By Sandra Rose  | 

Home made video by an aspiring singer, former model and eye candy Brandon Carter, for his independent single "Set The Mood". This video is the first single off Brandon's new MixTape "The Audacity Of DOPE". The mixtape can be downloaded for free at Tell him Sandra Rose sent you and he'll send you an autographed photo of his Hawt bod!

Note to aspiring singers: don't wait around for a label to discover you and sign you to a record deal where they get 95% of the profits. Make your own music videos and mixtapes. Then upload your music online. The music industry is dead.

  • Daisy

    This is JT's song *blank stare*

  • LadyJustice

    yea set the mood is JT's song. i love this song. its on my myspace page... but i sure hope he aint trying to make a single out of this forreal ... not a good look. cant compare to Jtimberlake

  • sharnell

    Okay, am I the only one who see's him as a rapping Chico Debarge. Matter fact is he a Debarge, because that is the same type of mood he would set with the futon. You know he keeps it real! LMAO

  • attorneymom

    @ Sandra, I did not know that lesbians refer to men as "eye candy". Are you bisexual. LOL

  • attorneymom

    Sidebar: How is Mr. Clay and Tyra Banks' man are doing?? Now they are real eye candy next to Mr. Attorneymom. : - )

  • attorneymom

    Correction: Sidebar: How are Mr. Clay and Tyra Banks’ man doing?? Now they are real eye candy next to Mr. Attorneymom. : - )