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An executive for Sherri Shepherd’s daytime talk show was found dead amid a financial fraud investigation.

Matt Uzzle, the executive-in-charge of the “Sherri” show’s budget, died by suicide in his Piermont, NY, home on Feb. 13.

Officers found his body when they conducted a “welfare check,” police said.

Police would not comment further as it is “an open investigation,” according to Page Six.

Uzzle was a production manager who oversaw the “Sherri” show budget.

He was under investigation for misuse of the show’s petty cash at the time of his tragic death, Page Six has learned.

It was brought to parent company Debmar-Mercury’s attention that rent at the show’s Chelsea, NYC, studio had not been paid since September.

The financial irregularities led to rumors that the show was shutting down.

“There was real concern among staff that the show was getting shut down. Debmar had to step in,” a source familiar with the situation told Page Six.

Another source told Page Six that Debmar-Mercury has paid the show’s outstanding debts and continued production of “Sherri.”

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Uzzle was an executive for “The Wendy Williams Show.” He was retained when Shepherd was given her own show after “The Wendy Williams Show” was canceled.

A National Memorial Site described Uzzle as “a respected production manager who was known for his outstanding contributions to ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ and several other significant projects.”

Sherri’s show was not mentioned.