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The L.A. County coroner, in typical Hollywood dramatic fashion, has finally released the cause of Michael Jackson's death. The actual report itself has still not been released, but the cause of death is due to an overdose of the sedative Propofol used in the induction of anesthesia, and acute benzodiapine intoxication, including Valium, Ativan and other prescription drugs found in Jackson's system. The manner of death is ruled a homicide. So far there have been no arrests made, but Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray is considered a suspect.


The L.A. County Coroner has just officially announced the cause of Michael Jackson's death -- Acute Propofol intoxication.

The report says "other conditions contributing to death: Benzodiazepine effect." Benzodiazepines are a group of drugs (see below) used to treat anxiety and insomnia.

The manner of death is ruled: "HOMICIDE."

The Coroner did not release the full autopsy report -- just a press notice. It goes on:

The drugs PROPOFOL and LORAZEPAM (Ativan) were found to be the primary drugs responsible for Mr. Jackson's death.

Other drugs detected were: Midazolam (Versed), Diazepam (Valium), Lidocaine (topical anesthetic) and Ephedrine (used to treat hypotension associated with anesthesia).

The final Coroner's report, including the toxicology report, will remain on security hold, per the LAPD.

  • attorneymom

    Please let MJ rest in peace. Please!!!!

  • PAHairston

    WOW! What a picture, so sharp and clear. There are thousands of pictures of MJ but I seemed to have missed this one. Good job SandraRose, good job!

  • attorneymom

    Did anyone see RHOA last night?? Is it me or is Ne Ne full of herself??

  • Daisy

    Attymom I love NeNe I thought she was tame last night. Sheree IRKS me and always has. She wants to be rich and elite so bad lol

  • SunnyPA

    This is a very clear picture. But I thought it was of the MJ wax figure at Madame Tossand (I know that name is spelled wrong).

  • coaretained

    that is a wax figure... did you have to find the most homo sexual looking pic of MJ??

  • LadyJustice

    yea its the was figure. lol

  • attorneymom

    @Daisy, Sheree irked me last night. HLN or whatever had Ne Ne on a panel discussing entertainment news.

  • Charles

    We go deep
    And we don't get no sleep
    And we be up all night
    Until the early light

    And I love me some rhoa I love kim,sheree and nene the other 2 not so much!

  • pointhimout

    can we at least get a MJ pic and not the impersonator? we will never see the actual autopsy report people.

  • iscream

    Hey Coa.

    Well maybe someone will go to jail since he isn't a rapper.

    As much as I love MJ if these were drugs he wanted is it fair to send someone to jail? and out of the drugs listed how many was he actually suppose to take. There are millions of American's who take RX drugs. Couldn't he have been one of them? I don't know. I understand the whole misuse of power by the doc's involved but didn't Mike know the risk?

    As always

    I'll wait and see.

  • iscream


    we were talking about RHWOA in the Kim post. I agree NeNe has let the little fame go to her head.

  • coaretained

    sup isc!!

    I can see your logic... but.. its the same reason they put street drug pushers in jail... abuse of an addict.. these dr's have taken professional oaths to not abuse their power...he knew that stuff could kill him.. and he wasn't even the appropriate dr to give him those meds if I'm not mistaken...

  • attorneymom

    @Iscream writes, "As much as I love MJ if these were drugs he wanted is it fair to send someone to jail?"

    I concur with you 100%, but dumb azz did not have to supply him with the drugs.

    Did I miss a Kim post??

    Yes, Ne Ne is getting beside herself. Fall back, Ne Ne. Fall back.

  • iscream

    Did I miss a Kim post??
    This made me lol. not lil kim.. kim kardashian. it's right below this one.

    @ Coa I know, I know but the street drugs are illegal drugs. these drugs are legal. Which goes to show that Mike should've just smoked him some :blunt: and been on his merry way. That would've helped him with his sleep for sure.

    & Im so jealous of your aunties MJ party. :mad:

  • attorneymom

    Oh, Kim K post, not Kim RHOA. Anyways, Ne Ne has lost a lot of cool points with me. My, my how her ego has grown this season. She should never refer to anyone as "ghetto" or a "hoodrat". With each finger you point at someone else, there are three pointing back at you. Selah.

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    where is Krysi J today?

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    Coa Latoya book is up on that site now... hee hee hee woo!

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    I heard krysi had to work in the front at kfc today so she was too busy to escape to the library to hop on sandra rose

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    DEAD at Charles. boy stop.

  • Anna

    Mike would have turned 51 today. How is it that Ted Kennedy will be buried today but Mike died 2 months ago and still does not have a resting place. I'm black, I'm white and still don't understand why some folks take so long to bury loved ones. It's not about the money with Mike.

  • attorneymom

    Anna writes, "Mike would have turned 51 today. How is it that Ted Kennedy will be buried today but Mike died 2 months ago and still does not have a resting place."


    Sidebar: Get on skype. I am trying to wake up Shecodes and Conservative Black Woman. They ain't answering. LOL

  • iscream


    :cheer: :cheer: