Wendy Williams is returning to work soon. She shared brand new promo photos for her new podcast on her Instagram page, @thewendyexperiencepodcast.

In one set of promo photos, Wendy sits on a blue crush velour covered swing. She wears a black bodysuit and a big grin on her face.

In another set of photos, Wendy sits on a leather sofa. She looks great, despite her health problems and rumored dementia diagnosis.

She captioned the photos: "How You doin? Co-Host!" and "Self LOVE is the Best LOVE."

Wendy, 58, has been teasing the premiere of her new podcast on Instagram for weeks now.

iHeart Radio and Spotify showed interest initially, but Wendy wanted $100 million for her new podcast deal.

Fans were concerned when she shared a video for her podcast in August. Fans flooded the comments of her last video.

"They don't know how to count me out, but they don't know how to count. Oh well," she said in one video.

Wendy also posted a 2020 photo that showed her shopping with NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton back when NeNe was still on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Wendy captioned the image: "Shopping with the LADIES of ATL! Which [peach emoji] should I have on the Wendy Experience 1st!"

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Sherri Shepherd is preparing for the September 12 launch of her new daytime talk show to replace Wendy Williams.

Shepherd said she learned lessons from Williams, who kept her viewers on the edge of their seats with her witty commentary and Hot Topics.

However, Shepherd plans to create a "safe space" for celebrities on her show.

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Shepherd says her new talk show will be a combination of Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres' former talk shows.

Shepherd told DailyMail.com she plans to keep the atmosphere friendly and light. She hopes to attract high caliber guests, including former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Shepherd said she also wouldn't mind "the guy that she is married to" coming on her show as well.

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Shepherd was named as Wendy Williams' replacement in February while substituting for Williams who was on medical hiatus.

Shepherd said she has not spoken to Williams and the two women are no longer friends.

Wendy Williams has asked her fans to boycott Shepherd's new show.

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Wendy Williams was supposed to get access to her bank accounts in July. But Wells Fargo bank is still freezing her funds, according to her manager Will Selby.

Williams, 58, has been battling the bank for control of her estimated $20 million fortune since January 2022.

A financial guardian was appointed to give Williams a monthly allowance.

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A source close to Williams told The US Sun, "her team has not been paid since these accounts were shut. Her manager is relatively new, but there are people who have been working for her this entire time and they haven't seen a dime since the accounts were closed either."

Williams' accounts were frozen after bank officials claimed she has dementia and she's being exploited by people within her inner circle.

Dementia is a degenerative mental disorder characterized by memory loss and impaired thought processes that affects a person's ability to function and carry out activities of daily living.

Some days are better than others for people who suffer from dementia. Dementia is not a normal part of aging. It is caused by disease or injury to the brain cells.

A wide-eyed Williams recorded a video message promising her Instagram followers she will be back. The former daytime TV host is shopping a deal for a new podcast series.

Watch the video below.

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Wendy Williams' fans are concerned for her mental health and safety after a fan video went viral this week.

In the video, Wendy shows off an enormous wedding ring. When asked to say something for the camera, Wendy seemed confused by the question.

The 58-year-old responded, "Ah, he's out, buying... getting stuff. I'm waiting for him to come back."

The enormous ring and her response to the question prompted fans to speculate that she recently tied the knot with someone.


The fan who recorded the video stopped recording the moment he noticed her altered mental status. He said he was concerned that someone might be taking advantage of her.

"I hope she is okay this is so sad :(," wrote a fan in the comments section. "Praying for her health," another person wrote.


According to Hollywood Unlocked Instagram blogger Jason Lee (pictured right), Wendy secretly married an NYPD officer named Henry.

Wendy has yet to confirm the rumor.

While celebrating her son Kevin Hunter's 21st birthday in August last year, Wendy shared a picture of her and her new man inside a car. "My son's 21st birthday party on the yacht in #Miami was everything he wanted! Even my boyfriend," she captioned the image.

UPDATE: Wendy Williams is not married to a New York City cop, despite the claims made by her pal, Jason Lee.

