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The beautiful and talented La La Vazquez attended the premiere of Dreamworks' "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen" held at Mann Village Theatre in L.A. yesterday. Did you know La La was an entrepreneur in addition to being a wife and mother? I don't know how she juggles all that AND stay on Twitter 24/7.

Pretty actress Nia Long attended the L.A. premiere of Dreamworks' "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen" with her son yesterday. I wonder if she still has a man at home?

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Odd couple Reggie Bush and TV personality/socialite Kim Kardashian graced the red carpet at the L.A. premiere of Dreamworks' "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen" held at Mann Village Theatre yesterday.

R&B crooner/actor Tyrese Gibson cut a dashing figure on the red carpet at the premiere. Handsome!

Actress Megan Fox is said to be the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. I don't see it, but they say Beyonce is the most beautiful singer. So there you go.

Mike Tyson and his wife Lakiha Spicer at the launch of EA Sports and Xbox 360's 'Fight Night Round 4' at House of Blues in West Hollywood yesterday.

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  • Dhoward1913

    Did I miss something? I never knew Lala was either talented or married. I know she is engaged to Carmelo, but not married. I'm still missing what's her claim to fame other than being a veejay.

    Tyrese looks like a damn fool.

    Megan Fox is a beautiful girl, I don't know about her being the most beautiful thing in Hollywood, but she is a pretty girl.



  • miamore73

    I think Reggie and Kim look great. The only that looks odd is Tyrese in that red foil jacket. ugggh.

    Nia looks really pretty also.

  • Anna

    How is La La talented when she is a co judge on "Charm School"? She does not have a husband Sandra and you know that. Next to Monica and Tiny I don't know who's been engaged the longest. Nia looks nice and I am surprised I like her hair.

  • LadyJustice

    Lala shaved the side of her head like cassie. u cant see it in the pictures

  • mizzdallas

    I cant wait to see this movie, going to be the Biggest Blockbuster of this year!

    Tyrese is looking sexy chocalate!! and Nia loos nice! right along with Megan Fox!

    no comment on lala

  • LadyJustice

    she has her own production company also, forgot what its called though

  • missmiami

    Tyrese looks like a waiter, LALA is far from beautiful/talented unless you are referring to her possible skilss in luring a man to the bedroom but not down the aisle and let's not even go there w/KK & Reggie. He looks like he is so over the relationship. I bet they are hanging on by a thread. Somebody please give him his swagger back.

  • KaraZ

    Lala is just a baby mama Sandra :rolleyes:

  • Kat

    lala always looks so matter what she does. her and sanaa lathan....zzzzzzzzzzz
    tyrese is a sexy chocolate brother but i hate the joker smile that he has going on in this picture. he could still get it though! :)
    nia looks nice as usual.
    is reggie trying to grow a mohawk?

  • talkingwithtami

    Nia Long looks so stylish very classy lady!

  • Anna

    LadyJustice Says:

    she has her own production company also, forgot what its called though.
    I didn't know that. If it were not for urban blogs I wouldn't know half of these celebs./rappers/singers/crackhead family members.

  • ELove

    CAN'T see the Tyrese pic

    @mizzdallas So GI-JOE & Terminator don't have a chance and I think Star Trek has made over $360 million worldwide so far

    And I THOUGHT that was Omarosa with a face-lift until I read below it was Nia Long :wink:

  • mizzdallas


    Those movies wont come close to what transformers numbers!! IMO!! lol!

  • LadyJustice

    OMG E-love! shame on you. that looks nothing like Omarosa lol

    me either anna. i rely on the blogs to keep me informed.

  • anti-PC

    1.Sorry, but La La is not attractive to me. Those eyes scare me.

    2.Nia is looking beatiful. I did not know she was a mom. And I heard somewhere that she is the half sister of that comedian Sommore. Anyone know about that?

    3.Kim and Reggie look very nice in that pic.

    4.Tyrese looks alrlight. Not really feeling the tux.

    5. Megan looks OK. Not a great pic of her.

  • Daisy

    I am so NOT into transformers....

    Tyrese looks nice but the jacket has got to go

    Team KIM!

    Nia is always on point had Negros fighting in the mall over her GET IT NIA!

    Sandra I agree I think Megan is pretty but I don't get all the hype I feel the same with about Angeline though.

