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Wendy Williams’ old Lifetime documentary “Wendy Williams: What A Mess” has resurfaced with updated scenes.

The 2-part documentary is now titled “Where is Wendy Williams?”

NY radio host Miss Jones reported that Wendy is living in Florida with her son, Kevin, who was previously accused of stealing her money.

Wendy, 59, is still under conservatorship, but she is running out of money.


“I’m broke,” Wendy says in the updated documentary. She also claims people are stealing money from her.

Kevin Jr., 23, was accused of forging his mother’s name on an application for a $2 million apartment when he was a college student in Florida.

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Kevin Jr. was evicted after failing to pay $70,000 in back rent.

A judge appointed a trustee to oversee Wendy’s finances after money was stolen from her accounts.

Wendy’s ex-husband Kevin Hunter Sr. was forced to sell his $1.2 million Florida home last year.

He sued Wendy to restart his monthly alimony checks because he was broke and unemployed.

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“I have fallen behind on most of my bills… My life has been greatly affected since the plaintiff stopped making payments under our settlement agreement,” Kevin told a judge.

However, the judge denied his request for Wendy to restart his monthly payments.

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Kevin, 51, filed lawsuits against Wendy’s former production company. He claimed the company fired him without just cause.

He also sued an insurance company over a rain-damaged Ferrari.

According to Radar Online, Kevin sued Essentia Insurance for refusing to pay damages for his 2018 Ferrari. He claimed the car was damaged by rain while parked outside in Florida.

The insurance company hired a meteorologist who confirmed there was no rain at the time and location where Kevin claimed his car was damaged.

During the discovery phase, the insurance company demanded Kevin turn over his financial records, including a copy of his divorce settlement obtained “from your divorce proceedings with Wendy Williams,” and all documents related to any loans he obtained from 2020 until 2023.

So far, Kevin has not turned over the documents, Radar Online reported.

The 2-part “Where is Wendy Williams?” documentary will air on Lifetime on February 24 and 25.