"That's inaccurate," William Selby tells Page Six exclusively. "She is excited about a new relationship and probably got carried away in conversation."

Watch the video below.

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Wendy Williams entertained a pair of fans who began recording when they spotted her in a limo in NYC recently.

In the video, Wendy shows off her stunning diamond ring.

She seemed to misunderstand when a fan asked her to say something for the camera.

She responded, "Ah, he's out... getting stuff. I'm waiting for him to come back."

It isn't clear who she was referring to.

Wendy, 58, has opened up about her battle with Graves' disease in the past. Graves' disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes the immune system to attack the thyroid gland located at the front of the neck.

The disease can cause swelling around the eyes, causing the eyeballs to protrude.

Wendy was on hiatus from her daytime talk show when her production company replaced her with Sherri Shepherd, who said she was "truly concerned" for Wendy.

Shepherd paid tribute to Wendy in an emotional final episode of The Wendy Williams Show in June. "You are loved by so many," she said.

Watch the video below.

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Sherri Shepherd dropped the first trailer for her new daytime talk show, Sherri, which replaces "The Wendy Williams Show" time slot.

In the trailer, Sherri promises to take viewers "behind the scenes, on the road, in the studio, rehearsals, interviews and so much more."

The former "The View" co-host assured viewers that her show won't be Wendy Williams 2.0.

"This is my time. It is my lifelong dream to have my own show and it is finally happening," she said.

Debmar-Mercury, the production company behind "The Wendy Williams Show," also produces Sherri. The production company fired Wendy after she "stopped showing up to work" amid personal and health issues last summer.

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Sherri's show will be a "comedic take on pop culture and entertainment, celebrity interviews and real people," according to an insider.

The show is executive product by Sherri's bestie, Jawn Murray.

"I can't wait until I return to New York to host the show and merge everything I love... pop culture, talk, entertainment and comedy," Sherri said previously.

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Meanwhile, Wendy has given up hope of ever returning to her purple chair. She is currently shopping a podcast deal for $100 million.

A judge recently handed Wendy a victory in court against Wells Fargo bank. The court is giving Wendy and a court-appointed guardian access to her $3 million in funds.

While Wendy is happy to have access to her funds, she is not happy with any court-appointed guardian other than her son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

"Please be advised that Wendy is not in agreement with the appointment of a financial guardian by the court. Wendy has been very clear that she does not want a financial guardian to tell her what she can and cannot do with her money," her attorney La'Shawn Thomas told Page Six in a statement Friday.

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Wendy Williams has accepted her fate. According to The Sun, the former daytime TV host has given up her dream of returning to television.

Instead, she is shopping a $100 million podcast deal - and interest is heating up.

Multiple sources revealed to The Sun that Wendy, 57, is shopping a podcast deal that could net her a whopping $100 million.

One source tells The Sun that iHeart Radio and Spotify are interested in a deal with the former radio host.

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Wendy would be going back to her roots in radio if she lands a podcast deal similar to Joe Rogan's. Joe has a $100 million podcast deal with Spotify.

A source close to Wendy explained, "She sees Joe Rogan has a $100 million podcast deal, and now she wants that kind of money."

The source tells The Sun that Spotify is the likely home for Wendy's new podcast. But Spotify execs worry that Wendy may not show up for work.

The talk show guru took an extended hiatus from The Wendy Williams Show for health and personal reasons. Sherri Shepherd has her own talk show in Wendy's time slot. Sherri subbed for Wendy while she was gone.

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Sherri expressed concern for Wendy in an Instagram Live on Saturday, after Wendy said she would not watch her former friend's new talk show.

"I did hear Wendy say she will not watch me on the new show and that's okay," Sherri said. "You know, I understand I'm not mad at Wendy. She's going though a lot."

Sherri asked viewers to keep Wendy in their thoughts and prayers. "I would say that everyone should be praying for Wendy right now. I'm truly concerned for her because I don't feel like there's anybody over there protecting her."

