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New York radio host Miss Jones, real name Tarsha Jones (left), paid a visit to her friend Wendy Williams (right) after her radio listeners urged her to look up the former gossip maven.

Wendy, 59, has vanished from the spotlight after a series of unfortunate incidents, including losing her once popular daytime talk show to former friend Sherri Shepherd.

Wendy is battling Graves’ disease and dementia. She was in rehab for alcoholism and prescription drug abuse in the past.

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The last time Wendy was seen in public was February 2023. Wendy (or someone on her team) updated her Instagram page with new photos in September 2022.

On Jan. 4, Miss Jones explained on the air that she paid Wendy a visit at her Manhattan apartment building. But upon entering the building, she was told by the doorman that she was too late.

“‘You’re a couple of months late. She moved,'” Miss Jones quoted the doorman.

Jones said she asked around the building and learned that Wendy moved to Florida where she’s living with her son, Kevin Hunter Jr.


Jones quoted a neighbor who said, “‘Well you know what happened, she was getting better, she was coming around, and then she started getting sick again.'”

Jones added: “And because her family’s in Florida and people were coming in her circle that they weren’t familiar with and they didn’t know, like, they couldn’t get access to her when they wanted, they moved her down to Florida. So she is allegedly down in Florida with her son recuperating.”

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If you recall, Kevin Jr. was accused of forging his mother’s name on an application for a $2 million apartment on Miami Beach.

He was evicted from the apartment after a judge appointed a trustee to oversee Wendy’s money.


Jones said she checked a multiple property listing online and Wendy’s duplex apartment was not sold and is not on the market.

Jones theorized that Wendy may be returning to New York soon.

Jones addressed Wendy directly:

“Wendy, if you listening, you won! Diddy going to jail for Easter! It was true, everything you said… And Kev can’t get your money neither, Wendy. The judge shut him down. You can stop now, Wendy. The jig’s up.”

Instagram blogger Jason Lee also expressed his concern about Wendy.

“I’m still outraged I have no clue where she is or how she’s doing,” he wrote on Instagram on Jan. 20. He added: “Love you Wendy. #FreeWendy.”

YouTuber Chonicle Speaks breaks down all the details below.