By Sandra Rose  | 

At some point celebrities are going to figure out that Twitter is the devil -- just like when they found out that Myspace wasn't all that great for their careers.

Brown arrived in NYC today sporting 3-day old stubble on his chin and looking haggard and disheveled. He was met by hordes of paparazzi and he immediately took to his twitter to tweet that they were "rude," and that one of them "looked like Wendy Williams." Should Wendy be insulted?

Hopefully Chris won't need to promote his wack album on her popular TV show any time soon.

One day the paps won't care about Chris Brown (like I don't now), and his punk azz will be just another washed up, has-been singer with a criminal record.

  • pinky2083

    Shyt he prob tired of being followed around. I don't blame him.. ppl need to move on just like he's trying to do.

    I aint feelin the beard.

  • miamore73

    he does look a wreck

  • ELove

    Say Stuntin' is a Habit, Stuntin' is a Habit
    Have you ever seen a Chevy w/ the butterfly doors

    LUV CB's hooks on that song - HIS gear is Tight (Get it like me)

  • mizzdallas

    My baby do look tired but thats ok I give him a pass :)

    And sandra, wendy is use to be insults if you can dish it you should be able to take it... OWAAAL!

  • Daisy

    Wendy just proclaimed that she can dish it as well as take it and now I see differently she LOOKS like a TRANNY and the whole world knows it! It is what it iz

    @elove I LOVE that hook as well

    CB twittered that the razi were mean and rude to him as usual they need to get a life I am glad he doesnt pull Kanyes and get into it with them.