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Wendy Williams made a rare appearance at a MET Gala after party on Monday night. The 57-year-old former talk show host attended an after party at The Standard hotel with blogger Jason Lee.

Wendy, 57, wore a pleated rainbow-inspired colorblock dress, while Lee opted for a black lace pantsuit that clashed with her frock.

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Fans remarked how great Wendy looked and her makeup wasn't overdone for the occasion.

Wendy promised to return to her daytime TV talk show, even though the show was canceled and her spot taken by Sherri Shepherd.

"I'm going to be back on the Wendy show," she said in March. "Bigger and brighter than ever."

However, the show's producers announced in February that Sherri, who frequently stepped in to host during Wendy's extended absences, was getting her own talk show, Sherri.

Wendy is still battling Wells Fargo Bank for control of a locked account containing $3 million.

Check out more photos below of celebrities out and about.

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Singer Alicia Keys arrives at a MET Gala afterparty in New York. The singer looked stunning carrying a clutch with a NYC skyline design that matched her gown.


Megan Thee Stallion turned heads as she arrived at the Casa Cipriani Met Gala Afterparty in New York City.


Lala Anthony wore lingerie as she arrived at the Ritz Hotel after the Met Gala to visit her BFF Kim Kardashian.

North Woods / BACKGRID

Rapper Cardi B showed off 2 different looks at Met Gala after parties in New York City, without her husband Offset.

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Wendy Williams is preparing for a legal battle with Wells Fargo Bank after demands to unlock her funds have gone ignored.

On Wednesday, Wendy shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing a faux fur coat and matching Louis Vuitton handbag. She captioned the photo: "Ready for court."

She quickly deleted that image and re-posted the same photo along with the caption: "Ready."

The NY Post wondered if Wendy appeared on court today to take on the banking giant.

The daytime talk show host filed a lawsuit against the bank over her funds, which have been frozen since February.

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Wells Fargo froze Wendy's account containing $3 million after her former financial adviser, Lori Schiller, claimed she was mentally unfit.

Wendy denied the allegations in videos on her Instagram account. In one recent video, Wendy said, "My thing is that I've been asking questions about my money and when I begin asking questions about my money, suddenly Lori Schiller has got no response regarding my money. I want my money. This is not fair."

"Wells Fargo has no questions and answers regarding my money. This is not fair. And Lori Schiller and Wells Fargo has this guardianship petition about keeping me away from my money," she added.

"This is not right and this is not fair," she repeated.

While Williams' lawsuit against Wells Fargo has been sealed by a New York judge.

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Wendy Williams shared a video on Wednesday, demanding access to her funds at Wells Fargo Bank.

In the video posted on her new Instagram account, Wendy accused others in her inner circle of trying to obtain guardianship over her.

Wells Fargo froze Wendy's account containing $3 million after her former financial adviser, Lori Schiller, claimed she was mentally unfit.

"My thing is that I've been asking questions about my money and when I begin asking questions about my money, suddenly Lori Schiller has got no response regarding my money. I want my money. This is not fair," she said.

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Wendy accused Schiller of colluding with the bank to block her access to her funds.

"Wells Fargo has no questions and answers regarding my money. This is not fair. And Lori Schiller and Wells Fargo has this guardianship petition about keeping me away from my money," she added.

"This is not right and this is not fair," she repeated.

Wendy also accused her former manager, Bernie Young, of using her credit card to pay a lawyer to file for guardianship over her.

"I know for a fact that Bernie Young used my American Express card to hire an attorney to file a petition against me. That was done with my American Express card," she said.

According to reports, Young filed for guardianship "as she suffers serious health problems."

Speaking directly to Young, Wendy said, "You're no good and this is not fair at all."

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Wendy's ex-husband, Kevin Hunter Jr., filed a lawsuit against Wendy's former production company Debmar-Mercury seeking $7 million after they canceled Wendy's daytime talk show.

According to sources, Wendy planned to bring Kevin back as her manager once she returned to the purple chair. However, insiders say the show was canceled because producers didn't want to work with Kevin.

