By Sandra Rose  | 

Once again, Barack Hussein Obama's personal physician has spoken out against Obama's faulty Universal health Care Reform.

Dr. David Scheiner, 70, Chicago-based physician who treated Obama for more than 20 years, said Obama's vision is bound to failure.

"I look at his program and I can't see how it's going to work," Scheiner told the Huffington Post. "He has no cost control. There would be no effective cost control in his program. The [Congressional Budget Office] said it's going be incredibly expensive ... and the thing that I really am worried about is, if it is the failure that I think it would be, then health reform will be set back a long, long time."

Scheiner told HuffPo he prefers a more progressive approach to health care reform (such as expanding Medicare/Medicaid to cover more Americans). "His pragmatism is what is overwhelming him," said Scheiner.


  • keely107

    Who is this, and who are the people asking him anything? Everybody wants to be relevant!

  • Anna

    Ok, this health care thing is confusing me. I told hubby I was not comfortable with it. I can't see it passing. Notice how the powers that be did not vote (yet) and will soon take a recess durning the month of August. We the ppl will have more time to look at this health plan and voice our opinion. My new assistant got an email from his uncle that stated how "all ppl with cancer will not be treated under this health plan". what the hell is that about. I tried to go online and look for "Obama's Health Care plan". I did not find what I was searching for and if anyone can point me to a online address, please let me know. I don't want second hand into. I want to read it right out of the "horses mouth" so to speak. I am not bashing our President but I want first hand info.