    Lala does love her twitter

  • ELove

    Daisy said:
    "I am so NOT into transformers…."
    TEAM DAISY !!!!!

    My God-kids and nephews & nieces LUV'D the last one and their patiently waiting for this one (NOT me though...)

  • bklynchick

    Everyone looks nice.
    Reggie little package looks like it is poking a little bit in those pants but it could just be my glasses playing tricks on me

  • Shannon

    That button on LaLa's jacket is screaming: "help me! help me! help me! Lawd please help me"

  • iscream

    So was Tyrese there parking cars to make some extra cash?

    Nia Long still got it going on. Don't know why her having a man at home matters. She got her man right next to her. No man will ever love her more.

    LaLa... you guys said it all. Even the follower part... who follows Cassie. That says it all.

    Meagen Fox is the prettiest thing in Hollywood. Who the heck is she? And she is not prettier than Vanessa Williams.

  • Shauny

    LOVE Nia!

    LaLa is beautiful while Nia is pretty? Who would've thought? I did read somewhere that she has a lot of things going on though. Don't quote me because I can't name any of them but they said they're some good business ventures.

    Tyrese, please don't even wear that food colored piece of aluminum foil suit again.

    Meg Fox is OK. She talks too much though, and about nothing at that. I can't help it that I'm pretty, boys are scared of me, I don't want to be the next Angelina Jolie, people think that because I'm so hot I'm dumb (in my Bernie Mack voice from Da Kangs) SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    Reggie has NEVER had swag IMO, he just always looked DAMN good. That picture doesn't disappoint either...yum Oh, yeah Kim looks o.k

  • iscream


    Scrolling back up maybe I missed her good looks on the way down....


    Noasatal (no ass at all) and flat chested. Yeah she's every's man dream. Looking like a teenage boy. Don't make me laugh.

  • wiggy2272003

    I like LaLa I also read that she's got her fingers in a lot of business pots. She's cute but looks like she has a touch of graves disease.
    Nia is beautiful if she wants a man at home she got one.
    Mikes wife is cute but her outfit looks like she got it on 34th st maybe conway?
    You're right about Megan Fox talking too much. The only thing I ever saw her in was Transformers but everytime I go to yahoo to login she's a features story saying something. a little narcissitic maybe?
    Tyrese has never been cute in the face to me and tell him New Edition called and want thier jacket back.

  • Krysi J

    Everyone looks pretty nice....Ill even let Tyson pass wit dat stupid azz tattoo. If Nia doesn't have a man at home, its because she doesn't want one....Not like there is a huge selection in the industry but even if those men, on a cold day in hell, didn't want anything to do with her.....she could always pull a stock broker, accountant, doctors, lawyers....etc. Somebody want her, believe dat! Megan Fox is pretty, Ill give her that, but the prettiest...I don't think so.

    AND JUST LOOK AT REGGIE..DRESSED LIKE....DAT GURL!! well....they look happy at least..LMAO!


  • jrzy_girl

    I think Kim & Reggie is a HAWT couple. I luv to see pics of them together. Nia always looks good even when she's off. No comment for Tyrese and that jacket. LaLa has never been attractive to me but her son is gorgeous. And uh...who is Megan?

  • Anna

    Shauny Says:
    LOVE Nia!
    Meg Fox is OK. She talks too much though, and about nothing at that. I can’t help it that I’m pretty, boys are scared of me, I don’t want to be the next Angelina Jolie, people think that because I’m so hot I’m dumb (in my Bernie Mack voice from Da Kangs) SHUT THE **** UP!
    I can't stand when she is doing an interview and basically tries to play herself down but really fishing for a compliment. I think (for me) she is known for dating Brian Austin Green(David from 90210). I don't know anything she is in.

  • candycane

    I am sooooo lovin Nia's pantsuit. Sexy, sexy Black Ty, dont like the red on him. He looks like he's lost weight.

    Tyson sure is tubby LOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • miamore73

    LadyJustice is right. LaLa did shave the side of her head. That shit looks so stupid. Okay so don't call the Po Po on me but if my teenage daughter asks to shave off the side of her head she may get a beat down.

    This is a bad fashion trend. Well hopefully it doesn't turn into a trend.

  • ChokLitFactory

    I think Megan Fox is moreso considered a Sex symbol than 'beautiful'. Everyone just thinks she's really hot. Men & women.