Watch the video below.

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Wendy Williams has an "open invitation" to join her pals on ABC's daytime talk show "The View."

Wendy spoke by phone with T.J. Holmes on Good Morning America Thursday. She insisted her health is "very well."

"You know I'm 57 now and I have the mind and body of a twenty five year old," she joked.

Wendy struggles with ongoing medical issues due to Grave's disease, mental health problems and COVID-19.

The mom-of-one said she has "private things" to take care of before she returns to the purple chair.

"Give me about three months. There are private things that I have to deal with," she told T.J.

Sherri Shepherd's daytime talk show, Sherri, is scheduled to replace Wendy's canceled show.

Executives at ABC Television hope to lure Wendy to The View for her first sit-down interview or a permanent seat at the table.

"There is an offer for her to appear on the show whenever she wants. The open invitation has made it very clear that when Wendy wants to give her first TV interview since losing her own show, there will always be a seat at the table for her," an insider said.

"Producers know how much people want to hear from Wendy," added a second source, according to Radar Online.

Tamron Hall sent a message of hope to Wendy on the March 17 edition of "Tamron Hall."

"Wendy is another mom. Another woman who created, executive produced and hosted her show. Wendy and I are currently the only two Black women who created, executive produce and solo host daytime shows on right now," Tamron said.

"And so when I saw her interview with T.J. [Holmes], it took my breath away because there's been a lot of stories out there. So it was powerful to hear Wendy in her own words talk about her health, which has been speculated in so many places. But at the end of the day we are moms, we are women who are working, and she did something that so many others could not, which is stay on more than a decade of that show, and Wendy says that she needs about three months and she feels she will be back on TV. And I know all of her co-hosts are fans, like the Tam Fam would root for me, are rooting for her."


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Wendy Williams reportedly rehired her ex-husband Kevin Hunter Sr. after her daytime talk show was cancelled.

Wendy's former friend, actress/comedienne Sherri Shepherd will host her own daytime talk show, Sherri, in Wendy's time slot.

Insiders claim Wendy is considering legal action because she feels betrayed by her producers and Shepherd.

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Additionally, Wendy's ex, Kevin, is suing Debmar-Mercury for terminating him as executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show after he cheated on Wendy and fathered a child with his longtime mistress.

The strange turn of events occurred after Wendy announced she would return to her purple chair after taking time off for health reasons. That's when Debmar-Mercury announced the show will end for good in June.

A desperate Wendy rehired Kevin to manage her business affairs.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

"Hunter was one of the reasons behind the Wendy William Show's tremendous success and everything seemed to go south after he left," Kevin's attorney, Abe George, told Page Six.

"Mr. Hunter was unlawfully terminated solely due to his marital status to Wendy, which is contrary to human rights laws in NYC."

Wendy and Kevin finalized their divorce in Jan. 2020.

Wendy cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce action which she filed in April 2019.


She leaned heavily on her only child, Kevin Hunter Jr., for emotional support.

After finalizing their divorce, Wendy, 57, paid Kevin $250,000 to help him and his mistress find new living arrangements, Page Six reported.

Kevin, 49, also received an undisclosed lump sum from Wendy, and a modest severance payment.

Wendy, who is quickly running out of cash, is battling Wells Fargo Bank to release $3 million contained in a frozen account.

Wells Fargo froze the account after reports that she was "mentally unfit" and being taken advantage of by others.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Wendy Williams is considering suing her producers for terminating her while she was on sick leave.

This week Debmar-Mercury confirmed that The Wendy Williams Show will come to an end in June. The show's time slot will be filled by Wendy's former friend, comedienne/actress Sherri Shepherd.

Shepherd's show, titled "Sherri," will be co-executive produced by her good friend, veteran journalist Jawn Murray.

Insiders claim Wendy is considering legal action because she feels betrayed by her producers and Shepherd.

