money could be better utilized to bless more people, feed more people."

Bishop Long is known around Atlanta for his extravagant lifestyle, driving expensive cars and wearing flashy clothes. But despite the recent decline in tithing and offerings, Bishop Long pledged to continue charitable services such as a blood drive, health screenings, a clothing drive, haircuts, dinner for the needy and job assistance.

"This recession has hit across the board very, very hard," Long said. "But I see a whole lot of hope out there. The message is to keep your head up, keep your faith and stay strong. We are our brother's keeper."


  • pointhimout

    man, he's downsizing all the way around huh?

  • smurfette1920

    I hope he downsizes the number of muscle man shirts he has in his closet.

  • kwallace577

    I hope he downsizes the number of muscle man shirts he has in his closet.
    welcome smurfette. i saw you were new to our circle when you shouted out our fam kymmy... that is out of the way...please go to timeout for that comment. hollllllllllllering!!! NOT musckle shirts...DEAD.

  • Daisy


  • pointhimout

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. wow wow wow.

  • krbinc


  • The Divine Ms. K

    Not to step on any toes, but this is one of the churches I told my baby brother to avoid when he moved to the ATL.

    Preachers shouldn't be preaching prosperity in the first place. When you have to change your message because of a recession - you weren't preaching the right stuff anyway.

    If he's saying the money could be put to better use like for feeding people - what the hell was he doing with it before???


    How about he trade in some of those expensive ass cars he has.. Guess the recession isn't hurting him, while he drives around in a 100k+ bentley.. I never understood how people can flock to these mega churches where they won't give you any money when u can't pay your rent, but the pastor shows up blinged out and driving exotic cars..

  • pointhimout

    #7, you ask wth he was doing with the money before? where do we begin? members buying blessings, that's what I always said.

  • Bird

    I used to go to New Birth in Charlotte until I started getting more and more annoyed by the pastor's diamond encrusted New Birth logo medallion necklace and matching ring also dripping in diamonds. My new church is participating in New Birth's Re/Presnt 2009 Youth Conference in Lithonia. The itinerary is outstanding and I really want to send my daughter, but I'm conflicted about it.

  • Sandra Rose

    The Divine Ms. K Says:

    If he’s saying the money could be put to better use like for feeding people - what the hell was he doing with it before???

    On point! You hit the nail on the head!

  • Alana

    I have a real problem with the "mega church". Him and Creflo Dollar and all the rest of them. Black people flock to these churches though because they love to brag about their pastors, while the church seldomly helps them at all. I had a friend who attends a mega church in the Detroit area desire for her "mega pastor" to wed her and her husband. He declined because he said he did not "personally" know them and that they would have to be wed by one of the decons or somebody else. She still attends that church. That would have been my last day there.

  • Bird


    I can't stand when the pastor inaccessible to his flock to that extreme. Always sicking a deacon or associate pastor on folks. What kind of spiritual leading is that?

  • LilMissRed

    ummmm wow!

  • MissGauzzz

    yeah that's some foolishness! u right..that woulda been my LAST day up in there! that kinda mess is pure nonsense!

  • mizzdallas

    You mean Pimp Dollar Bill, because thats all he wants...

  • ReadTheBlog

    And does that include those lame ass muscle shirts and that jheri curl he's trying to pass off as good hair?

    Kearny Thomas all the way - *screaming* GAWWWWWWWD!

  • Dhoward1913

    I know that I am about to upset a few Houston readers, but we have a few like that here. Higher D's pastor looks like he should be on the cover of GQ, wearing that pancake #5 makeup. And another one is New Life, I.V. Hillard's wife ahs a book entitled, How to get your Riches in Heaven, on the cover she is dressed in a fur, diamonds, and leaning on a Rolls. Did I miss something about heaven in that messege.

  • kwallace577

    these churches are called mega churches for a reason. because they are bonafide businesses. high dollar/high profit businesses. and sadly most of the time... 9 times outta 10 they are NOT in the business of spirituality. and like i said MOST. not all are like that. but the majority are.

    what can you expect when the pastor and their wives carry the heck on like a CEO of a business?

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Dang, Sandra gave me a compliment on a part of my post! Must be my lucky day - thanks Auntie!

    Boy, I feel for those folks that only flock to these churches because the pastor seems wealthy. Creflo Dollar has to be one of the most crooked pastors out there - sorry if he's your pastor, but he is.

    I'm so glad I go to a Bible based church that stresses evangelism. The only purpose of a church is for its members to get out and speak to others about their salvation, if you really want to get down to it.

  • Nina

    Interesting because I used to be a member of this church, but lets just say I got tired a few things.

  • pointhimout

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Nina, you need a hug? I too was taken aback by having to swipe my ATM card before the doors would unlock.

    And yall thought the people sitting in the front of the church just happened to get there early. not the case. go to you can buy a seat at one of the services, just like you would if you were going to a hawks game.