Via Radar Online:

"Wendy is on sick leave and has basically been fired. This isn't right and Wendy isn't going to take this. She is considering legal action again her producers and is also deciding on what to do about Sherri Shepherd. Sherri was supposed to be a friend filling in for Wendy while she was sick, but instead, Sherri stabbed Wendy in the back. If anyone thinks Wendy is going to disappear without a fight they are a fool. You can't just fire someone after a decade because they're sick."

It isn't clear if Wendy is also suing Jawn Murray, since he is one of Sherri's executive producers.

Derrick Salters/WENN.com

Wendy Williams responded on social media after her spokesman, Howard Bragman, released a statement on her behalf on Tuesday.

Bragman said Wendy was "grateful" after producers of The Wendy Williams Show confirmed the show's cancellation and announced her time slot would be filled by Sherri Shepherd's new show, Sherri.

Bragman claimed that Wendy "understands" the business decision and expressed her "gratitude" to Shepherd.

"It's been a challenging time for Wendy as she deals with her health issues. She is incredibly grateful to Debmar-Mercury, to Sherri and everybody else who has supported the show through this time," Bragman said in a statement.

He added that production company Debmar-Mercury would welcome Wendy back with open arms if her health issues resolved and she expressed a desire to return.

"She understands why this decision was made from a business point of view, and she has been assured by Debmar-Mercury that should her health get to a point where she can host again and should her desire be that she hosts again that she would be back on TV at that time."

Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

However, Wendy issued a statement of her own on her newly launched Instagram page, informing Bragman that he was not "authorized" to release any statements on her behalf.

"Mr. Bragman although I appreciate your concerns and respect you immensely I have not authorized you to make any statements on my behalf regarding my current status with Debmar Mercury. Again thanks for your continuing concern and support."

Photo may have been deleted


In his written response to PEOPLE, Bragman seemed blindsided by Wendy's statement. He suggested someone else may have posted the statement on Wendy's Instagram Story.

He wrote:

"I'm not honestly convinced of the source of that social media post, so when my old friend Wendy FaceTimes me personally and we alone have a chance to discuss recent events, together we can figure out the best path forward."

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The end of an era: "The Wendy Williams Show" will officially come to an end in June due to host Wendy Williams' prolonged health-related issues.

The cancellation was announced by the show's producer and distributor Debmar-Mercury on Tuesday.

Robin Platzer/ Twin Images/ Avalon

"Since Wendy is still not available to host the show as she continues on her road to recovery, we believe it is best for our fans, stations and advertising partners to start making this transition now," company co-presidents Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein said in a statement.

"We hope to be able to work with Wendy again in the future, and continue to wish her a speedy and full recovery," Marcus and Bernstein said. They also expressed their "great love and affinity for Wendy".

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Wendy's show will be replaced in the fall with a new daytime talk show hosted by comedienne/actress Sherri Shepherd. The new show, titled "Sherri", will also be produced by Debmar-Mercury.

The Sherri show will take over the Fox Network time slot held by The Wendy Williams Show since 2008.


News of the cancellation was first reported by lovebscott.com on Sunday, Feb. 20 — days after Wendy uploaded a video to her newly launched Instagram page.

In the video, Wendy appeared to be lucid, alert and oriented. Despite reports that she was "incapacitated," Wendy appeared to be of sound mind and body. But business is business, and Wendy had been out of work since last July.
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According to Scott, Wendy created the new IG account because the @WendyShow Instagram account was no longer under her control.

As lovebscott.com previously reported, Wendy Show execs have been trying to end her show and find a suitable replacement for several years now — but to no avail.

Our production sources tell us that Wendy has been 'checked out' for quite some time and had become increasingly difficult to work with prior to her medical leave.

"[Wendy] had become somewhat unbearable, having tantrums and throwing things at people. Basically, the consensus among the crew is that she didn't wanna be there anymore. Her illnesses may have exacerbated that feeling."

Despite Wendy's numerous absences, Debmar-Mercury renewed her show last year after their planned replacement, 'The Jerry O'Connell Show,' fell through due to awful ratings.